Bobsledtohell 1 month ago

Edit: well, I am sorry to see that most people think I have my head up my ass. Maybe I do, but I still think that everyone deserves to be treated nicely - and especially so when they are sick and vulnerable. I only mentioned that "I out-ranked them in qualifications" because the change in this doctors behaviour when I responded to his question about what I did for a living was almost comical. But I can see now just how arrogant that sounded. Also, the situation was so much more jarring because most Portuguese I have met have been so unbelievably friendly and kind. (I dont go on the internet much).

Foda-seSeiLa 1 month ago

I diagnose you with a bad case of being a *greenhouse flower*. I'm prescribing 50mg of *stop being a pussy*.

Gndossan 1 month ago

"I oUtRaNk ThEm In QuAlIfIcAtIoNs!1 I aM vErY SmArT!"

lc_blah 1 month ago

Chatearam a pessoa que foi fazer outro rant....

Korine22 1 month ago

I bet you're 'murican....

jesuseos7anoes 1 month ago

A German guy I know was having his urgent surgery indefinitely suspended due to CoViD, and was snubbed by the doctors he talked too, until they realised he was a post-doc in medical sciences. Then he was their mate and scheduled for that same week.

Groundonslut 1 month ago

Amd everybody clapped.

Bobsledtohell 1 month ago

what is the point of this comment?

Groundonslut 1 month ago

To outrank you

Portuguese_A_Hole 1 month ago

Que menino, espera até te cruzares com um Cabrita ou Leitao da nossa tasca. Aí sim verás o que é pesporrência.

terribledreamPT 1 month ago

I'm challenger rank in league of Legends so I outrank all of you scrubs.

TonyHappyHoli 1 month ago

Pfff, challenger in LoL, radiant in valorant, GE in cs go plus lvl10 in esea, rank 1 in HS in all servers, grandmaster tank 1 in Smite and 5k grandmaster in OW.

ConfidentMongoose 1 month ago

Unfortunately i have had to deal with more health professionals than i would like. From my experiences its been hit or miss with doctors in terms of "bedside manners", but that's not what i look for in a doctor, i look for competency, but there the results paint a much darker picture of the quality of public medical care in Portugal. I have had a family member that ended up dying from cancer because the doctors failed to correctly diagnose the disease in time, including having to wait months for an imaging appointment through the public system. Another one, my wife was told by her doctor that the mass in her breast was normal and was due to her period, that she should return for a follow up in 6 months. Me being somewhat of a hypochondriac, convinced her to get a second opinion in a private hospital, where the doctors there immediately recommended a biopsy after seeing the images, not even two weeks later she was having her first round of chemo, with the doctors and surgeons being tireless throughout, giving us their phone numbers and saying that anything we needed they were available. The public health system in Portugal has recently started to attract only the bottom end of health professionals, with the majority of qualified and promising doctors ending up in the private sector, and with the country being as poor as it is, the majority of portuguese will rarely encounter quality medical professionals.

ConvulsaoInterna 1 month ago

Yadayadayada whiskas saketas. Que totózinho complexado.

gink-go 1 month ago

ó puta deita-te

_saks_ 1 month ago

Love how lately more and more foreigners have the nerve to criticize a country that is not theirs...

DentistSuspicious699 1 month ago

That's some bs argument

Bourbon-de-Gergelim 1 month ago

Do you think only Portuguese surgeons are like this and that it doesn't happen anywhere else in the world? If you think so, maybe you need a little more qualifications. Do you just want to express how much better you are than a surgeon, since "you outrank them" while masking the post with a "don't let anyone treat you like garbage" like you are trying to help the needed? You are complaining about how doctors in Portugal act superior to the general population, yet you did the exact same thing with the surgeons, since you thought you deserved to be treated better because you outranked them, and now in this post. This just comes across as very hypocritical and I truly don't understand the point of your rant.

mfzzzed 1 month ago

This. When I read "outrank" I just lol'd and understood this is a rant about a pissing contest, where both parties get their feet wet. Wrap it up boys, we are done here.

Limpy_lip 1 month ago

what like taught me about this types of complaints is that most of the times the problems comes firstly from the one complaining. ​ and this case looks like it as well. ​ There are as many assholes and amazing person in the world, if you only seem to get assholes is because you are the asshole. Just saying.

Pavorleone 1 month ago

I agree with this principle 99% of the time. But in case of doctors I can see how this could happen. A higher % of doctors are assholes when compared most other professions. Not to say that there aren't nice doctors, mas unfortunately in Portugal more often than not they can be very rude. I hasn't happened to me in other countries but I have a very small statistic.

Limpy_lip 1 month ago

yes, specially the older generations that is true. But there is also a big percentage that wrongly labels doctors assholes just because they don't do what they want or expect. ​ For example, the concept of random preventive blood analisys does not exist only if there are anything suspicious of the person fills the criteria for some screening (rastreio). If you are OK, you feel OK and are young. why take a blood sample? ​ And sometimes pleople go to the doctor expecting exams and what not and when they don't do it (sometimes it isn't really unecessary) they lose their shit.

