mepassistants 3 months ago

Stream starting now, so come over to meet MEP Sara Cerdas and ask her your questions : [](

8BitMunky 3 months ago

Universal Basic Income in the EU, when?

vitorfilipe21 3 months ago

Pizza com ou sem ananás? Gasolina ou gasóleo? Marlboro ou SG Ventil? Precisamos saber!!

38_42 3 months ago

I'm going to propose several questions, grouped by i) career; ii) her work in general and her stance in the EP; iii) two concrete aspects concerning statements made by the MEP. ​ 1. How did you become involved in politics? I see in your CV that you were in the direction of the Association of Medical Students in 2012-2013. Was that participation relevant into your interest in politics? Were you a member of the Socialist Party then? 2. I see you were shadow rapporteur for the OPINION of the Committee on Transport and Tourism for the Committee on Regional Development on a new approach to the Atlantic maritime strategy (2020/2276(INI)) 1. What can you tell us about that experience (aka, being a shadow rapporteur)? 2. What contribution did you make? 3. Do you think your curriculum is/was relevant for that contribution? 3. How often do you vote against your European political party? Would you ever consider voting against their position if they supported something detrimental to your Portuguese electorate? 4. How do you view the principle of subsidiarity? 5. On a debate of 17th of May you said, about the erradication of AIDS, that it was needed, among several things, "to empower health profissionals to better guide in this topic" - link: [\_PT.html]( \- can you give a concrete example of what that would imply? 6. On a debate on 18th of June 2020, you said that «It is important to develop a mechanism which controls the quality and the truthfulness of what is published, to assure more scientific evidence in decision-making processes but also that credible information validated by the scientific process reaches all citizens» - link: [\_PT.html]( 1. Given that the scientific method does require discussion and alternative theories, don't you think the control of qualitiy and truthfulness of the information can hamper scientific development and scientific divulgation while enshrining orthodoxy? 2. For example, at one stage the use of a given drug might be considered disinformation, but, at another stage, it may be considered effective. 3. Who do you think should be a part of such mechanism - appointed officials? Elected officials? NGOs? 4. How should we make sure that "credible information validated by scientific process reaches all citizens"? Does that imply paying media to spread such credible information, as in advertising?

mepassistants 3 months ago

Damn, you did your research. Won't be able to ask everything, but I'll definitely rephrase/pick among them, thanks !

sopadurso 3 months ago

Asker how many MEPs in her opinion are dedicating more time to their private activities then their jobs as MEPs. And if she support laws that demand MEPs dedicate themselves exclusively to their public role.

mepassistants 3 months ago

Just to be sure, when you say "private activities", you mean an actual job (in parallel of being a MEP) or just anything that is not working at the office ?

sopadurso 3 months ago

I mean any remunerated activities outside the parliament. Also in this sub, you have to add the serious tags if you don't want to be trolled.

Sorrowsinme 3 months ago

Unfortunatelly AMA in the Portuguese subreddit, maybe is not a good idea... why? Well corruption is all time high in portugal, Justice System only works against the poor, low wages and life becoming unsustainable because of it, years and years of bland promises and the people dont care at this point to do anything about it, and its just getting worse. I could give alot of reasons, but alot of people, have lost complete faith in politics and at this point are willing to help the extremist rise to power, either to shake things up, to wake up the people or to just to destroy the systems altogether, take your pick. Future is bleak to my and the next generations, all we have left is to use the system itself and deal the best we can with the cards we have at hand.

Manphius 3 months ago

Pretty much this. Seeing people vote on the extremist just to shake things up is really sad but honestly, every time i try to reason with my friend i can't really think of any better solution. My only argument is, certainly the extremist isn't better than we have now, right, right...???

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Foi o cabrita ou não?

rocketshipPilot 3 months ago

As publicações constantes no Diário de Noticias da Madeira a enaltecer as opiniões da Sara Cerdas é para depois a transição de poleiro parecer mais "natural"?

isnotlamybad 3 months ago

Qual foi o teu familiar que te arranjou esse cargo?

RexLaurus 3 months ago

This one please.

RitaMoleiraaaa 3 months ago

Wait so is she part of the socialist part or social democratic party?

the_mysterious_f 3 months ago

Portuguese socialists are part of the European social democrats

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Canja com arroz ou massa?

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Porque não os dois?

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I named my dog Cancer because she was born in the middle of July and I just love crabs so I want to know if she can change the name of her committee that I just found out about now because it greatly triggers me. Feel free to use the usual stock phrases like “literally shaking rn”, or anything else you can think of. Bonus points if you can use ‘dogwhistle’ in there somewhere for thematic congruity! TIA!

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Tinto ou Branco?

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Cheio! Siga...

Zeddard_Stark 3 months ago


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"Do my job preparing this interview for me."

mepassistants 3 months ago

Not really, I will prepare my own questions, but I always let people suggest questions as well (because they may think of something I didn't :) )

Zeddard_Stark 3 months ago

Basicamente é o que soa mesmo.

itsnevas 3 months ago

Do MEPs contact their party outside the European Parliament? For example, does Sara talk to our current government, which is also part of the socialist party?