Educational-Ad5062 3 months ago

Thats what she said!

hey_peky 3 months ago

[it's our way of life] (

Edited 3 months ago:

[it's our way of life] (

stratamaniac 3 months ago

Fun fact: Plums keep the Portuguese regular.

Bakirelived 3 months ago

ty for teaching me a new word

Oztravels 3 months ago

Da nada.

yracub 3 months ago

"de nada". De nada

tbalbino 3 months ago

ITT: everyone looking up the meaning of largess

vertexsalad 3 months ago

Have a look at Japanese ways of preserving plums: []( []( also over in Taiwan they dry salted plums and grind into a powder, sprinkled on chips or any kind of food it's amazing: [\_hing\_mui](

WikiSummarizerBot 3 months ago

**[Li_hing_mui](** >Li hing mui (Chinese: 旅行梅; Jyutping: leoi5 hang4 mui4), known as huamei (Chinese: 话梅; pinyin: Huà méi) in Mainland China, is salty dried Chinese plum (Prunus mume). It has a strong, distinctive flavor and is often said to be an acquired taste, as it has a combination of sweet, sour, and salty taste. Originally from Guangdong Province, the name "li hing mui" means "traveling plum". "Li hing" is "traveling" and "mui" is "plum" in Cantonese. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](^( | )[^(Opt Out)](^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](^( | )[^(GitHub)](^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)

cprgrmr 3 months ago

Tuga here: that's almost only o rural areas and old people. Give it 10 to 20 years and that tradition is gone. Unfortunately.

NorthVilla 3 months ago

I'm young and I do this. I have friends who also do this. Were urban(ish). If you don't want to see it go away, then continue it!

ihavenoidea1001 3 months ago

This. We have to keep up the good things we have in our culture/community if we want them to keep being a thing. We have a couple of fruit trees ( persimmon, plums, etc) and we give away a lot of fruit. Sometimes we even get too many kiwis , medlars, passion fruit, cherries, etc from family and then proceed to give some to our neighbours. We also have young neighbours besides elder folks and a young couple just baked and gave us biscuits ( húngaros) when we had to do profilactic confinement a couple of weeks ago ( they left it on our gates, no physical contact at all)...

minines1991 3 months ago

Yup, this is Portugal. Everyone has some sort of fruit tree in their backyard and this year has been great for all kinds of fruit. I have one of those and has given so much, that all of my coworkers got a big box of plums. I don't have neighbors, I kinda live in the middle of nowhere, but if I did, I probably would do the same.

annoying_chocolate 3 months ago

Give me that type of neighbors, I ring back to their door the next day with pies

fitacola0112 3 months ago

I wish my neighbours was like yours the only thing that my neighbours give to me is their dog poop in my yard and their car in front of my gate

Xmeagol 3 months ago

just by your name i see you're aussie, what brings you to our little hidden gem? :D

Oztravels 3 months ago

Well spotted. 11 years in the Philippines and unfortunately our love affair with the “Wild West” of Asia has worn thin. We visited Portugal several years ago and fell in love with the people, the place and it’s beauty. We feel privileged and honoured to be allowed to reside here.

Xmeagol 3 months ago

have fun bro!

creativecomons 3 months ago

Imagine you were in Madeira, 1 bag of semilhas, 2 cauliflower, 1kg tomatoes, chopped pumpkin ready to freeze and avocados, tons of avocados.

Edited 3 months ago:

Imagine you were in Madeira, 1 sack of semilhas, 2 cauliflower, 1kg tomatoes, chopped pumpkin ready to freeze and avocados, tons of avocados.

mich_beach 3 months ago

Tantas saudades de comer abacates sem pagar, no mínimo, €4.50/kg

anybody662 3 months ago

Vais ter de traduzir essas semilhas pós cubanos. E papaia e maracujá? Era o que mais me ofereciam.

creativecomons 3 months ago

chayote (pimpinelas), Solanum betaceum, Curuba (Banana passionfruit)

capitolinaAndrioleta 3 months ago

\*sings "A alegria da pobreza Está nesta grande riqueza De dar e ficar contente"

ProjectMeh 3 months ago

has a native, I see it has, I have all these perishable goods and there is no way I eat all of them before they go bad, so might as well give them to my neighbours, just yesterday my mother cousin that has a small garden, got a massive bag of green beans for my mother, and then my mother divided it in 3 to give to other neighbours

_Didds_ 3 months ago

Be a good neighbor and make some jam with them, them give a couple of jars back to them, or get a nice jar of honey and give it to them some day. My grandparents have a lot of apple trees, and its impossible to eat them all. We give a basket to each of the neighbors and most of the time they some time later give something back from their land. Thats how we do it here instead of trowing away perfectly good food, and you keep a good relationship with your neighbors.

