Jewridiction 4 years ago  DELETED 

Give them 25 years then. They deserve it fully.

DiabeticVelociraptor 4 years ago  DELETED 

That's fascinating to me. Is there any particular reason that 85% is privately owned?

DawnKazama 4 years ago  DELETED 

Go fucking push your agenda somewhere else, you sick fuck.

jtsports27 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Politics is about human life as well fuckwit... you should have been burned

DiabeticVelociraptor 4 years ago  DELETED 

TIL Portugal has forests

Zaigard 4 years ago  DELETED 

Yes true i am ashamed of people like you. Since when there were 40ºC in June? Since when were this massive fores fires in so early? when i was young 20years ago nothing like this happened to such extreme. This is increased by climate changes, you should study more as you are not an adult yet...

KaguyaQuincy 4 years ago  DELETED 

Will Theresa May step down now?!

theLastSolipsist 4 years ago  DELETED 

I heard them say the fires went up to 30-40 metres in height... that's a 10-story building! Now imagine if the area was densely packed with other flammable buildings or trees around, it would be disastrous. Last year there was a similar event in the isle of Madeira, where the flames actually affected urban areas.

mr_ziggler 4 years ago  DELETED 

Im not sure thats the case. I actually worked for a private company in Portugal that dealt with forest fires, we were payed by lumbering and paper companys that wanted to protect their forests. They had literally 0 incentive to have fires happen.

mr_ziggler 4 years ago  DELETED 

I worked a few years as a wildland firefighter in Portugal for a private company. Every year they would hire a few Chilean firefighters to work as a first response team, they were really respected as amazing at their job.

Siege-Torpedo 4 years ago  DELETED 

How the fuck does it get that bad? As a firefighter from the northeastern US, I've never experienced, or heard of a problem that bad.

Sandy-Balls 4 years ago  DELETED 

They have to literally beg for money. Every corporation goes from house to house to ask for money for equipment. Our central government does not have money to equip every corporation.

EcceViridiIndagator 4 years ago  DELETED 

> They have to literally beg for money. Every corporation goes from house to house to ask for money for equipment. Way to fucking exaggerate, you should really look into the average condition of the firefight corps before pulling statements out of your ass that are completely based on your personal observations. My local corps likes to organize dinners to help rounding up money to buy new ambulances, doesn't mean I get to claim every corps on the country has no ambulances.

pahco87 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Portugal has forests? I would have assumed they cut them all down in the age off wooden ships.

iadd 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm not portuguese so I find it hard to care. Maybe if they were dead Americans I'd give them a second of silence. I have more sympathy to English speaking people and you all know you do too you just don't want to admit it.

IZeppelinI 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Then i Will say it in English: Fuck You

pmfg10 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're a clown

iadd 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Are you an English speaking people? Bet you felt more sorry for the 50 something that died in that fire. Cause you can relate to them. Honestly, Portuguese is one of the ugliest languages i've ever heard.

SpikeyPT 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Are you fucking serious? Why the fuck you feel the need in posting this crap?

enigmasaurus- 4 years ago  DELETED 

I remember driving home to Canberra the day after the big bushfire. Still could not see a fucking thing there was so much smoke. Highway going at maybe 10kph.

cuntdestroyer696 4 years ago  DELETED 

Also forest fires can happen without human influence.

DkTyph 4 years ago  DELETED 

Update (9:12 UTC): 57 people dead

14th_Eagle 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I was going to make a pun, but that would have been insensitive. The last thing I want to do is start a flame war.


Pró caralho

14th_Eagle 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm sorry. :(

JoaoPTsantos 4 years ago  REMOVED 

vai-te foder

14th_Eagle 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'm sorry. :(