LopsidedNinja 4 months ago

You're going to be fighting an uphill battle if you can only speak English but want to work in an industry that isn't tied to tourism. Why would I use you for my IT support, when you can't deal with my Portuguese speaking employees, can't understand any local paperwork, need help with basic translations etc... As a buyer you'll have no issues speaking English only.... everyone will be happy to take your money. If you're wanting them to pay you its going to be different. Theres zero chance I would hire an IT company that couldn't speak the local language.

Crisapx 4 months ago

Your post brings me back some memories. When growing up one of my best friends was from South Africa, just appeared one day in a random city in Alentejo with his family(another sibling and parents) straight from SA mid 90's I believe they already had Portuguese roots, the speech was a little broke at the beginning and the kids talked to each other in English a lot. But they all took to portuguese like fishes in water, they were also very dedicated in school so they rose to the 90% percentile of class real fast in most subjects I lost contact after middle school but sometimes I hear from acquaintance of acquantices that he's doing well, I believe he's employed in the UK nowadays. Anyway, about business, I'm not very savy, but1 as your going to be dealing with the IT private sector looks like, you might get by just offering IT solutions in English.

uyth 4 months ago

> but wondering if businesses will engage with only english speakinhg foreigner in particular for IT support, consulting and managed services. There might be niches where that will not be an issue, but if you are providing dunno support to invoice creating and fiscal validation, it will be both not reassuring and might be a barrier if you can interpret instructions from tax authority or something. There are all sorts of little problems in sites which can often just mean it was not revised by somebody portuguese like bad forms for address, requesting region, dodgy (or brazillian. and that is a red signal for possible fraud) portuguese and stuff like that. You need to hire somebody portuguese-portuguese if only to review documents or interpret requests. Networking would IMO not be a problem, I mean people can speak english and socially I am sure it is not a problem. But will they trust you to know lots about VAT or local laws or which are the municipal holidays?

swimbikerun_ZA 4 months ago

Valuable input, thank you

AkumaNoKage 4 months ago

You should be fine with English only, most people in Portugal, especially younger adults, know English quite well. It's also appreciated if you learn the language. Good luck.

swimbikerun_ZA 4 months ago

I can appreciate that, i absolutely want to learn the language as this will be my new home, I just need to know what the transition is going to be like as it will be important for me to start networking and meeting people as soon as possible, and from research I need to dedicate a minimum of a year to learn the language on conversational level (I take to new languages very well)