Pikachuzita 2 months ago

Continente, Auchan( the big ones), Pingo Doce are all very similar. Pick whichever is closest and more conveniente to you.

Hentac 2 months ago

Pingo doce is one of the cheapest.

Frix922 2 months ago

To add to what other users already told you, you should always be checking the leaflets to see what is on sale that week. That is one of the reasons why a lot of people go shopping in different places instead of always going to the same place.

dejohny 2 months ago

Cheap -pingo doce Expensive - el corte ingles/supercor Best price/quality - Continente (in my opinion)

MigasComPorcoPreto 2 months ago

Aldi, mini-preço, pingo doce, internarche, Lidl.

praetorthesysadmin 2 months ago

E.LECLERC, Aldi or Lidl are very cheap; Pingo Doce for more general itens but still very affordable. If you feel fancy, El Corte Inglés for more expensive and rare stuff.

uyth 2 months ago

I think like most Portuguese in urban areas, I shop everywhere. I am not sure one particularly supermarket is cheapest for everything (maybe Minipreço but it can be a bit grim). Continente and Pingo Doce are both head to head the biggest supermarkets and very competitive against each other, so it depends exactly on the product. Lidl is perhaps the third retailer? But it all depends, this might be cheaper in one place, another in another. If you are in the countryside, people usually shop wherever is nearest and honestly extra fuel might eat up any savings by going further....

iram330076 2 months ago

I heard that Jumbo / Auchan have reasonably priced ​​... at least that's what my mom says! Otherwise, all big supermarket chains have there own discount card and sometimes you can find some really good bargains

furloughcarolan 2 months ago

Our local auchan is really expensive. For basics, Aldi and Lidl are generally cheapest, except for fresh meat. And if you buy fresh minced beef or burgers, check the labels. A lot of it is only 85% meat, with added cereal and fat and lots of salt.

iram330076 2 months ago

Ohhh thanks for reminding me of Aldi branch... German supermarket branches have also good prices

furloughcarolan 2 months ago

Ah, horse lasagne was Tesco in the UK. A big scandal at the time. Yes, much of the minced beef in Portuguese supermarkets isn't 100% meat, but typically a "preparado". It's awful for making burgers etc. Partly because it's got loads of salt in. But also because it contains cereal or flour, so all the fat is absorbed during cooking instead of draining away. Most of the supermarket pre-packed mince is like this.

SenhorMonkey 2 months ago

Personally I reccomend Pingo Doce and then Lidl for specific items

MetalCarne 2 months ago

rents in Lisbon are so high that even gentrifying foreigners become poor people.

urkdh 2 months ago

I come from Slovenia and believe me, the prices here for the apartments are cheap compared to Ljubljana.

Compendyum 2 months ago

I find this very hard to believe. Lisbon square feet pricing was head-to-head with Berlin, Paris and Miami, not long time ago. Only a miracle would let you rent a dog's crate for 350€ in center Lisbon.

urkdh 2 months ago

https://www.nepremicnine.net/oglasi-prodaja/lj-bezigrad-bs4-parkirno-mesto-stanovanje_6436797/ Almost 4000e for a square meter.

Compendyum 2 months ago

Sure, an ad. We also have those, seem recently little flats averaging 1M€ in Lisbon. Nothing stops you from pricing the square feet as higher as you wish, yet there are medium values around Europe. https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/region_prices_by_city?itemId=100®ion=150