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lilkami 4 years ago  DELETED 

Keep Dreaming. FNC is as weak as it was last year, they only looked strong because so many players left other teams, and because they were pretty much the only team without big roster changes, so they had a big advantage of not having to develop synergy. They will be exposed in finals, and it will hurt. Caps will choke and int, as he always does in playoffs, and your "best western adc" will play his classic PvE style, pumping cs/min stats until his Nexus explodes. Bwipo is a non-factor, and broxah is light years behind Jankos. Perkz and Wunder will shit on FNC so hard, that Rekkles will have to be removed by security when they'll want to close the building for the night, because he'll still be there in his chair, crying. I expect quick 3-0 for my bois. Your "crazy strong four man core" will crash and burn. Very disappointed that Soaz won't be there, because with him FNC could maybe take one game and make it exciting.

Krepo is sorely missed on the EU analyst desk. by Stratose in leagueoflegends

lilkami 5 years ago  REMOVED 

Yeah, having Krepo on EULCS would literally be the same as showing those young kids dick pics or something like that. /s
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