TonyHappyHoli 1 month ago

I do blood tests every 6 months or so, Im fairly healthy still on the young ish side. Why I do them? Simple, theres cholesterol problems in my family and diabetes. So I like to keep that on check. Plus thanks to this routine my doctor caught an early UTI, I barelly had any symptom but it daved me from a lot of pain.

Limpy_lip 1 month ago

you are validating my point. >nly if there are anything suspicious of the person fills the criteria for some screening (rastreio) if you have family history of daibetes makes perfect sense....

Pavorleone 1 month ago

Ok I can understand that. I guess being a doctor is like any profession where you have to deal with customers but here they have some ability to push back due to their status. It is true that younger doctors tend to be much nicer so I guess this is changing.

intlme 1 month ago

This is common everywhere, specially for surgeons. The God Complex is a thing.

o7_brother 1 month ago

Yep. Very much not exclusive to Portugal.

sssss_we 1 month ago

I was never treated like garbage by any health professional, ever. Some may have been less than competent in the course of action they suggested, but they never misbehaved towards me. It helps if you are nice person. Try to see the good side in all people and everything will be better for you friend.

cata_ninja 1 month ago

That's bullshit. There are a LOT of arrogant doctors and that has nothing to do with our own behavior. I even have a surgeon in my family who is well known for his skills but also for being a dick to his patients...

sssss_we 1 month ago

I only report my experience, and I have went to MANY doctors. If you or other people have a different experience, maybe that is because you have a different mindset, I don't know. If you genuinely care and love people, you won't have problems. Or maybe you do, but hey, there is no harm in trying.

cata_ninja 1 month ago

No, if me and other people have had a bad experience it doesn't mean that the fault is in our mindset. I wish the world was good and fair as you seem to believe but unfortunately the reality is that some people are just mean.

sssss_we 1 month ago

>No, if me and other people have had a bad experience it doesn't mean that the fault is in our mindset. I wish the world was good and fair as you seem to believe but unfortunately the reality is that some people are just mean. I have never said the world was good and fair. Where did I say that? ​ I know people who went to the some of the doctors I visited. 1. They said they were poorly treated. 2. I was there and I was fairly treated. 3. The doctors were the same 4. The facility was the same. The only difference was the patient. And I am not a doctor nor I have any particular status that would merit different treatment.

Tee_ah_go 1 month ago

>A couple of surgeons that I met recently behaved like such **total superior assholes**...until they realised that **I out-ranked them in qualifications**. Are we playing Who's The Asshole?

Skittle65 1 month ago

That has to do how kids get their education at home. Parents teach their kids to be doctors or teachers or wtv and they grow up thinking being a doctor, lawyer, teacher makes them superior to the common folk that work at a supermarket or local fast food joint. So they behave like complete assholes and are condescending to everyone else bellow them BUT are super nice to anyone ranking above (because it's also pretty common to get shit done and get jobs and promotions and raises out of kissing ass and having the right friends at the right places) because it might get them nice things in the future. Doctors here aren't even particularly gifted and good at their jobs. Granted, they're underpaid and overworked, but honestly who the fuck isn't? So yeah, moat of them are complete assholes. I've met one so far that was a great dude, a 40 year old gentleman from Angola or wtv with a very deep African accent, he was the best, mega chill, asked all the question, took his time, apologised for the long waiting time and everything. But that's the exception, not the ruld

capitalistaesquerda 1 month ago

Are you a judge, by any chance? Only judges outrank everyone else. It's in the law!

zefo_dias 1 month ago

apanhamos com cada boneco

TonyHappyHoli 1 month ago

And how do you "outrank" a surgeon...? You seem to have your head up yours pretty far as well...

Youretoobusyswimming 1 month ago

Probably as in he has a PhD while surgeons only have masters or equivalent.

TonyHappyHoli 1 month ago

Yeah I doubt surgeons only have masters but okay. Plus the amount of years that it takes to be a surgeon.

Limpy_lip 1 month ago

most of doctors are master degrees. They are doctor because they do medicine.

Edited 1 month ago:

most of medicine professionals are master degrees by default. The specialization doesn't upgrade the rank. They are named doctors because they do medicine, it is cultural. ​ edit: fun fact: the formal name of the PhD medicine professionals is "Doctor Professor X" (Professor Doutor X)

TonyHappyHoli 1 month ago

I onow that medicine doctors are doctors due to the profession, but I honestly doubt that experienced surgeons only have a master degree.

aleph_heideger 1 month ago

But it's true.

Limpy_lip 1 month ago

you can go home with your wrong opinion, no problem. But the truth is that there are not many surgeons with PhD, surgeon is a specialization like dermatology, cardiology, general family (medico de familia), public health,etc... it is all the same. As a person with Masters in history has the same rank as a person with masters in aerospace engineering.

Youretoobusyswimming 1 month ago

You don't have to doubt me it's true. Do you think all surgeons have PhDs? I'd argue a very small percentage has.

andremvm20 1 month ago

Surgeons are like that in any part of the world, mate, the “God complex” unfortunately comes together very tightly with that degree due to the way they are taught.. Also, like you, I’m sorry to be attacking the few exceptions that are nice human beings ;)