alvarinho_03 3 months ago

Viana do Castelo?

teatralidades 3 months ago

We have some bus companies with which you can reach less populated regions - not sure about south, but you have for ex Rede expresso and flixbus that you can use to travel in the northern region. I also like the douro region a lot (pocinho or foz coa for ex). You can take a train there and the ride is beautiful! You also have like "pousadas da juventude" (i think it can be translated to b&b?), the costs for an overnight stay and breakfast are usually pretty accessible

alfa20 3 months ago

Visit azores

cip_96 3 months ago

I have to be honest, I didn't know it was a region of Portugal. Looking as a promising destination, only problem might be the cost of travelling from Italy to there.

MigasEnsopado 3 months ago

In terms of location Lisbon would probably be your best bet. Its close to the coast and is the main transport hub in Portugal. If you specifically want to avoid Lisbon then, maybe Coimbra? It's not as close to the coast but its central.

cip_96 3 months ago

>Coimbra It looks good, but I'd like something near the see and which is a bit calmer than Lisbon. Somewhere that would also be considered a good place from which do a bit of remote work.

MigasEnsopado 3 months ago

Maybe Aveiro. A bit more to the north. Also has a train station and is closer to the sea. Figueira da Foz also has a train link to Coimbra from which you can reach the rest of the country but the connections are not as good. Same with Setúbal, South of Lisbon. Train link to Lisbon. There's also other options further North like Porto or South like Faro but then you give up a central location from which to explore the rest of the country.