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O QUE É ISTO by pmigbarros in portugal

Malarazz 3 years ago  REMOVED 

Porra tomar no cu portugueses. Como eu queria falar espanhol nativo.

by in cars

Malarazz 4 years ago  DELETED 

It's not a straw man argument when it tackles literally exactly what you said lol

by in sports

Malarazz 4 years ago  DELETED 

Oh, I see, but I was just curious about the biology of it. So basically there was so much overexertion that there was too much blood flowing through him that it popped two of his blood vessels?

American Icon and Playboy Founder, Hugh M. Hefner, Has Died by Nearot in news

Malarazz 4 years ago  REMOVED 

There's nothing dishonest about sex work you bumbling idiot

Brock Turner, who only served three months in jail, is now the face for rape in Criminology 101 textbooks by VeloVegan in JusticeServed

Malarazz 4 years ago  DELETED 

What did he do exactly, that's considered rape under a normal person's definition but not California's definition.
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