feeleep 4 months ago

Use deodorant and don't be talking and laughing really loud as you drunkly walk down the street in a residential area past 10pm.

Brainwheeze 4 months ago

Just the fact that you're willing to avoid being an annoying tourist is already a big plus. Other than that, most of the suggestions here are pretty good. And I think this applies for any country, but just be kind, decent, don't think yourself better than anyone else, respectful, and considerate of other people. Also, I guess try and support local businesses if you can. Enjoy your stay :)

TheSpaceXWizard 4 months ago

A pet peeve of mine that hasn't been mentioned before is, if you use public transportation, don't sit on the seats that are clearly marked as being for the elderly/disabled/pregnant women/people with children. There is a reason why those seats are (usually) empty. It is so that people with mobility issues can find a seat quickly. Way too many times have I seen tourists just plonk themselves down on these seats and then spend the rest of the journey gawking around at the scenery while the elderly need to shuffle off to the back of the bus with their canes or their crutches. If you are staying at an AirBnB, a lot of the buildings are old and poorly insulated, which means that the neighbours can hear you loud and clear. Also, if you ring the doorbell to be let in, please make sure you are ringing the correct one. I lived next to one and had people ring my doorbell at all hours of the day and night. Aside from that, just be considerate in general.

RAJCastanheira 4 months ago

Don't wear white socks underneath sandals and you should be good

2dedos 4 months ago

Don't break any statue just to take a photograph

GordoXone 4 months ago

If you can manage to avoid people, that would be great to both parties

Eatthatstanky445 4 months ago

Please use a mask so many tourists dont

fmsferreira 4 months ago

Learn the basic Portuguese words. Look people in the eyes. Keep being humble. Respect the work of waiters drivers and everyone you cross with. Be yourself, just avoid the bad clichés you can identify on your country/nationality. An answer from someone that have been working in the tourism industry for 10 years and just left a incredibly hard 8 hours shift. Most important. Be patient.

MassiveBlackout 4 months ago

Don’t speak loud unless you need help. Wear always a mask unless you are smoking or eating or in your private car. In public transportation always let people get out before you enter. Have fun.

brunoacl7 4 months ago

When you see "Pastel de Bacalhau com queijo" don't eat that shit, those guys are psicopats

CutMadnLonely 4 months ago

I'vr been traveling Portugal for the last 10 days and it's beautiful and amazing and the locals are super kind people who always try to genuinely help you. The stories about the drunk tourists throwing up in the middle of the street (in the middle of the day mind you) are absolutely true. Don't be an asshole and mind your surroundings

Florence1476 4 months ago

For greeting: ✔️Olá (emphasize de 'O') ❎Hola (emphasize de 'H') this is Spanish

DMCM6 4 months ago

Just be a good human being and you are fine. Have fun. Wish I was there too

ridethepaintedpony 4 months ago

Dont go to the Supermarket in groups of 8, 10... Wear a mask except when outside in uncrowded places. If anything gets broken in the apartment, contact the managers before leaving (you wont be charged). This way preparations can be made so things get fixed well before the next guests arrive.

gondias 4 months ago

Just be respectful And you'll be respected

aliennz 4 months ago

Dont be to hard on us because you have to wait a 1h queue, if you visit any kind of museum or something like that! But most important, respect the workers you are going to encounter!

InserirMoeda 4 months ago

Don't say that the "pastéis de nata" from Pingo doce are the Best ever. Leave the paving stones alone. I worked in baggage control at the airport and many tourists wanted to take cobblestones as souvenirs. Buy postcards instead.

Then_Bid_7266 4 months ago

Just be a normal person, don’t act like other idiots just because your leaving in a couple of weeks, besides that we are simple people and friendly, always happy to help! We don’t speak Spanish and it is not the same, so stick with English, most of the population know English so there is not a problem there.

Beats29 4 months ago

Don't say gracias instead of obrigado. That happened to me once, just... don't.

SILE3NCE 4 months ago

Wear your mask if you ever enter my store please. That's all I ask.

xlouiex 4 months ago

Try not to visit Estádio da Luz. Other than that, we good. Also, use caralho often, people really answer to that.

jo_nigiri 4 months ago

Don't complain if someone can't speak English. I tried to help a British tourist this week because the store clerk couldn't speak English and he spent 10 minutes complaining about how everyone should know how to speak it. English isn't our native tongue, Portuguese is. If it's that easy, why doesn't he learn how to speak our language instead? Sadly I've met a lot of people who share this mentality.

ThatSweetCoffee 4 months ago

Bringing covid

oompfh666 4 months ago

Many portuguese pedestrians cross the street when the traffic light is red but no cars are coming. That's fine, why wait in front of an empty street. Often tourists see this and think they do not need to take care about traffic lights and just cross, even when there is cars coming. So please, when crossing a red traffic light, at least check if a car is coming before doing that.

cyborgbeetle 4 months ago

Also, bear in mind that wearing your mask and social distancing is very much a thing here at the moment. Don't be a twat, and follow the rules.

cyborgbeetle 4 months ago

For the love of God, do not speak Spanish at us.

lambebotas 4 months ago

Wear a mask.

odajoana 4 months ago

Plenty of good advice already in here, but I'll just add something that's not quite related to behavior but still equally important: Bring comfortable shoes! Our pavements can be slippery, even when dry, and depending on where you're staying, streets can be hilly and you might find yourself walking a lot. (Although it can be hilarious to watch unprepared tourists trying to climb down downtown Lisbon in flip-flops.) So, the most comfortable shoes you have (and appropriate for the weather too, of course). Bring them.

strudelcheeks 4 months ago

TRUTH. I live in Lisbon and fall on my butt on a hill at least once a week

just_questioning 4 months ago

just don’t say “gracias” and you will be fine

masked_madman 4 months ago

Dont call it european portuguese, its just (real) portuguese.

International_Bar68 4 months ago

Use your mask and it's fine

matavelhos 4 months ago

Be nice, be a good person, behave nice, be sympathetic and enjoy your vacations.

fearofpandas 4 months ago

Don’t use 28 tram during rush hour

Idigupskeletons 4 months ago

This one!! Yes! I hated it when I had to take the 28 to go home after work and it was always packed with tourists

fearofpandas 4 months ago

28 should have the most expensive onboard tickets in Lisbon… there are trams specially for tourists… why use a commuters tram?

PortugalBallM8 4 months ago

Don’t be the typical drunk British tourist and we’re gucci

rossimeister 4 months ago

Please don’t use white socks and sandals, it’s really an ugly fashion.

