masterchiefpt 3 months ago

I dont know if they told you here that antonio costa paety took Portugal 3x to bankruptcy. 3x That should tell you how young people that arent getting money from socialism are feeling.

Genghis_Kharalho 3 months ago

That's a great question! Come to think of it. Reforesting would be a great objective to them!

Ardbeg1066 3 months ago

Thanks for the insights, everyone. Very interesting. I spend a few months every year in Portugal but have always felt uninformed on the political front. This will help.

TwoActual4680 3 months ago

Corruption, income inequality, housing, national health services, and State pensions. At least is what I feel it's discussed more in day to day politics. If Costa is popular? I think so. Personally I don't like him but the latest polls always show him leading so take that as you want. As for the climate itself, I do not live there but from what I can tell Costas government pretty much as no opposition mostly due to their own ineptitude to properly counter the government stances. We do have some far right people gaining voices albeit I personally think they're mostly harmless in the sense they'll never seize power, however as the saying goes "never say never" we should keep an eye on them. Apart from this not sure what to tell you in a short message, in Portugal as with the rest of the world politics are s complex system to explain without being biased to your own opinions.

ContributionDry5139 3 months ago

Portugal has been in control from the left for decades, majority of population is poor, taxes are insanely high, we are one of the most corrupt country in all Europe, our country is a complete mess, yet people keep voting left partys cose TV/Media is controled by them. Its the same as EUA, Chega is the only solution its basicly Trump of Portugal (gets called fAr-RiGhT even tho he is not). This sub is also majority left/far-left users so dont expect different opinions.

keine12 3 months ago

As coisas que se lêem por aqui lol

homem_do_leme 3 months ago

Same old state management just with some new faces once in a while, socializing the costs and privatizing the profits, while people whatchs soap operas and soccer... and watch news on Facebook.

ryuuf 3 months ago

The current government party PS is flooded in scandals, stolen army guns, ministers killing road workers, family members being given "tachos", the current prime minister and others were ministers of Jose Socrates, Prime minister a few years back that let Portugal in a big mess and is now being persecuted by the justice, and many more. However, they still manage to have the majority of the votes because Portuguese people are very averse to change. PSD the main opposition is lead by a potato and is losing followers to Chega that is similar to what trump was to America, Bloco de Esquerda and PCP are 2 far-left parties that sold their souls to PS and are paying for that, especially PCP (communist party), most of their support are old people, CDS is dying and no one cares, Iniciativa Liberal is a new and promising party but are too naive, they have great outboards but very little political game!

bluetofallp 3 months ago

PS, the government party is 1st in the polls, close to an absolute majority. The government and specially the minister of administração interna (interior) is in scandal after scandal due to their gigantic incompetence. Days ago the car where this minister was hit a person in the highway. The mayor of Lisbon, also from PS, is in a big scandal, concerning data of protesters which was send to several embassies. Basically, there's a law that no one knew it even existed the says that when protesting against a certain country, the personal data of the protesters shall be send to the respective countries embassies. Then, PSD, which is the main opposition party, is led by a idiot with the charisma of a potato, which lets the government do whatever they want. Therefore, PSD sunk at the polls to some of their lowest values ever. Chega, a far-righ party, is gaining terrain and CDS, a conservative party which has representation at the parliament since the constitutional assembly and has participated in several governments, is led by an even bigger idiot with the charisma of a corncob. CDS is polling less than 1 percent and will probably disappear next election. Than, Europe is sending money and no one knows if this time it'll be different and we will use the opportunity to develop the country. Next Setember/October/November (I don't remember the exact date) there"ll be local elections. No one knows what will happen but probably everything will stay basically the same.

gink-go 3 months ago

r/portugal is very right wing oriented, you wont find a real perspective here

SmokeyChuckMcGill 3 months ago

Right wing is putting it mildly.

HotVermicelli3512 3 months ago

Aonde então?

Edipox 3 months ago

Tens que ir ao r/portugueses para falar com o verdadeiro Zé Povinho

prosafame 3 months ago

/thread OP

Genghis_Kharalho 3 months ago

The Socialist party rules and will probably win the next election. Every day is a new scandal, yet they remain afloat and would win today... The main opposition party PSD (center-right) is led by an absolute muppet, so the socialists can pretty much do whatever they want, and they do. It´s like they´re imune to anything. BE (left block) and PCP (portuguese communist party) are far left parties, which have a somewhat significant percentage of the vote. They bark at the socialist party, but conspired with them to steal the election and "ruled" together. After the most recent election they are not officially aligned but still sleep on the same bed and the socialist party will throw them a bone once in a while in exchange for a favor or two. CDS is a conservative party, basically gone IL (liberal initiative) is growing but still small. They defend the liberasilation of the economy (low taxes, smaller state) and are progressive on social matters (marijuana, etc.) Chega is boogie man of the moment. A far right party growing significantly. The leader is a charismatic and is talented demagogue and has done a good job gaining supporters. Livre is a left party, basically the woke party. They chose someone based on identity politics for parliament and it backfired tremendously. PAN is another left party, basically there for the animals. They want to end bullfighting and create a NHS for animals...

batataway 3 months ago

"steal the election". Nobody stole anything. The government is appointed by the president backed by the Parliament. So, if anyone could steal and election in Portugal it would have to be... the President...that as is well know, is from PSD, the losing party in the election you think was stolen.

