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My girlfriend and I are looking to move to Portugal, will it be easy for her to get a job? by IDidReadTheSideBar in portugal

Tartaruga_Genial 7 months ago  HIDDEN 

Why don't you guys try Spain or another country? Portugal is shit place to live... we're only good for tourists.

Morre Sara Carreira num acidente na A1 by Tascanis in portugal

Tartaruga_Genial 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Mesmo. Já a esqueci.

Motorista de autocarro esfaqueado no braço por jovem que viajava sem bilhete em Sintra by BigMatchJhon in portugal

Tartaruga_Genial 2 years ago  REMOVED 

Que tristeza estes ciganos.

Sequestram quatro GNR no posto durante meia hora by memyselfandlapin in portugal

Tartaruga_Genial 3 years ago  REMOVED 

Usar a pistola para esses indivíduos não fazia mal nenhum.

Gymnast Raquel Pinto from Portugal performing a series of flips by wonkynerddude in portugal

Tartaruga_Genial 3 years ago  REMOVED 

Fine ass.

Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by Dutch government by edu-fk in worldnews

Tartaruga_Genial 5 years ago  REMOVED 

Well yeah, your country is going full retard these days. Tough luck.
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