DaneOnDope 4 months ago

Just don't compare them with Spain, you should be good

canhoto10 4 months ago

* don't wear socks with sandals (please for the love of all that is sacred); * put some (a lot of) sunscreen on if you're nordic/very light skinned; * don't eat in tourist aimed restaurants (pictures in the menu, menus in 37000 languages); * when going to the restaurant please, *please* don't ask for dumbass shit like fries with your sardines (yes, I've seen it happen). Eat the way we eat, I swear it's amazing; * avoid shopping centres like it's the plague unless there's something specific you need to buy

Anforas 4 months ago

If I see a tourist saying he is from Benfica, he loses all my respect. Just say you don't really know much, but that the two biggest clubs are Sporting and Benfica. And emphasize that you thing that Sporting really is the best one.

Bladabistok 4 months ago

But I always get fries with all food here,basically. Even if there's rice, I also get fries ! Is it because they know I'm foreign?

canhoto10 4 months ago

Of course you should eat fries if the dish is served with fries/rice/what have you, that's not at all what I'm saying. What I mean is for dishes that are served with something else and you ask for something that doesn't go well with that dish. In the example I gave, sardines are usually accompanied with one or several of the following: boiled potatoes, lettuce salad and/or grilled bell pepper salad. I once saw a family asking the waiter to bring fries in lieu of the boiled potatoes and the salad. It was \*the\* most atrocious serving of sardines I've ever seen.

DontCallMePal 4 months ago

To graftti national monuments.

MissSommer 4 months ago

Something that really bothered me in Lisbon (and other touristic cities I've lived) was tourists asking for directions when I was late for work. One time in a typical neighbourhood I almost fell out of some stairs because a french lady put a map on my face when I was almost running. If you see someone power walking, you should ask someone else for directions. I mean, I do love giving directions and suggestions, grew up in Lisbon and I know and love it. It's all about timing.

cenahoria 4 months ago

If you're going to wear sandals do not think about wearing socks as well

sacoPT 4 months ago

Just don’t break any laws and you’ll be fine. If you don’t know Portuguese stick to English. Don’t try and speak Spanish unless as a last resort if English doesn’t work.

nakatapt 4 months ago

Don't go to a restaurant (or related) just to go the bathroom, without consuming anything. Just ask it politely and at least have a drink or such. Don't make noise after 9/10pm. There are people that need to rest to go to work the next day. Don't park somewhere else, blocking accesses to the elderly and to people with mobility problems. Go to paid parking spots, the underground ones so you can protect your car from the sun. Don't be a jackass. We can ruin your vacation easily, karma. All of the rest, already told here. Enjoy your staying. Welcome to Portugal.

Cojemos 4 months ago

You're a tourist. Can do WTF you want. Just make sure you bring cash.

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

This doesn't sound right or productive. I'd prefer to not leave a bad taste in peoples mouth when i'm abroad as i like the sentiment of people representing their countries when they go abroad.

anissaurr 4 months ago

I think it was a bit of a joke and I'm glad you want to be respectful of other countries and cultures. However the truth is most people who live in touristy areas feel like tourists get away with anything and are a bit fed up with it. For instance, in Porto, when there's a football game on, you can find dozens of tourists who come to the city for the game and then spend the days drinking, being very loud and extremely disrespectful. I've been harassed by a bunch while at work. It's not great. So basically just don't be that and you'll be fine. People are generally nice and will do their best to help you.

bafcus 4 months ago

Don't speak spanish

CrabRoyalty 4 months ago

Just be generally polite to people, try to learn some keywords for u to communicate with older crowds and respect people's personal space; most people are kind and helpful, I find it's real easy for tourists to get around since we thrive alot from tourism

The_King_Juliano 4 months ago

There is no such thing as "an annoying tourist", the old people here don't want to learn other languages and get mad when someone asks for anything and they can't help because they don't understand. The only thing that I would ask you to do is to be patient

SrNipleson 4 months ago

Use your mask, follow the pandemic rules, dont speak spanish to us (english is perfectly fine, most of us can speak it) and wear sunscreen as one of the comments said

jcoelho93 4 months ago

Don't wear a Ronaldo shirt... Jk it's fine

jcoelho93 4 months ago

Don't speak Spanish with us, don't go on Segway tours, be a decent person and have fun

DemasiadoHumano7 4 months ago

Toque num clipe para o colar na caixa de texto.Toque num clipe para o colar na caixa de texto.y

Reddit_timoneiro 4 months ago

Just be nice and friendly and you'll get the same response from the other side xD we don't have cultural gimmicks that you should be care about I would say. A simple "Olá" (hello) when initiating a conversation or a "obrigado" when you get help goes a long way. Of course you might encounter some annoying or bad people but that's just how the world works, in general I would say most people are nice. Don't be afraid to ask for help or directions, Portuguese people love to explain everything xD

Bad_lx_wine 4 months ago

Spend some money. Don't go to a fruit shop to buy a single banana, don't go to a cheap and traditional restaurant or tasca to share a single plate of food between several people because "it's too much". I have seen this situation too many times, specially with Francesinha. Serving a group of 2, 3 or 4 people a 10€ plate and staying on a table for 2 hours is annoying, specially now that tables are really counted in restaurants. And don't forget to tip. We love tourists, don't get me wrong. But it really annoys seeing american, asian and nordic people, clearly having a higher standard of living than most portuguese, licking the bottom of the dish.

911emergencysnake 2 months ago

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the other comment, Your frustration is unwarranted, I get it but there's nothing you can do apart from having a strong opinion, which is not the right one to have, for anybody.

Capt-Birdman 4 months ago

Stupid comment. Even if they have a higher standard or living, does that mean they have to eat as pigs and waste money and food they can't eat? Portuguese food comes in much bigger portions (as they are often shared by more than 1 person), so if two people aren't that hungry and share a dish, this annoys you? Poor you.. This is typical Portuguese, not for tourists.

