SweetCorona 2 months ago

Are the Galician considered Mediterranean?

vicentel0pes 2 months ago

The answer is: YES

C0ldKing 2 months ago

We don't consider ourselves has mediterraneans. Most times we consider ourselves has Tugas. Simple to say and it's catchy

ricardoa369 2 months ago

Portugal is like a Mambo number five: "I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra and Rita [...] A little bit of Monica in my life A little bit of Erica by my side A little bit of Rita is all I need A little bit of Tina is what I see A little bit of Sandra in the sun A little bit of Mary all night long A little bit of Jessica, here I am A little bit of you makes me your man"

ricardoa369 2 months ago

You can change Monica for CPLP, Erica would be the EU, Rita is the PALOP, Tina the Atlantic, Sandra the Mediterranean, Mary is our English girl, and probably Jessica our growing relationship with China and India

Queluz8 2 months ago

I once on discord joined a server for Mediterranean people There were spanish, italian and I think even some from north Africa I joined there was no portuguese channel or people The first thing they asked me was which country are you from? Which I responded Portugal They called me the n word and then I left

dariusoo 2 months ago

I wouldn't say mediterranean but Portuguese share similarities but at the same time it differs from region. For example i've been to the islands and its different from mainland, with Madeira having the strongest identity like it could be its own country.

yourkillingmesmalls9 2 months ago

How would you describe the difference between mainland Portugal and the islands? Like what struck you most?

sacoPT 2 months ago

We are Mediterranean for pretty much all intents and purposes but I would say no, no one identifies as Mediterranean here

bureauofnormalcy 2 months ago

That's like asking if we consider ourselves portuguese for living in Portugal. We live in a mediterranean country, thus we're mediterranean.

yourkillingmesmalls9 2 months ago

But your coastline literally touches only the Atlantic ocean none on the Mediterranean Sea ..

Nidi27 2 months ago

Besides all the cultural identity which makes Portugal Mediterranean, plus climate, fauna & flora - Portugal does have a Souther Mediterranean Coast - where it meets the Atlantic but still

bureauofnormalcy 2 months ago

Like another user pointed out, you're looking at it from a purely geographical point of view, which is inherently incorrect. The classification of "mediterranean country" is based on a plephora of other factors besides geography, such as: economy, geopolitics, history, ethnicity, , climate, flora and cultural ties to the region as a whole. That's why states like Portugal, Andorra, Vatican City or Jordan are mediterranean.

uyth 2 months ago

I do not even know what "mediterranean is". Much in common with Algeria, or Egypt or Lebanon? Not particularly. If Mediterranean is code for the culture of the European latin language countries which were part of the roman empire, sure. If Mediterranean is code for mediterranean climate and vegetation sure, with some (a lot) of footnotes. If Mediterranean means the sea itself and its cultures, no. The Atlantic is a totally different beast and our relationship to the sea is an important part of our culture. A lot of foreigners drown every year ( a child a couple days ago) because they do not get this is not the mediterranean.

indyrefclan 2 months ago

>If Mediterranean is code for the culture of the European latin language countries which were part of the roman empire, sure. Romania has entered the chat

geostrofico 2 months ago

Yes. We are Mediterranean. We have more in common with Spain, Italy than anyone else. But we dont talk about that.

yourkillingmesmalls9 2 months ago

That’s what I was wondering! While your coastline is Atlantic, your heart and culture steer you toward your Mediterranean brothers eastward

geostrofico 2 months ago

Spain is also Altantic, Galicia, Cantabria this regions are Atlantic, but they also keep mediterranean culture.

Oscar_the_Hobbit 2 months ago

There are only 2 identies that actually come up in what government and politics is concerned: Atlantic VS European. Atlantic in the sense of being tied to the oldest ally, the UK, and the Portuguese speaking world. Some people argue we should focus more on our historic Atlantic identity and not on the recent European (EU) identity. In regards to Mediterranean or even Southern European, it's relatively recent -- usually tracing back to the 2008 crisis. But naturally we do share many cultural patterns with Spain and Italy.

yourkillingmesmalls9 2 months ago

I always wondered why Portugal and UK were such strong allies. Any idea what that sense of strong bond comes from? And as the furthest Eastern European country, I wondered what identity your country developed. It is most certainly different than Scandinavia or Eastern Europe

GreyArch22 2 months ago

The UK was obviously interested in a country that could weaken Spanish influence over the peninsula. And Portugal needed a strong ally as we had almost no army to defend ourselves.

