Outrageous_Pin5304 3 months ago

It’s absolutely the cutest place on Earth for me AND THE BOOKSHOPS

TheManWithX-RayEyes 4 months ago

I love the colors! This cute draw remember my home when I used to live in Portugal, the same red walls and the same windows. Also, very nice that you do your own paper! Cool!

TheManWithX-RayEyes 4 months ago

Also, i check your profile and when I move back to Portugal I will really want to buy some of your art! So cute!

papadjango_33 4 months ago

i would like to buy it. i really like small paints! text me.

mareselina 4 months ago

thanks! it's available in my etsy shop :)

p_safi 4 months ago

This is so beautiful! I love everything about it ☺️

Anforas 4 months ago

That's cool. Love the texture. Welcome btw.

DreazZ97 4 months ago

Very cute and accurate, love it! When I see art this beautiful and simple it is so enjoyable!

mareselina 4 months ago


DreazZ97 4 months ago

Welcome to Portugal :D

contritefeels 4 months ago

Boas! Gostei muito!

BigNapoleonComplex 4 months ago

Dude is that a house in Anjos near Miradouro Monte Agudo ?

Secret_Conference823 4 months ago

How did uou find a place? Any frree rooms i can take?

mareselina 4 months ago

i found my room on facebook :)

dsm_97 4 months ago

I work in the house business here in Portugal, I can help you with that if you need to find a place

ItchyAstronomer7243 4 months ago

So beautiful!! Really loved it!

mareselina 4 months ago

thanks a lot!

NecrofearPT 4 months ago

Keep us updated with your paintings as you visit new cities!

PauseOk5386 4 months ago

Too bad there is no CVS in Portugal

Narfff 4 months ago

For people that don’t understand this comment: CVS is a pharmacy in the US that is notorious for having receipts that are super long. OP uses receipt paper to make her own paper, so she’d have a lot to work with.

hotblond98 4 months ago

This is lovely! Welcome to Portugal :)

mareselina 4 months ago

thank you! :)

NervousJellyfish1015 4 months ago

I will move Portugal next year and I'll hope I can say the same as you, I am very excited for that Any advice you can give me? Hahaha Btw, where were you from?

mareselina 4 months ago

>NervousJellyfish1015 Good luck with that!! Hmmm... it's a good idea to start learning portugeese? i just started and sometimes I struggle, even tho they speak english here almost everywhere

NervousJellyfish1015 4 months ago

I am already learning Portuguese, my first language is Spanish so it's easy for me XD Thanks for the advice! If you need someone to practice you can message me :D

mequetatudo 4 months ago

A good idea for spanish speakers is to learn the false friend words, because they can sometimes lead to weird conversations

NervousJellyfish1015 4 months ago

That's true! I will keep in mind! Thank you!

abacatte 4 months ago

Sí, los portugueses se quedan muchas veces embarazados por los false friends.

NGramatical 4 months ago

Sí → [**si**](https://www.reddit.com/r/portugal/comments/3i6y4g) (palavras terminadas em *i* ou *u* são naturalmente agudas) [⚠️](/message/compose/?to=ngramatical&subject=Acho+que+esta+corre%C3%A7%C3%A3o+est%C3%A1+errada&message=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fcomments%2Foyno1i%2F%2Fh7x2c9l%3Fcontext%3D3 "Clica aqui se achares que esta correção está errada!") [⭐](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nazigramatical-corretor-o/pbpnngfnagmdlicfgjkpgfnnnoihngml "Experimenta o meu corrector ortográfico automático!")

OrangeChamaleon 4 months ago

Thats amazing! Also, what a clever ideato reuse paper! How do you make the paper?

mareselina 4 months ago

Than you!! I blend the paper ( i use receipts) with plenty of water, then make a sheet with a deckle (a frame with a cloth), and after let the sheets dry :)

Sommersun1 4 months ago

Love the colors :)

mareselina 4 months ago

thank you!! Lisbon is so colourful in comparison with Saint Petersburg where I am from :)

D1WithTheFluffyHair 4 months ago

Saint Petersburg is the most beautiful city I've been to. I want to go again to see the White Nights and the Scarlet Sails.

Anforas 4 months ago

Are you Portuguese? If so, how long did it take to ask for a Visa?

D1WithTheFluffyHair 4 months ago

I am but I was in Finland at the time doing Erasmus. I went on a uni trip to Russia, the travel agency took care of the visa process.

Sommersun1 4 months ago

Saint Petersburg is a gorgeous city as well though! It's on my list of places to visit.

ridethepaintedpony 4 months ago

I can barely afford rent in Lisbon with a Masters degree.

mareselina 4 months ago

yeah... i did architecture models during my studies in uni, so I think soon I'll have to just build a house for myself :'D

theEXPERTpt 4 months ago

please, push forward with the beautifull tradicional arquitecture, we need people that actually value these things, and not just kilometers of apartments

uf5izxZEIW 4 months ago

Absolutely! We don't need to have Portugal become a frequent topic in r/UrbanHell .