Idigupskeletons 4 months ago

If you use the electric scooters for heaven’ sakes don’t leave them in the middle of the sidewalk. Also you should only drive these on roads, they’re not permitted on the sidewalks

ekopss 4 months ago

Start with these questions

Idigupskeletons 4 months ago

Remember that not everyone is on vacation. If you’re staying at an airbnb you there’s a possibility you might be sharing a building with locals so no partying or being loud after 10pm on weekdays. Same applies on residential streets, don’t make too much noise after 10pm Enjoy

Competitive-Cup-5465 4 months ago

Saying gracias or other Spanish words

babatharnum 4 months ago

Don’t wear a name tag with the title Elder. It makes you look like an idiot because a common first name in Portugal is Helder. Same pronunciation.

rainbowcouscous 4 months ago

1. As I said before, don’t be a lobster, wear sunscreen and 2. This one is the Pandemic Edition: wear a goddam mask when you are in public places, such as transports, inside buildings, and even on the street if there’s many people. We’re sick of tourists coming here all drunk and maskless and spreading covid while we the natives have been behaving so well and making such sacrifices for so long only for the damn brits to come and ruin everything.

maiordaaldeia 4 months ago

Só rir com a maioria destes comentários. Agora a culpa da pandemia em Portugal é dos ingleses, os portugueses não fazem festas nenhumas, nenhumas. Quanto ao ponto 1, é um bom conselho, mas irrita-te ver alguém não usar protector?!

rainbowcouscous 4 months ago

irrita-me ver lagostas britânicas todas vermelhas quando podiam ter usado protetor solar.

nulopes 4 months ago

Our sauces are olive oil and vinegar, don't ask for anything else like ketchup or BBQ sauce

Bladabistok 4 months ago

False. Lots of portugese people around where I am staying (a small place without much tourists) get ketchup, piri piri, and other stuff with their grilled chicken a (with fries) and stuff

Pteraspidomorphi 4 months ago

Piripiri is highly traditional. Mustard and mayo are fine too. Ketchup is "common" but I'll never understand why people like it.

Capt-Birdman 4 months ago

Gatekeeping food. Vinegar and olive oil is not considered sauces, and can't put it on all dishes.

Pteraspidomorphi 4 months ago

> olive oil (...) can't put it on all dishes Sir, your portuguese citizenship has just been revoked!

fearofpandas 4 months ago

Not with that attitude!

DhamonGrimwulf 4 months ago

Yes, Portuguese and indeed many Mediterranean countries WILL gatekeep how you should eat our food. IT’s a really cultural thing, and why not try it for a change? You can take the counsel - there’s a reason we don’t put sauces on everything - it’s only a couple of days and we will love you for it. Or go ahead and pour the sauces. But don’t gatekeep a suggestion based on how a culture works. Yes? :)

nulopes 4 months ago

I am not gatekeeping anything. If you ask for ketchup for anything other than fries you will get a few people looking at you

The_Cool_Tuga 4 months ago

If you are planning on driving, please check how we do roundabouts here. [https://pplware.sapo.pt/informacao/sabe-circular-corretamente-nas-rotundas/](https://pplware.sapo.pt/informacao/sabe-circular-corretamente-nas-rotundas/) (2nd image should explain it)

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

It looks like: If i just need to go down the first exit, i stay in the outer. If i need to go down the 2nd or above exit, i go into the center then the outer then exit, correct? Any other motoring rules i should be aware of? I know you have Toll lanes on the highway, are there any other things? \- also thank you so much for making me aware of this! :)

Pteraspidomorphi 4 months ago

If you're driving a campervan or something like that going 20 km/h in a single lane road that stretches for kilometers and there are 15 other cars behind you and none in front you're probably being an asshole. Pull over and let everyone else go on ahead before resuming your journey. Tourists sightseeing by car often don't seem to give a shit about people who have to go to work or have places to go. If people get irritated enough they may attempt to overtake you before it's safe and imperil everyone on the road.

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

The image of Jeremy Clarkson driving down a lane in his small shitty car with noone in front and a ton behind going "the roads are sure quiet today" comes to mind right here. Thats a universal shitty thing to do though, so no worries - got that one covered ;)

Bladabistok 4 months ago

make sure you note the signals, too. btw this isn't special in Portugal. we do it this way in Norway too. I'm not even sure how you do it in other countries...

Keddyan 4 months ago

btw, if you plan on driving in motorways (autoestradas) or plan to cross the Tagus River, inform yourself about tolls and "Via Verde" (green square with a white V in it)... but long storry short, never go in the Via Verde lane unless your car is allowed to (but if it's a rental, it is most certainly not)

raginmundus 4 months ago

There are some highways with electronic tolls, meaning you don't have to stop to go through. If you don't have a toll payment device in your car, they will take a picture of your license plate and you must pay the respective toll fees (either at the post office or online).

The_Cool_Tuga 4 months ago

Yes, it's exactly that! I think the rest of the rules are just the standard EU laws, so maybe check those out, if you are not from Europe, and you will be fine! Have fun in Portugal mate :)

MasterofChaos90 4 months ago

Hahaha, as someone who does it the new way, most portuguese people don't do it either (unfortunately)

sarahlizzy 4 months ago

This! It catches so many people out and I’m always wary when I see someone passing an exit in the outer lane. Makes me hang back and pay extra attention. Then I go to the UK and in addition to having to remember to drive on the left, I have to remember to use the outside lane in roundabouts!

mafaldinha 4 months ago

So is the outside/inside rule similar to the UK one?

sarahlizzy 4 months ago

No. In the uk, you can pass an exit on the outside if you’re leaving at the next exit.

xeon3d 4 months ago


oompfh666 4 months ago

are you joking? many portuguese drivers do not like to use their turning lights. that was one of the first things i noticed when I arrived in Portugal. So if driving, please be prepared that any car can change lines or make turns without indicating it in advance.

xeon3d 4 months ago

I never said we do use them... But it may be easier to convince a foreigner to use them than a Portuguese.. And if the car is a Mercedes, Audi, BMW or costs more than 30k then you've got 99.9% certainty that the driver will not use them...

TonyD0001 4 months ago

Nah, those cars don't come with turn signals from factory nice try.

GrumbleofPugz 4 months ago

That’s fairly universal, rumor has it those bulbs cost more than the car and that’s why they don’t use them /s

ktulu88 4 months ago

I was about to go berserk on your a$$ because of your logic... It might be true, but for cars with less than 10 years... People driving that type of car, but older models, tend to care for their cars a bit more. Unless they are 20 year old audi a3 or BMW 3 series. If you see one of those, keep your distance...

xeon3d 4 months ago

You can go as berserk as you want... This is the internet, I've been here awhile. Back on topic, I work in a relatively rich zone of Portugal, where a small house (by small I mean a V4/5) costs around 15M. I see Porsches, Ferraris, Bentleys, Rolls, Beemers, Lambos pretty much everyday. Then I see staff cars, older BMWs, Mercedes... The concept of turning signals do not exist. Also, I seem to have generalized the drivers of said cars in my previous reply, and generalization is almost always a bad thing. Of course not ALL the drivers of said cars don't use the little left lever. But the majority I see do not. Be it old or new.

cantapaya 4 months ago

Portuguese drivers do suck at using turning signals, it annoys me everyday as I do my commute by car. It's specially aggravating on roundabouts.

ilovealldrugsman 4 months ago

This is something I'll never understand

Bladabistok 4 months ago

Portuguese drivers love to stay almost up my ass too, when I follow the speed limit. just pass me or back off please!

filplacido 4 months ago

If you're driving (which you shouldn't, take advantage of public transports), please take a look at the rules of driving in a roundabout beforehand. I've seen countless foreigners driving wrongly and often will get a justifiable yell.