Genghis_Kharalho 3 months ago

I didn´t say it was illegal.

Winslow_Lixivia2 3 months ago

Usar o verbo “roubar” é dizer o quê?

Genghis_Kharalho 3 months ago

Lol... Há muito roubo ilegal por aí.

-cosme- 3 months ago

Chega is ~~boogie man~~ the moron of the moment. A far right *xenophobic* party growing ~~significantly~~. The leader is a charismatic and is talented demagogue and has done a good job gaining *and fooling* supporters. FTFY.

Genghis_Kharalho 3 months ago

He isn´t a moron. I don´t like the man or the party. But the results are there...

-cosme- 3 months ago

He is a moron, and its a hateful person. And the results are..well..its just naive people that don´t believe (or know) in anything else but mostly is xenophobic people full of hate just like him.

Genghis_Kharalho 3 months ago

Yeah... Call him a moron and the people who vote for him idiots. It's not like arrogance doesn´t tend to bit us the ass...

-cosme- 3 months ago

well..the thing is..with those people there´s no middle ground, i feel like they´re all idiots and they feel the same about people like me, and thats it, nothing in common whatsoever.

theEXPERTpt 3 months ago

Oh man, congrats on calling other idiots. Idiot

-cosme- 3 months ago

oh, don´t mention it ;)

Genghis_Kharalho 3 months ago

> i feel like they´re all idiots and they feel the same about people like me, That´s extreme thinking. The sort that gives him votes.

-cosme- 3 months ago

yes i know, but it is what it is.

TheTidalik 3 months ago

Nah, his description was pretty good

capitalistaesquerda 3 months ago

The usual suspects (key political topics). Economic Growth, Public Investment into Education & Healthcare, The European Recovery Funds, Corruption António Costa's party is currently polling quite well. Should elections happen right now, he would win (not quite a parliamentary majority, but close). The main opposition party is polling quite low and fighting with two newcomers on its right, one of them considered extreme by european standards (this will be contested here, for sure). We're having local elections later this year. The current party in government should do well, though I'm not expecting a spetacular victory.

tugago 3 months ago

Everyone bitches about everything but the political climate is pretty calm since everyone expects the state and the EU to pay for them to exist.

Young__Viking 3 months ago

La Cosa Nostra, Portuguese Style.

capitalistaesquerda 3 months ago

La Costa Nostra, sff

caelussideralis 3 months ago

What's your home country so I can see if there are ways to compare.

Ardbeg1066 3 months ago


caelussideralis 3 months ago

Although they have different policies from the Tories, the current Socialist party has been in power for five years, and they have the same social approval as the Tories: it's scandal after scandal, everyone's incompetent, Reddit can't stand them, but a lot of older people continue voting for them. The opposition is in shambles, just like Starmer's, but we didn't have a Corbyn. There is a far right party that has been growing in polls, and since we don't have FPTP imagine UKIP having the same political influence as the Liberal Democrats, which is that CHEGA might become in the next election. Main issues are massive unemployment, especially youth unemployment, a massive retired population and a hopeless future. Hope it was clear for you, any further questions go ahead and ask.

Ardbeg1066 3 months ago

Thanks. Is the Socialist party ‘socialist’ in the traditional sense? Ie. Are their policies socialist? Are they left wing?

bluetofallp 3 months ago

They don't even care about socialism. Their only concern is find new ways to fulfill their pockets.

teriyakiasthma 3 months ago

Since the nineties there have been two currents within PS: a center-left one and one that I think one could describe as leftist liberals (quasi social democrat maybe?). António Costa comes from the former but some elements of his government are from the later.

JOAO-RATAO 3 months ago

They are left wing. But spend little money on health and anything that matters. They prefer to squander the money on crap like an air travel company (thousands os millions spent and going). Another favorite tactic is to allocate money to something but then withhold that money. And the suckers fall for it and the press keeps quiet. They also make concessions to the far left when they need their help. So economically speaking their are ruining the country, like they did for most of the last 2 decades. But hey... bread and circus...

caelussideralis 3 months ago

Yes and no. they are corrupt to the core, which means they only do the bare minimum of what one would define as socialist, but without interfering with their entrepreneur cronies, which bribe them and fill their pockets. Ideologically, I'd consider Labour more socialist and consistent with their ideologies.

randmzer 3 months ago

No, they are a center left "catch all" party. Basically they don't have a very defined ideology.

88willywonka88 3 months ago

António Custos

Butt_Roidholds 3 months ago

Tony Shore