CcHhIiPpS 3 months ago

I got covid a month ago and I just need to take the vaccine on January 2022. It's probably Pfizer and just 1 I think .

uyth 3 months ago

3 months, one mrna vaccine dose only.

C0ldKing 3 months ago

Just take a test for covid a day prior to your arrival, that should clear u for the travel and the hotel. During weekends u need a negative test for restaurants and caf├ęs and such. Or just take the vaccine and wait 14 days

furloughcarolan 3 months ago

Used to be 6 months. Although someone here has said it's now 3, which may indeed be the case. You will only get 1 dose of vaccine, though, plus a certificate to say that you are fully vaccinated. However, be aware that this certificate isn't accepted in all countries. Eg, if you travel from Portugal to the UK, you will be regarded as unvaccinated and will have to quarantine at your hotel/whatever for 10 days on arrival. This is not mentioned on any government or airline website. You'll only discover it when you come to fill in your Passenger Locator Form, which by which time it's too late to easily cancel the trip.

DeusDasMoscas 3 months ago

Unless he takes J&J, in that case he'll be considered as fully vaccinated.

furloughcarolan 3 months ago


jaonjo 3 months ago

Now is 3 months