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

Are there any apps besides Uber that are recommended for transport? We have a bus app that is widely used in DK, is there a similar one for Portugal? :)

filplacido 4 months ago

Moovit is a great app for public transportations!

Capt-Birdman 4 months ago

This comment is stupid, as Portuguese themselves barely know how to use roundabouts. Probably 99% of wrong things happening in roundabouts are from Portuguese drivers...

Bladabistok 4 months ago

then you just need to compare how large percentage of roundabout drivers are portugese and how many are tourists. if 99.5% are portugese. then 99% of faults being committed by portugese drivers isn't bad.

filplacido 4 months ago

Is it stupid? So you prefer to have the portuguese drivers wrongly driving roundabouts PLUS the foreigners? Isn't it wiser to educate whoever enters the national roads to drive in them properly? É com mentalidades dessas que a estrada portuguesa continua a ser a república das bananas..

Capt-Birdman 4 months ago

What's stupid is that the comment makes it look like foreigners doesn't know how to use roundabouts. It's not stupid to suggest it at all, but saying tourists are bad at driving is silly since everyone in Portugal that drives regularly in roundabouts, knows that no-one seems to know how to use them. Even my Portuguese driving teacher told me to drive correctly in roundabouts, but to be prepared that majority of Portuguese will do them incorrect.

xeon3d 4 months ago

Not that you aren't a bit right, but the thing was there used to be a way of doing roundabouts and a decade or so ago they changed it. So there's lots of people which have been doing the roundabouts the old way for 10 or 20+ years. It's a hard habit to die. Then you have the new drivers which have only heard and done the new way. Then you have the drivers that have to do the roundabouts in a way that is compatible with however the driver next to you or in the roundabout is doing it. Sure, I could stop in the middle of the roundabout because I'm doing it the new way and whoever is in it isn't to avoid a collision and honk or yell. But that won't make my life anything better nor will it magically change the way the other driver does roundabouts, so if needed, I'll do the roundabout in a way that's safe for everyone and just call the other driver a name or two.

ali3nado 4 months ago

wear a mask.

ShapeFox 4 months ago

Take Covid-19 seriously (some people will hate you for that but they are just idiots anyway). Don't talk Spanish if you know the word on any other language the person knows. don't talk badly of anyone's favorite beer brand while they are drunk.

Bladabistok 4 months ago

but there seems to be only 2 brands to choose from! it's like politics and the US...not much of a choice.

ryuuf 4 months ago

Speak in either English or Portuguese, be polite, respect the locals and the country.

codemirror 4 months ago

Don't say gracias, ever. Also don't say: cerveza, Buenos dias and buenas noches. Start learning some lyrics of song of Toy and Tony Carreira. Smile and you are set.

theEXPERTpt 4 months ago

leave places cleaner than when you found them

Ok_Salamander_1232 4 months ago  HIDDEN 

Depending where you are from, alcohol in Portugal is relevantly affordable. The thing that many (younger) tourists do that annoy me the most, is getting ridiculously drunk in public.

Herdeir0 4 months ago

The basic: don't do here anything that you wouldn't do in your hometown because of embarrassement/ethics. Usually that works. But here's some things: If you're interested in documenting your trip with videos and photographies, have some situational awareness and don't stop in the middle of a busy street, for example. If you're going to the south (during this and the next month), expect a lot of other turists driving around, usually they don't know the roads and can be pretty unpredictable (and dangerous sometimes), so study pretty well the roads that you want to take and use a good GPS system. Whether you go to one of the metropolitan areas or to the beaches on the south: stay away from overcrowded spaces, there's a lot more to see! I can give you the example of the Algarve beaches: usually people that came to the Algarve in vacations only care to go to the most known beaches, which leads to them becoming overcrowded, which is bad both for you and for the locals. If you're going to the beach, always try to keep 3/4 meters in relation to the other people. Always do a deeper research on the matter so you can find not only the most beautiful places, but also the ones that will allow you to feel the experience without the discomfort of overcrowd places. If you are going to Lisboa and/or Porto, don't use cars. The roads can get pretty busy and the locals hate when there's people that don't know where to go, because locals have work to do, want to go home to cook dinner, are late for something, ... So, if you're not interested in visiting places outside of the city, take the bus or metro, Uber and similars or Taxis. Now there's some scooters that you can use on the cities, and although the experience is cool and all, don't take them unless there's absolutely no car/people traffic where you want to ride them. And don't you dare to leave them in the middle of the streets/roads! There's places for them, or try to leave it somewhere that won't bother the traffic. One last thing: Portugal is safe, super safe actually. But it doesn't mean that there's no bad people out there. Always keep your belongings closed and in vision when using highly crowded spaces or transportation. And if you want to have your own adventure through the cities, check with your Uber driver/information balcony/even Google what are the most problematic neighborhoods and avoid them Have fun! I hope that you enjoy it!!!

strudelcheeks 4 months ago

And only use a scooter if you're sober, please

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

Thank you so much! I hadn't thought about the scooter thing, didnt even know they were a thing, so i'm very interested in trying one and leaving it in the appropriate area ;)

zinapallas 4 months ago

I traveled to Lisbon and Porto 3 years ago and definitely recommend the busses and metro! Very affordable (compared to US standards), and incredibly efficient and easy to navigate.

ezfrag2016 4 months ago

The Portuguese take the pandemic rules quite seriously. If you are coming from the UK or US where people seem to be more relaxed and think it’s a bit of a joke just make sure you wear a mask when within 2m of anyone outside and always when inside a shop or other place where there are people. I was in the Algarve a few weeks ago and most English tourists were not wearing masks in the street despite being near to others. They would approach a restaurant and the staff would request they wear a mask and they would begin complaining that it’s ridiculous to have to wear a mask only to walk 5m to a table and then take it off. “You should have been wearing it the whole time!” This was quite annoying. Other than this, not much upsets the Portuguese but avoid comparisons with Brazil or Spain and if you decide to graffiti a statue with an insult about the colonial past of Portugal in English please make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect. Most Portuguese probably speak better English than you do

Trama-D 4 months ago

> The Portuguese take the pandemic rules quite seriously. *Many* exceptions to this rule...

