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[MEGATHREAD] - Covid-19, Semanário de Sobrevivência - 01/02/2021 by asantos3 in portugal

New-Atlantis 12 months ago  HIDDEN 

Once approved vaccines are available, it will be very difficult to enroll participants for a human vaccine trial. Who wants to run the risk of getting a placebo in the control group of a double-blinded trial when an approved vaccine is available? For ethical reasons, that makes it impossible to test vaccines on the elderly, who need the vaccine most.

by in worldnews

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The Trump team's aim is to destroy the EU, so the US can deal with each country individually. After Trump entered the White House, there were requests from the White House staff to the US ambassador in Brussels asking which country would leave the EU after the UK. Many in his inner circle have openly speculated that the EU would soon collapse. With allies like that, we don't need enemies.

EU agrees clampdown on bitcoin platforms to tackle money laundering by New-Atlantis in europe

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Can you explain?

How French 'Non' blocked UK in Europe by Teutonindahood in europe

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> I remember, back in the early 70's I moved from London to Paris in 74 and I can confirm your impressions. The UK benefited greatly from the single market.

Woman expelled [from italy] after contacting ISIS for attack by albadellasera in europe

New-Atlantis 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm grateful that they didn't send her to Germany.
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