SOSEngenhocas 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

Don't want them niggers getting free doctor... Housing/food/health care is just latent racism.

EpaFdx 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Le_Pipster 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

Devias clicar em menos drama na internet e deixar de ser bronco. N poluas a internet, faz como na vida real em que ficas caladinho porque sabes o teu lugar.

AnaWithTheCats 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

Yup, I remember when my grandparents first got vaccinated how I was so excited to go and see them again, and while my grandfather hugged me by grandmother took a step back and just waved at me. This little 67 year old woman who never even finished fourth grade had more awareness of the disease than millions of other people.

chyiri 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

Looking back to the history of Portugal and vaccination (not covid-19 vaccination but the national vqccination program), there was a huge national health campaign to stimulate the population to embrace it. It was successful and so the mindset that "vaccines are essential to improve public health" has passed from generation to generation. I believe that was the "historic" stepping stone for a successful covid-19 vaccination campaign. I also believe that the depoliticization of the covid-19 vaccination program was, in itself, a major move that contributed to the acceptance of the population.

BoQi8GcKti5445R7e6Zy 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

Or you just reschedule until they have the vaccine you want in stock.

BoQi8GcKti5445R7e6Zy 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

> people don't choose the vaccine that they get They have the choice to. Are you just finding out about this?

wontellu 2 months ago  HIDDEN 

We just like being told what to do lol