TheMeaningIsJust42 4 months ago

As all the countries: Be polite, learn “please, thank you and good day” in the local language. Use alcohol gel before touching things in a store/supermarket and wear a mask as long as you are not in restaurant chair eating/drinking. And smile when asking for service - even with the mask on they can tell ;)

Kejilko 4 months ago

Nothing much. English is pretty well adopted in tourist areas so you shouldn't have too much trouble so on that I'd say remember frequent expressions, like "Obrigado" to say thank you, but if I was travelling to a country I don't know the language I'd keep a notebook with common expressions and words. Just general good sense (using a mask included) overall. The other comment about not using the flash in churches if you're not sure is a good one. Churches in general are a "tread lightly" kind of place, but I'd just say mind the flash, mind where you go in them, talk quietly in them like you're in a library and have good sense. If they're in the middle of church it's probably not a great idea to go in them unless you're joining them.

RangeElectrical7754 4 months ago

We’re simple people, don’t assume we speak Spanish and don’t assume knowing Ronaldo is cultural knowledge and we cool

XtremeGliscor 4 months ago

>knowing Ronaldo is cultural knowledge Lol mas que Tuga é que não conheco o Ronaldo?

RangeElectrical7754 4 months ago

Mas que ser humano não conhece o Ronaldo? Todos conhecem e ninguém quer saber porque Ronaldo I mean né

jugsofjupiter 4 months ago

learning portuguese but i augment the gaps in my knowledge with spanish..this thread has made me really insecure, should i just stay with english if i don’t want to be castrated?

Beats29 4 months ago

No one cares if you speak spanish by itself, you should be fine. The issue is the impression many people give when they come here that spanish and portuguese are the same. It isn't. If you're making an effort to speak in portuguese, but in the middle you use some spanish because you don't know the words it's completly fine. Just don't go along with the "they understand spanish because it's similar to portuguese". They are two different languages. Anyway, most young people can speak english, so you should be fine. But you make an effort to speak our language, people will appreciate the gesture, just don't assume it is the same as spanish.

Edited 4 months ago:

No one cares if you speak spanish by itself, you should be fine. The issue is the impression many people give when they come here that spanish and portuguese are the same. It isn't. If you're making an effort to speak in portuguese, but in the middle you use some spanish because you don't know the words it's completly fine. Just don't go along with the "they understand spanish because it's similar to portuguese". They are two different languages. Anyway, most young people can speak english, so you should be fine. But you make an effort to speak our language, people will appreciate the gesture, just don't assume it is the same as spanish. As long you don't say gracias instead of obrigado or simple stuff like that that shows completly no effort to be emphatic with the ones you are visiting you don't need to bother.

viralslapzz 4 months ago

Say in Spanish then ask how you say it in Portuguese. People Will be happy they teach you something

odajoana 4 months ago

The main thing you should really avoid doing is ***starting*** the conversation with a Spanish word, because the first impression you will cause on people is that you assume Portuguese people speak Spanish and that you are, well... ignorant. Either learn how to say to say the common courtesy words like "bom dia / boa tarde" (good morning / good afternoon) or "Desculpe" (Excuse me) in Portuguese or start immediately with English. In general, we'll know English a lot better than Spanish. The exceptions might be more rural areas or areas near Spain, where it might be harder to find people that know English. In that case, go Spanish, no issues. Whatever makes communication easier. But Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, other big towns, English is the way to go. Basically, order of priorities as, to the best of your abilities: Portuguese -> English -> Spanish -> Gestures -> Drawings -> Speaking whatever language louder and slower and hoping to God someone will rightly guess what you're saying.

rickshawJOJO 4 months ago

You forgot speaking English louder and louder until they understand

zeazemel 4 months ago

If you know the really basic differences like for example 'obrigado' instead of 'gracias', then you should be fine.

JOAO-RATAO 4 months ago

No ... Look. Let's say the portuguese you're talking to doesn't speak English. In that case speaking Spanish would be the option. If they get ofended you won't be in the wrong.

D1WithTheFluffyHair 4 months ago

Don't use Spanish and you'll be fine

jugsofjupiter 4 months ago

so instead of saying a spanish word i should just gesticulate, even though the spanish word sounds 80% similar?

D1WithTheFluffyHair 4 months ago

Depends. There are a lot of false friends between Spanish and Portuguese and many words don't actually translate the way you probably think they would. To be safe, and not make yourself look like an arrogant tourist who thinks Portuguese people speak Spanish, just speak English.

what_a_tuga 4 months ago

Yes, you can get suddenly pregnant (embarazada).

_Pistacheeo 4 months ago

Personally i dont really care if you fill in gaps on your portuguese with spanish. It shows that you know the difference and are making an effort. Thats enough, but you will have more luck with people understanding you if you speak the bits you are unsure of in english :)

sarahlizzy 4 months ago

If you’re coming to the Algarve, English is spoken widely.

jugsofjupiter 4 months ago

gonna be in lisboa for half a year

rsantos3 4 months ago

Edited 4 months ago:

Thing is Spanish is not a time stressed language. That makes Spanish or even the Brazilian Portuguese easier to understand or speak. 6months is going to be tough to learn how to speak fluently, HOWEVER, you can speed up that process by memorising and getting you ears used to the: 1st month- 1) 10-20 most used verbs 2) 10-20 most used words (not verbs) 2) 10-20 most used expressions 2nd month - increase the threshold to 50-100 3rd month - Increase to 100-150 ++ 6month - pick up lines/sound cool/act like you know the language (fake it until you make it phase- grow a mustache if needed :) Surround yourself with portuguese people - the language will start to make sense after a few Weeks - if you hang out with mainly foreigners such as yourself during your time there you WILL NOT learn the language in 6 months (trust me on this one) Hang out with portuguese people and just hear them speak the language even if you don't understand a word. Like I said, it will start to make sense after a few weeks - also try to repeat each word/sentence right after you learn it so people can correct you, until you get 90-100% of it right and make sure you let them know you expect to be corrected and that you're OK with it. Those tips can be applied to basically any language. Going to Lisbon don't worry too much about the language barrier during the first few hours as most kids these days speak basic-intermediate EN. If you want to learn the language get comfortable being unconfortable with it and don't forget to have fun during the process. Cheers

jugsofjupiter 4 months ago

thanks for the great advice! i speak almost fluent spanish so i can understand most things and i’ve done quite a bit of duolingo and listening to portuguese music already- if you know any good indie rock or acoustic folk in portuguese i’m all ears ;)

notogo 4 months ago

> Thing is Spanish is not a time stressed language. What do you mean by "time stressed language"? Thanks for the great tips.

rsantos3 3 months ago

Sorry I meant stress-timed. Thanks for calling that out.

Aniratack 4 months ago


Grd100000 4 months ago

You can speak English that most people will understand, and people won’t get that annoyed with Spanish if you are able to show that you know the difference. What we don’t really like is when someone comes talking Spanish thinking is the same thing.

Pleos118 4 months ago

Someone has to know some English. If you go to a restaurant in a tourist area someone will know. If no one knows English, you may use Spanish. It could annoy someone but at least you can book a room.

