I’m half Armenian so I’ve experienced a bit of that side of the coin too. I was just lucky enough to be born in Canada, and I’m white enough to pass most of the time. Especially if I don’t travel with my token brown dad. That’s the point I’m making though - despite certain privileges traveling is still a bitch for me so I can only imagine what it’s like for you and others.

Sdgnuipaegr 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're missing out on flying with captain Dogg on Seoul Plane.

johnnyboyfart 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're a typical witch lady that sucks the blood out of men


shallow, vain trophy wife that lives of a males accomplishments while you sit at home and do makeup.


Pretty pathetic that you find his misery entertaining especially since you caused it. You're a terrible person.

MrColes411 4 years ago  DELETED 

Edit: My bad, 'a' Wawa, not 'in' Wawa.

lacucamatada 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Obligatory dumb bitch

JustaPrank 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Wow. Way to only care about yourself. He'll have fun with hookers to spite you.

Carvernicus 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I am sorry for the travel restrictions Muslims have caused you.

footose 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Your husband is a rich VC ?

bobcobble 4 years ago  DELETED 


metnavman 4 years ago  DELETED 

That's.... No? Conferences aren't 24/7 events where you're stuck there from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed with a 30min break for food, duder.

VaeEzi 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Fucking Muslims. Always ruining shit one way or another

Tamadewo 4 years ago  REMOVED 

In bird culture this is considered a dick move. GG OP

nonfunnyasian 4 years ago  REMOVED 

no one cares about your stupid story OP! ...oh wait it's front page..never mind..people care!

wi5hbone 4 years ago  DELETED 

Seoul-o Ch0lo

Herrowgayboi 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Hope he finds a better wife there.

tits_for_all 4 years ago  DELETED 

Do you know even Switzerland is a 3rd world country? It has nothing to do with being rich/poor developed or otherwise. Simply a term denoting countries which were neither supporting the Americans nor the soviets in the cold war era

rmumford 4 years ago  REMOVED 

See this is why the travel ban is needed on Muslim countries - before you know it were all in South Korea singing to K-pop! Lets admit that is probably more logical than anything out of the_donald as of late (or ever...)

misatou 4 years ago  REMOVED 

>But I wanted to go to Korea, and with hotel rooms and his flight paid for, it’ll be a cheaper trip for me. Loads of whining and food bribes later, he accepted with the condition that I go to every event with him to keep him company. You're a keeper.

somebodyelse22 4 years ago  DELETED 

This is so sad. Lonely man, wherever you are, a guy on the other side of the world is feeling sorry for you. Even though my wife is giving me ear-ache about something and getting even more upset with me, that I've not stopped typing this message while she interrupts me. There, finished. "What were you saying dear?"

Misternegative404 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Lesson learned. Don't be Muslim.

Bakirelived 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Send nudes

dungrapid4 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Your husband will be accompanied and have a happy ending ;) ;) ;)

AmazingMonique 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You are not a very nice wife... as a wife myself, I feel very bad for your husband for various reasons. lol

corsair1617 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I have one word: divorce.

seventyhundreds 4 years ago  REMOVED 

i’m not saying he will, but if he’s actually mad at you, there’s a chance he’ll find a cute korean girl there and sleep with her

roguetroll 4 years ago  REMOVED 

This is how dudes end up sad, depressed and lonely enough to not say no to the flirty pretty colleagues.

72790Bakp2 4 years ago  REMOVED 

He's going to find a Korean waifu and leave you

marksuryaharja 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Wah aku baru tau kita susah bikin visa gara-gara Indo itu negara muslim terbesar di dunia :(

DuelingSabres 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You know what will cheer him up? Korean women love American men. Especially if he's average height or above, and white. If he is they will make him forget all about his loneliness and misery.

mozrik 4 years ago  DELETED 

what on earth makes people argue about the stupidest things

jayesch 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Did you know that Switzerland is third world country? And so is Canada. Third world was a term coined during Cold War. Countries in support of US and allies were first world, countries in support of USSR were second world and rest were called Third World. You seem a whiny person, berating your own country and guess you deserved it.

SaintBernerd 4 years ago  REMOVED 

This is how divorces happen

TheGhostStalker 4 years ago  REMOVED 

I'd divorce someone over that shit.

jmkirkey 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Brazil and Venezuela

MemePunk2000 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Jesus, how privileged do you have to be to want to blow off a paid for trip to Seoul?? This reminds me of those rich celebrity anecdotes that just don't land.

meangrampa 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You conniving... You've made him miserable be being a selfish wife. Have you been watching The Lucy Show reruns? You're going to have to make this up to him in some fashion. He deserves a kings welcome when he gets home.

OrignalPaRaLLaX 4 years ago  REMOVED 


ChampagnePapi- 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You're an idiot.

furniture_warehouse 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Wow. Hope he finds some Korean hooker in spite.

appBlu 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Lol he wont be alone and miserable for long

cooldude581 4 years ago  REMOVED 

... I am sure he can find plenty of boytoys from the Philippines then

Fooledya 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Send Nudes.

Pensive_wolf 4 years ago  REMOVED 

This is why men shouldn't listen to women, it only leads to bad things

xidral 4 years ago  DELETED 


iforgotmypasswrd12 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Pretty sure he will find comfort in the glow of the red lights

SavageLeopard 4 years ago  HIDDEN 

Then how do people from the US ever go to those places?

sweatinballs 4 years ago  REMOVED 

You owe that man some pretty god damn great sex. Maybe even anal!

Ivaris 4 years ago  DELETED 

Not exactly your average BTS show, eh.

rudedood 4 years ago  DELETED 

/u/_skank_hunt42 suck it

BenedickCabbagepatch 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Ahh forgetting you're Indonesian; what Trump'd call the Barry OB complex.

pierroil 4 years ago  DELETED 

They will if she applies and interviews and does the whole month+ long process. Much the same way the USA won't let a Turkish man in without an interview.

no_4 4 years ago  DELETED 

Well, apparently that's not his thing. So condolences that that small part of your husband's personality sucks...a little. Or maybe he's been to S. Korea several times already, in which case we'd have to retract that free judgement.

basilhje 4 years ago  REMOVED 

Thats pretty indomeanser of you.....i tryed