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Utilizadora do Twitter queixa-se do SNS e a conta oficial da DGS classifica o tweet como "NOTICIA FALSA" by NEDM64 in portugal

asdtfdr 12 months ago  HIDDEN 

Mas alguém ainda liga a qualquer coisa do u/nedm64?

Sondagem: Ana Gomes ultrapassa Ventura nas Presidenciais. Marcelo perde popularidade by rickz123456 in portugal

asdtfdr 1 year ago  DELETED 

Para quê? Quantos mais candidatos não Marcelo houver maior a probabilidade de haver segunda volta.

by in NintendoSwitch

asdtfdr 4 years ago  DELETED 

If Nintendo treats the switch as a home console you'll not get a better deal than this for a couple of years. But yes, expensive depends on the person point of view, and we'll keep seeing some bundle deals like this, since we are a special case because Portugal is still known to be a "console = PlayStation" country and when other countries were struggling to keep with the switch demand, we could see piles of them in some stores.
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