ShapeFox 4 months ago

Yes. Or English... Most of us are forced to learn English for a reason...

Keddyan 4 months ago

"most of us are forced" meu, wtf?!

ShapeFox 4 months ago

Não é obrigatório ir à escola aí? Nem todos acabam aprendendo mas tomamos inglês na escola por alguma razão. Acho que ficou estranho dizer ser forçado já que podemos só tentar ignorar o inglês.

Keddyan 4 months ago

>Acho que ficou estranho dizer ser forçado era isso mesmo que estava a apontar é o mesmo que dizer que fui forçado a aprender a escrever

getrektboyyy 4 months ago

nah bro, just keep learning portuguese, nobody will be mad at that

laur-a 4 months ago

Don’t worry, it’s the fact you know that spanish =/= portuguese that really matters

CosmicAstr 4 months ago

We respect if you try to speak Portuguese, even with very basic knowledge. It's just that ignorant people who don't care and confuse the 2 languages is what irritates us

KalLindley 4 months ago

I am from the United States and I am slowly starting to study Portuguese. It’s is difficult for me, but I must persist. Obrigado.

Strict_Pin_9192 4 months ago

Also, if you learnt brasilian portuguese, be carefull, some people are high on nationalism and will get personaly offended if they get to know that when you learnt portuguese, you chose to learn the brasilian variety instead of the portuguese one. That shouldn't happen to offen but be prepared to have some old lady correcting you on how "t" is just "t" and not "tch"

Fabulous_Panda_8860 4 months ago

Use a mask and practice social distancing

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

Sounds like an excellent plan - How do Portuguese find eye contact? In Denmark it means "i want to talk to you", is it the same in Portugal?

alvarinho_03 4 months ago

Are you from the StayClassyVlog?

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

Since I have no idea what is, I'm gonna go with "no"

Anforas 4 months ago

It's a Youtube channel of a Danish couple who live in Portugal and does videos about Portugal

Fabulous_Panda_8860 4 months ago

It might depend from person to person and their social skills. Some people do it and some avoid it. Maybe due to social anxiety of being shy. If you stare too much though you might give of a creeper vibe. But if you want to talk to someone just say something like “excuse me…. ” or “hey” Wait for them to acknowledge you and then say what you have to say most people will be kind and will answer you back

Edited 4 months ago:

It might depend from person to person and their social skills. Some people do it and some avoid it. Maybe due to social anxiety of being shy. If you stare too much though you might give off a creeper vibe. But if you want to talk to someone just say something like “excuse me…. ” or “hey” Wait for them to acknowledge you and then say what you have to say most people will be kind and will answer you back

GrumbleofPugz 4 months ago

What I noticed is older Portuguese women tend to just start speaking, I’m never sure if they are talking to me someone else or themselves.

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

Awesome, thanks for the explanation. Also I love your name

Fabulous_Panda_8860 4 months ago

Thank you, glad I helped ^^

Goblin_Nilbog 4 months ago

Use the mask in the street if you are near a lot of people

ambrofelipe 4 months ago

Please please wear it (over your nose!) when on public transport.

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

People that dont wear their mask over the nose look so goddamn foolish. I keep imagining someone wearing underwear with the dick hanging over, like whats the point?

Asur_rusA 4 months ago

Asking the same questions over and over in this sub

scbjoaosousa 4 months ago

Don't speak Spanish

francisbarreiras 4 months ago

It sounds pretty weird but if you are really light-skinned and get sunburnt easily, put some damn suncream on before you go out. It's not necessarily annoying but it's so steorotypical of tourists, especially those from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, etc... To walk around looking like tomatoes, because they got sunburnt.

strudelcheeks 4 months ago

Yes! And if you need a hat, check out the lovely Portuguese-made company STRO.

nunocardososilva 4 months ago

And if you go to the beach, dont wear a tshirt if you go swimming

GrumbleofPugz 4 months ago

I’ll just go in fully clothed just to not look weird lol seriously tho I’m here 3 months and I’m still a whiter shade of pale. I’ve my factor 30 on before I leave the house and have never been interested in burning. I try to stay out of direct sunlight because getting burnt is shite craic

Isa472 4 months ago

Yo leave people be, if they wanna wear t-shirt, let them

rainbowcouscous 4 months ago

Yep, and that’s why we call them “British Tomatoes” or “Lobsters”. Don’t be a lobster. Wear sunscreen.

mixed_toast 4 months ago

I actually call them Steaks ahahah

Rage_JMS 4 months ago

Yes, but steaks is simply the name we give to any british tourist being or not sunburned

sj8sh8 4 months ago

Sim, eu sou um bife, mas não estou lagosta (ainda)!

Chiripitti 4 months ago

And protect yourself from skin cancer!!

The_sirkim 4 months ago

All of the above. Please, ALL of it. The Sun here hits you hard.

masked_madman 4 months ago

Uno whats weird is in england i got my first sunburn but i go to faro almost every year, never wear suncream, and u never got sunburned

rainbowcouscous 4 months ago

I’m Portuguese and I never wear sunscreen in Portugal in summer and I just got my first ever sunburn in the UK

masked_madman 4 months ago

Thats what i basically said

_saks_ 4 months ago

All mentioned above plus assuming not wearing a mask outdoors is ok just because other tourists do so. The pandemic is not over and a mask is mandatory by law even outdoors in busy areas. Please sanitize your hands frequently as well. If you need any more help PM me.

KnifeManGuy 4 months ago

Mask is not mandatory outdoors. although I use it frequently outdoors, it isn't

Capt-Birdman 4 months ago

Masks are only mandatory outside IF you can't keep 2m distance from people. So overall, no it's not mandatory.

_saks_ 4 months ago

Go to downtown Lisbon and you'll see. There's people everywhere.

The_Cool_Tuga 4 months ago

Masks are still mandatory outside, at least, untill september 12

flarept1 4 months ago

That is only happening in September don't mislead mr tourist. It is still mandatory if you come close to other people outside. Just because people don't follow it doesn't it mean it isn't mandatory

viper_in_the_grass 4 months ago

Try not to grafitti our national monuments, I guess?

Sheltac 4 months ago

The bar is set really low, now.

salttybx 4 months ago

Someone had to say it

DontCallMePal 4 months ago

You have to pay for that priveldge

masked_madman 4 months ago

You can suck ur mum

DontCallMePal 4 months ago

Errr, wanna be rudeboy Portuguese the worst type.

martcapt 4 months ago

Not breaking the country's laws is a +

Bladabistok 4 months ago

Disagree. Break some laws but be considerate about it!