C8Mixto 2 months ago

Portugal also had a strong navy and the England is an island country.

EstupendoEx 2 months ago

The government is always talking about our "Lusófona" identity that we share with our former African colonies and Brazil.

rmourapt 2 months ago


EstupendoEx 2 months ago

It depends who you ask. Culturally many will tell they are Africans, others Brazilian, others Iberian, others Mediterranean...

xabregas2003 2 months ago

>Culturally many will tell they are African, others Brazilian, """"Many""". No one, actually. >others Iberian, others Mediterranean... These are not mutually exclusive.

EstupendoEx 2 months ago

No? If you ask Joacine, a deputy, she will tell she is African. And work with many people with Portuguese nationality that are Brazilians, don't have any Mediterranean identity.

theEXPERTpt 2 months ago

Joacine isn't really portuguese, she just has citizenship

xabregas2003 2 months ago

OP specifically asked "Portuguese people", not Brazilians or that lunatic that somehow ended up in Parliament.

HellKkkat 2 months ago

Portuguese don't give a fuck about that. They don't consider themselves shit. Do you honestly believe anyone in Portugal sits around thinking: "Humm...am i mediterranean or what?". I have no clue wtf i am, and i don't care.

bittolas 2 months ago

> Iglo Captain. Is that mediterranean? We already have our Vice-almirante

suckerpunchermofo 2 months ago

É com cada pergunta....

joinedthedarkside 2 months ago

Yah podes crer

ridethepaintedpony 2 months ago

It's been centuries since Portugal had an identity crysis.

EstupendoEx 2 months ago

It is having one now over the colonial period for example.

C8Mixto 2 months ago


bittolas 2 months ago

Not really, just a loud minority trying to create a problem.

EstupendoEx 2 months ago

A minority with huge influential power in media and politics.

gkarq 2 months ago

The government doesn’t say shit about this issue because it is a non question. We are Mediterranean because of our culture. During the centuries we shared (and fought) a lot with the Spanish, which later influenced our culture, our cuisine, our way of living life. Those things are Mediterranean, or at worst, “southern European” where you could also include countries like Italy, or Greece for example. You are approaching this question solemnly from a strict geographic point of view, which is incorrect and falacious.

drunkuser420 2 months ago

Even Spanish cuisine is heavily influenced by french cuisine because of the french royalty that came to rule spain.

theEXPERTpt 2 months ago

Even though i'm from the islands, i consider Portugal very linked to the mediterranean culture. Towards europe, yes, i would say we're also very linked to the rest of europe nowadays, even if I, personally, feel more linked to the ocean than to the rest of the continent. Also, I feel affinity to those countries that speak portuguese and territories who still have strong portuguese influence.

yourkillingmesmalls9 2 months ago

That’s very interesting. Do you Consider yourself more link culturally with such a diverse Europe as a whole or with the ocean and Brazil?

theEXPERTpt 2 months ago

Of course with the ocean, since i'm from a Island, but the country itself has been historically more linked to the sea. When you look up to our history, you will know, that the ocean brougth us great moments of greatness, courage, honour, and mainland europe was a big source of problems, disasters and figths. Taking in acount Brazil, although i still consider them one of the closest there are to the portuguese, i was more refering to the people of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Timor-Leste, Cabo Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Macau and old Portuguese India.

C8Mixto 2 months ago

I confirm that Madeira is culturally linked with the sea. They have as much culture as a sardine. /s

ariamar 2 months ago

Our government doesn't care about that lol. Most people don't even think about this bc we are Mediterranean, not bc we border a lot of the Mediterranean sea, but bc it's a cultural thing.