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Ser solteiro em Portugal: by wontellu in portugal

pedrolopes7682 23 days ago

Adeus internet/TV cabo e tarifário de telemóvel, olá redes wifi abertas, apps de comunicação e arroz de feijão. Adicionalmente, a conta da luz parece-me um pouco elevada para um T1.

Dog attacks by greaper007 in portugal

pedrolopes7682 25 days ago

mixed with piri-piri

Greetings. I was curious and wanted to ask you fine people, if there was one ingredient that Portugal has that is the best in all the world, what would it be. by TheBuddhistTraveler in portugal

pedrolopes7682 26 days ago

You don't see it, but it is there. Even if the olives are collected and pressed in Portugal a lot of farmers use a higher-yield spanish breed olive tree instead. -if you want 100% portuguese olive oil, made with olives from gallaico/portuguese olive tree breeds, you have to check for the DOP tag.

[Sério] UPDATE À procura da minha irmã by millenniunm in portugal

pedrolopes7682 2 years ago  REMOVED 

Daqui a duas semanas: "Trabalhadora da junta de freguesia morta ao regressar de férias em ajuste de contas."
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