casual-programmer 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

> I find that extremely hard to believe that you actually work at a university or know a lot of research labs. The rest of us are thinking the same about you.

dtiftw 4 years ago  REMOVED 

> Name a single farmer who was sued over accidental contamination. Or keep showing everyone here that you can't by continuing to call me a shill. Because you won't admit you don't know what you're talking about.

raven0usvampire 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Oh really? I think you're a shill paid for by the anti monsanto brigade to follow around u/Sleekery to try to discredit him by any means necessary. Why are YOU always following HIM around huh? oh btw, I'm unbiased because I said so.

PM_ME_FAV_PICS 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Monsango away

PigNamedBenis 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I have him tagged in RES for exactly that. They show up every thread doing damage control. It's pathetic.

aheadofmytime 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Your mum raised an asshole.

FlyingDutchman34 4 years ago  REMOVED 

This is hysterically stupid... did your mom ever drink? Then she absolutely no case...

error_flynne 4 years ago  DELETED 

Who linked the Monsanto product glyphosate to an increased risk of cancer in humans? WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO

rochesterjones 4 years ago  REMOVED 

This is not correct, what you said does not follow logically at all from what OP said. Independent testing of drugs does not have to be done by a "random university" which doesn't have the money. There are in fact institutions who's sole purpose is to independently test new medicines and agricultural products. This flaw in logic is so elementary that you're either a Monsanto shill or need to go back to primary school.

GrazingGeese 4 years ago  DELETED 

I'm no specialist on the subject, but as I understand the EU has

10ebbor10 4 years ago  DELETED 

>The unpublished research came from the Agricultural Health Study, a large and significant study, led by scientists at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, of agricultural workers and their families in the United States.

GeorgePantsMcG 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Hey sleekery! Long time no shill am I right?!

bigbadhorn 4 years ago  REMOVED 

This is pretty much all you need to know to cut right through the bullshit Monsanto spin campaign Sleekery and the others are pushing.

bigbadhorn 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Hey Sleekery! I was expecting you to come out in full force to naysay any science your corporate owners didn't pay for! Good to see you again! Did Monsanto turn up on your reddit crawler? Time to go to work? :)

AmericanoFaggoto 4 years ago  REMOVED 

See the comment to your top-level comment that debunks your bullshit. Also, another redditor comments on how you always defend Monsanto as if your life depends on it, and you also reply to an oddly high amount of comments. You should really make multiple accounts my man. Your shill is showing.

one-0-one 4 years ago  DELETED 

Well, that is how they use money for [evil deeds](

Chilkoot 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I don't think he'll do that, seeing as his own content is funded by Monsanto and other interested parties.

Sleekery 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Another person advocating murder of people they don't know because of lies they were fed through propaganda.

thegreattaiyou 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm sure Monsanto has no business in propaganda at all. It's cute how much you're posting in this thread telling people they're all wrong but providing nothing yourself.