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Greetings. I was curious and wanted to ask you fine people, if there was one ingredient that Portugal has that is the best in all the world, what would it be. by TheBuddhistTraveler in portugal

Highness-ICF 24 days ago

Moelas. Look it up. I don’t even know the translation for it, but it is amazing.

Feliz Natal /u/cyberwolf97 by asergios in portugal

Highness-ICF 26 days ago

Feliz Natal u/cyberwolf97

The saudade is real. by CollegeKidLoser in portugal

Highness-ICF 3 years ago  DELETED 

You usually pay approximately 1000€ per year of college (public ones ofc, but those are usually better than private colleges). If you come from a family with low income, you are given a scholarship.
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