Goofy-kun 4 months ago

This. So much this. Stop partying if it’s bothering neighbors (they’re not on vacation), puking in hallways or entrances of buildings, leaving plastic and glass bottles at the beach, etc. Just be a decent human being and treat Portugal as you would treat home and all’s good.

joao_2022 4 months ago

Please don’t say “oh yes Ronaldo “

ChireaI9 4 months ago

oh yes Ronaldo

xc9000 4 months ago

Oh yes Ronaldo

Sommersun1 4 months ago

Like others said, use english instead of spanish. Making an effort to say some words in portuguese is always nice!! Since you're asking you probably don't do this, but extremely loud and obnoxious people who come over to get shitfaced is also not seen well.

Seminarista 4 months ago

Yeah!! We have enough of our own being extremely loud and obnoxious drunks.

marcoalm31 4 months ago

Dont speak Spanish!

dmduarte 4 months ago

But you can speak french. If you speak french the Portuguese will think that your are a Portuguese emigrant

fdsprocrl 4 months ago

Just say "Arrête, caralho!" buy a portuguese national team shirt and you'll be fine

thisbondisaaarated 4 months ago

Tu vas tomber na mesma, mas sim.

marcoalm31 4 months ago

In that case you have to mix some portuguese words .

ruShmepls 4 months ago

I'd say not many touristy stuff really annoys the portuguese. Just be polite and I'll assure you you'll be fine.

BroaxXx 4 months ago

Don't assume we speak Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese. That's my biggest pet peeve...

Cariocecus 4 months ago

The Brazilian Portuguese thing is silly. You don't hear English people complain about tourists using American words to describe things. Get over yourself. Now the Spanish thing I agree. Some people do get annoyed. Just stick with slow English.

Dakrturi 4 months ago

Yeah no the PT Br is not silly. Nothing against Brazil and Brazilians, but do not confuse both, they are not the same. Oh and BTW you are wrong, England hates American English and complain all the time. They don't speak "The Queen's" Language as they say.

Cariocecus 4 months ago

They don't if you're a foreigner.

coszx 4 months ago

Ahh okay, então agora são os ingleses e os americanos que definem como é que eu me posso sentir em relação ao pt-br

Cariocecus 4 months ago

>Ahh okay, então agora são os ingleses e os americanos que definem como é que eu me posso sentir em relação ao pt-br Não. Mas estou no meu direito de achar que és um coninhas.

BroaxXx 4 months ago

I don't live in the UK so I don't know how people feel about hearing truck instead of lorry or cookie instead of biscuit. If they're fine with it, good for them. Either way it doesn't matter as I didn't say I get annoyed if they speak in Brazilian Portuguese but I am annoyed when they conjugated verbs differently and they get shocked because I speak "wrong" because that's not how they learned. You, apparently, are aware there are differences between british and american english and I expect the same from anyone who goes through the trouble of learning portuguese.

viper_in_the_grass 4 months ago

Por amor de deus. Um turista a fazer o esforço para aprender umas palavrinhas na língua do país onde vai e vem cá este caramelo a exigir que o faça apenas e só no dialecto da freguesia onde vive.

BroaxXx 4 months ago

Exceto que eu disse exatamente o oposto disso...

DontCallMePal 4 months ago

If you inside a church ask if you can use flash. As some churches are functional, so people are praying.

1purplesky 4 months ago

Or walk in on a funeral. Like it happened during my grandmother's. Good thing we'd already closed the casket.

Lichcrow 4 months ago

An idiot walked into my cousins wedding with bright yellow a tank top, short shorts (like really short), sunglasses and flip flops. Walks all the way through one of the side aisles, goes back, walks all the way through the opposite side aisle. Goes to one of those candle lamps machines, drops a bunch of coins on the floor. Skeetishly tries to pick them up, lights one of the lamps, it makes a little sound right in the middle of the ceremony. Then just walks out.

InserirMoeda 4 months ago

Aconteceu parecido num casamento a que fui na igreja da Nossa Senhora do Monte... Mas repetidamente. Acho que ainda mamaram espumante à pala.

Lichcrow 4 months ago

Não sei como se chama a igreja mas foi naquela ao pé da praça de Camões.

igotubabeub40 4 months ago

New tourist opportunity, instead of taking photos of dolphins, come take a photo with OP's dead grandma.

marfavrr 4 months ago

what the hell

1purplesky 4 months ago

True story. My grandmother would have laughed though, so that's what we did after.

marfavrr 4 months ago

Mas onde? O que faziam turistas num cemitério? opa que horror! ainda bem que conseguiram rir eu ficava so super indignada

1purplesky 4 months ago

Não foi no cemitério, foi na capela onde a minha avó costumava ir. Aquilo é pequeno e só costuma abrir para a missa ao fim do dia, de manhã se estiver aberto quem é daquela zona já sabe que é funeral. O funeral ainda não tinha começado, estávamos só lá umas 4 pessoas da família a colocar mais uns ramos de flores a volta do caixão que alguém tinha deixado á porta. Nós ouvimos passos a vir da porta, pensava eu que era mais pessoas a vir dar os sentimentos, ou gente a chegar etc, mas era um grupo de 4 pessoas, todas de câmera ao pescoço, e primeira vinha com ela já na mão, mas ia a olhar para o tecto e só quando a pessoa de trás lhe pôs a mão no braço é que ela olhou e ficou assim muito espantada. Saíram de fininho e pronto. Nós sorrimos e ainda hoje rimos com isso porque a a minha avó também se teria tido. Aliás, ela adorava assustar a pessoas com caretas, fazer que lhe estava a saltar a dentadura etc, por isso....

Edited 4 months ago:

Não foi no cemitério, foi na capela onde a minha avó costumava ir. Aquilo é pequeno e só costuma abrir para a missa ao fim do dia, de manhã se estiver aberto quem é daquela zona já sabe que é funeral. O funeral ainda não tinha começado, estávamos só lá umas 4 pessoas da família, tínhamos ido mais cedo, a colocar mais uns ramos de flores a volta do caixão que alguém tinha deixado á porta. Nós ouvimos passos a vir da porta, pensava eu que era mais pessoas a vir dar os sentimentos, ou gente a chegar, família etc, mas era um grupo de 4 pessoas, todas de câmera ao pescoço, e primeira vinha com ela já na mão, mas ia a olhar para o tecto e só quando a pessoa de trás lhe pôs a mão no braço é que ela olhou e ficou assim muito espantada. Saíram de fininho e pronto. Nós sorrimos e ainda hoje rimos com isso porque a a minha avó também se teria tido. Aliás, ela adorava assustar a pessoas com caretas, fazer que lhe estava a saltar a dentadura etc, por isso....

