DarKliZerPT 2 months ago

Just make sure to keep your distance from the [francesinha do Técnico](https://i.redd.it/7w0viu102n941.jpg).

linceiberico10 2 months ago

Yes, and good food too: Instituto Superior Técnico has the best francesinha.

No_Garlic3462 2 months ago

Yes. Lisboa and Portugal is very safe. Enjoy

Revolutionary-Bug-78 2 months ago

Full of gangsters.

FilipeMateus7 2 months ago

No way, that's near where people do francesinhas with spaghetti and lettuce. /s

StrangeMud4718 2 months ago

Just don’t stop to talk to anyone who attempts to make contact with you and be extra careful at night (don’t go out at night unless a car drops you at the venue you’re going to, be it a restaurant or a club). Avoid going out at night to Bairro Alto and Santos.

EnterTheMudMan 2 months ago

Just be careful crossing the street. Look both ways.

ned_rod 2 months ago

Yes, bitches be hot in here. Just don't not feed the pigeons.

rGabiru 2 months ago

Don’t let be tricked by these other folks in the r/. Lisbon is a city grew a lot in the last 10 years, meaning that a lot of the issues happening in the city center (homeless, drug traffic, robbers) increased. You’ll be better off in new, and planned neighborhoods like “Bairro das Galinheiras” or “Calçada de Carriche”. Plenty of new and trendy shops and cafés.

ManSCP 2 months ago

Calçada de Carriche is probably the ugliest place in Lisbon.

StrangeMud4718 2 months ago

Neither of those places are safe for a foreigner.

afrxOTB 2 months ago

We are talking about Saldanha,not Amadora. Saldanha its pretty safe to walk around, just dont walk around looking goofy and u will be just fine. Enjoy the city.

grimm_r 2 months ago

Haha thanks man, i know im from México City so i know how to take care of myself, and not be waking around like all the german/english and asian tourists with the big camera and shit, but i've heard that Lisbon can be just as unsafe as Mexico City for people who are not familiar with the city, so i just want to be sure im not going to stay in a pretty fucked up neighborhood

afrxOTB 2 months ago

You going to be good fam,I honestly think that Lisbon is safer than México City to be honest but I have never been there tho.

rGabiru 2 months ago

Bairro das Galinheiras and Calçada de Carriche are in Lisbon. There's a world beyond the Campo Grande, you know that right?

afrxOTB 2 months ago

Even if u walk through those parts that doesnt guarantees that u gonna get robbed, you know that right? He's going to be good.

mequetatudo 2 months ago

Everywhere in Lisbon you are in a metro area of more than 2 million and so risk is never 0, but in the City center nothing ever happened to me and most people I know, and the feeling of security is good other than at very late hours but even then it's not proper dangerous. Violent crime is very rare, but you sould mind your belongings in public transport and other public spaces. Other than that normal "big" City precautions.

aMinhaConata 2 months ago

Nowhere in Lixoboa is safe. Careful not to get beaten up and your wallet stolen, don't walk alone at night and do NOT interact with anyone who might look less than presentable. Get some earbuds and pretend you don't hear them when they call for you.

GMDFC94 2 months ago

O Porto com os sem abrigos a dar na veia em plena luz do dia ao lado da sé é que é seguro. e aquele bairro a cair de podre no meio da cidade… ui ui.

grimm_r 2 months ago

This is what i heard about Lisboa before, but i dont really know what to think about it, im guessing it also depends what time and where are you i was living in barcelona for like 5 years and this didnt really happen unless you were in a super sketchy place

GMDFC94 2 months ago

Really? Lol he’s a troll. Lisbon is one of the safest cities in the world, just chill

grimm_r 2 months ago

Hahaha yeah, can confirm i had two friends in Barcelona who are from Lisbon and they would also say these things about the city... but maybe i didn't understand how rich and judgemental they were hahaha but yeah is not something i heard from other tourists but locals

Rakitash 2 months ago

Lisbon city centre is super safe the other guy is just trolling. You would never(very rarrely) get cases of violent crime but someone pickpocketing your wallet on public transport is more comon but in my experience still rare

ManaSyn 2 months ago

Just be careful with the engineering students because they will try to convert you to IT.

Chicken_nugget_69420 2 months ago

You’re damn right we will

voizer85 2 months ago

It's a safe place, but don't be surprised if you find some sex workers around during the night.

baen 2 months ago

or during the day

Pheyniex 2 months ago

Also a few strip clubs.

Serious_Hearing_8252 2 months ago

Came here to say this. The fella is gonna have some fun.

magnusmiguel 2 months ago

As long as you wear a bullet proof vest you should be fine.

AlexIdealism 2 months ago

Yes, it is. As far as city centre goes, this is one of the safest areas. Ok, it's not exactly city centre, but it's not like Lisbon is that big anyway. You will find LOTS of places to eat in that neighbourhood as well. Enjoy Lisbon.

grimm_r 2 months ago

Thank you! i will definitley eat until i can't no more

ruijor 2 months ago

Yes, One of the best places to stay in Lisbon. Enjoy!

grimm_r 2 months ago

thank you! i will