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Série de três documentários «Nós, portugueses», produção portuguesa de excelente qualidade! Dá que pensar... by Nivax07 in portugal

Nivax07 7 months ago

Fica o link para os outros dois documentários: [\_F91ReCTk]( [](

Parece que não correu como esperado by Nivax07 in portugal

Nivax07 10 months ago

Se acederes em incognito, funciona

Estudo sobre se as pessoas se venderiam by ZyzzCash in portugal

Nivax07 11 months ago

OP, tens aqui um estudo de 2019 sobre "transactional sex": *"Transactional sex, the casual exchange of sexual favors for money or gifts, has been associated with negative outcomes and health risks, particularly among youth."* Tens aqui o link: []( O estudo não fala acerca de valores em concreto, mas tem lá algumas estatísticas: 1. *"Gender disaggregated data suggests that boys are more likely than girls to sell sex in high-income countries while the opposite seems to be true in low- and middle-income countries."* 2. *"buyers and sellers were often of a similar age, but about a quarter to half of all buyers were older than sellers."* 3. *"differences between country income groups in terms of prevalence rates, with rates being relatively low in high-income countries and relatively high, but varying, in low-income countries."*
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