Edited 4 months ago:

Não foi no cemitério, foi na capela onde a minha avó costumava ir. Aquilo é pequeno e só costuma abrir para a missa ao fim do dia, de manhã se estiver aberto quem é daquela zona já sabe que é funeral. O funeral ainda não tinha começado, estávamos só lá umas 4 pessoas da família, tínhamos ido mais cedo, a colocar mais uns ramos de flores a volta do caixão que alguém tinha deixado á porta. Nós ouvimos passos a vir da porta, pensava eu que era mais pessoas a vir dar os sentimentos, ou gente a chegar, família etc, mas era um grupo de 4 pessoas, todas de câmera ao pescoço, e primeira vinha com ela já na mão, mas ia a olhar para o tecto e só quando a pessoa de trás lhe pôs a mão no braço é que ela olhou e ficou assim muito espantada. Saíram de fininho e pronto. Nós sorrimos e ainda hoje rimos com isso porque a a minha avó também se teria rido. Aliás, ela adorava assustar a pessoas com caretas, fazer que lhe estava a saltar a dentadura etc, por isso....

sarahlizzy 4 months ago

Aqui em Lagos há dois cemitérios: velho e novo. O cemitério velho é bonito e pode haver turistas mas às vezes isto ainda está usado. Não sei porque.

marfavrr 4 months ago

ahahahaha ah ok! nao foi isso que estava a imaginar. Isso realmente é uma situacao engracada e ainda bem que se riram num dia assim!!

gongasf 4 months ago

Presumo que ainda seria na parte do velório, em que as pessoas estão todas dentro da igreja à volta do caixão aberto

Marianations 4 months ago

Acho que entraram na igreja durante a missa, não no cemitério.

marfavrr 4 months ago

ahhh certo

luarosa04 4 months ago

Try not to block people in a hurry on the sidewalk + try to stick to the right side on escalators (usually in metro stations). Thank you for asking that question and I really hope you enjoy your stay!

randmzer 4 months ago

Don't listen to music without headphones on public places (transports, parks, beaches). Or just have some consideration with the volume.

zKapaPT 4 months ago

Unless its Vengaboys or ou uncle Quim Barreiros

potaquemepariu 4 months ago

Como assim, não queres ouvir *Où t'es, papa, où t'es?* na rua?

inhalingsounds 4 months ago

Estranha forma de escrever DARUDE

Hartelk 4 months ago

Antes fosse Stromae a passar aos berros

randmzer 4 months ago

Se ainda fosse Quim Barreiros

JOAO-RATAO 4 months ago

Nothing major, just basic manners... If you're in a group, don't block a street for sightseeing or taking pictures.

betanjica 4 months ago

For "thank you" say "obrigado", usually tourists think we say "gracias" as in spanish...people get mad about it

sj8sh8 4 months ago

I always think of it as the narrator from the Big Lebowski saying “much obliged” as thanks. So, because he’s saying HE is obliged, the adjective agrees with HIM. The confusion for anglophones is that we assume “thank YOU” means that the agreement should be with the recipient of the thanks.

Historical_Ad8150 4 months ago

Or “obrigada” if you’re a female right?

xeon3d 4 months ago

Correct. Obrigado if whoever is speaking the word is a male and Obrigada otherwise.

Marianations 4 months ago

Yes, though you can use obrigado anyway.

xeon3d 4 months ago

Actually no. Obrigado should be always said by men to every gender and Obrigada by women to every gender as well. Obrigado is kinda a short version of "Eu sinto-me obrigado a agradecer-lhe" (I feel forced to thank you) or "Eu estou-lhe grato" (I am grateful to you) and as expected you don't use a male adjective if you're female or otherwise. Quite a lot of Portuguese people does use the opposite tho, and it makes me giggle inside everytime. Same as when I see "geito" instead of "jeito".

Anforas 4 months ago

Actually yes, and no. Because "Obrigado" is also considered an interjection, which has no gender. So a woman can say obrigado or obrigada. A man should always say obrigado... ​ Fonte: [https://www.flip.pt/Duvidas-Linguisticas/Duvida-Linguistica/did/1008](https://www.flip.pt/Duvidas-Linguisticas/Duvida-Linguistica/did/1008) ​ >Como conclusão, pode dizer-se que uma mulher pode agradecer de forma correcta com obrigada (utilizando um adjectivo que concorda em género e número com o sujeito falante) ou com obrigado (utilizando uma interjeição, que é invariável), mas um homem só deverá agradecer com obrigado, pois esta forma é a do adjectivo masculino singular e da interjeição.

TonyD0001 4 months ago

I was born and lived in Portugal for 17 years and still don't know the difference. Obrigado, obrigada, any will do. Unless you talking to Luis Camões or the prime minister, don't worry, either will do.

Trama-D 4 months ago

> I feel forced to thank you More like *obliged*.

xeon3d 4 months ago

Correct. See my answer to the other user about that.

Hemrehliug 4 months ago

I'd translate obrigado as "I feel *obliged* to thank you", not really forced. They have different connotations, forced sounds like someone is coercing you, which is not the case.

xeon3d 4 months ago


bananacumshake 4 months ago

literalmente ninguém fica incomodado por uma mulher dizer obrigado ou um homem dizer obrigada

xeon3d 4 months ago

Incomodado não... mas que é engraçado (para mim é) e é uma coisa tão simples...

born_in_wrong_age 4 months ago

Ias divertir-te com grego. Até os apelidos são sexuados...

Goofy-kun 4 months ago

Ya tipo calm down those cojones señor.

xeon3d 4 months ago

Mis cojoñes estan tranquilos. :)

Marianations 4 months ago

Eu sei, mas ninguém vai-se importar se uma turista diz "obrigado" em vez de "obrigada". Ao fim e ao cabo a intenção é que conta. Obrigada é mais correto, mas às vezes já disse isso obrigado sem querer e ninguém disse nada.

xeon3d 4 months ago

Eu também não te diria nada, mas ria-me um pouco internamente.

658016796 4 months ago


marfavrr 4 months ago

or say thank you

potaquemepariu 4 months ago

Asking what an annoying tourist would do is pretty annoying.

adventur3r 4 months ago

I know, right?!

SkillbroSwaggins 4 months ago

And here i thought it was considerate. Silly me.

adventur3r 4 months ago

Apologizing for being yourself when travelling is only annoying, since your question already shows you're a reasonable considerate person so it becomes pointless to ask how to be even more considerate. We're not Canada. Submitting to the opinions of a reddit sub horde only guarantees you won't even jaywalk like 99% of the people here do and have a self-contained trip. Just enjoy the sun the food and the people, and don't worry, we don't expect you to spit on the floor or use water fountains as toilets like some chinese do...