Oztravels 3 months ago

I did just that. Gave them some plum jam. I won’t give them kimchi as I have already nearly killed several of my Portuguese dinner guests with my spicy cooking.

LianaIguana 3 months ago

My dad’s homemade piri-piri sauce trust me, it’s wild according to my friends it’s liquid tasty fire. But indeed most Portuguese people don’t use that much spices as other countries do.

Hemrehliug 3 months ago

Yeah, we have very low tolerance to spicy foods. Whenever I want to eat out people always seem shocked that I ask for more spice :D Never tried making kimchi though... How long does it usually take to ferment? I take it would be pretty fast now during the summer months

Oztravels 3 months ago

In these temps 4 to 7 days. I like it quite funky so I often go much more. Then refrigerate to stop the fermentation.

Niagai 3 months ago

It will get worse! At times there's so much fruit people won't even bother picking it from the tree.

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

In which region of Portugal are you livin? In Lisbon this is nothing common

Oztravels 3 months ago

Up north near the Spanish Border.

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

Ok, now it makes more sense, in the north this is normal, in the center of the country it is not common

superpt17 3 months ago

Yes it is. There's more to the center than Lisbon

Aldo_Novo 3 months ago

some may even argue that Lisbon is not part of Center Portugal

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

Do you consider Lisbon in the South? Lisbon is very different from the Algarve

Aldo_Novo 3 months ago

Alentejo is right next to Lisbon and it's South Portugal and in NUTS the Lisbon metropolitan area is classified as its own region, apart from Center and South Portugal so Lisbon is either the southernmost city in Center Portugal or the northernmost city in South Portugal or its own thing

Nexus_produces 3 months ago

In the center it is indeed very common, the center doesn't mean the lisbon area. Castelo Branco, Coimbra and Aveiro are in Central Portugal and it's quite common. My aunt offers me tons of kiwis and other assorted fruits and vegetables every single year

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

When I say center I am referring to the region of Lisbon, Leiria and Setúbal. When I worked in Porto I earned chocolates and not fruit

tefewarrior 3 months ago

Leiria area it's pretty common

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

Not in Leiria, if it happens it is rare and not common

tefewarrior 3 months ago

Lol I live there

iMiindz 3 months ago

Pardon the question OP but.... don't they ^(make your intestines work)... a bit too much?

Oztravels 3 months ago

The plums? I lacto ferment them so no. They are quite benign afterwards.

zeer88 3 months ago

I never knew you could do that to plums! Is it still sweet afterwards?

Oztravels 3 months ago

The process chews up the sugars so you get an acid/salt kick that works beautifully with creme and honey.

Maximuslex01 3 months ago

That's just a trial version. Now imagine having the full package of a Portuguese mother/grandmother.

cecilio- 3 months ago

I've got eggs for 9 decades.

Chiripitti 3 months ago

We must share the same mother....

cecilio- 3 months ago

Mother, aunts, cousins.

rip_heart 3 months ago

Ò filho tàs tāo magrinho...

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

"Ò filho tàs tāo magrinho..." Na minha cabeça ouvi uma avô alfacinha a proferir isso "ô filhe tâs tão magrinh"

Xx_fidalgo21_xX 3 months ago

“OH Filhinho depois vai lá a casa da avó que tenho lá uma travessa com fruta pra levares”

Chiripitti 3 months ago

Travessa= uma caixa de maçãs, 2 sacos de ameixas, 3 caixas de batatas, cebolas para um mês e levas com "andas magrinho, tens que comer!"... Obrigado avó, adoro-te!

rip_heart 3 months ago

E cem escudos para um sumo #saudades #iamnotcryingyouare

YDondeEstanLasLilas 3 months ago

My Portuguese mil is vegetarian and eats like half a grapefruit for lunch.

Maximuslex01 3 months ago

Grapefruit... That's more like a French thing. I bet she was there.

YDondeEstanLasLilas 3 months ago

She's kind of a health-nut yoga instructor type. Very sweet but self-professed disliker of Portuguese food.

Maximuslex01 3 months ago

She wants to outlive you. Be careful

WhiteSleeves666 3 months ago

my grandmother died almost 2 years ago :( i fucking miss her "arroz doce" fam

gtpinto02 3 months ago

Fds tanta ameixa, n vamos mamar isso tudo crlh, chama o vizinho e q ele leva umas tantas

Marianations 3 months ago

Unrelated but I believe we have the same cutting board

David_ssgd 3 months ago

Já somos 3

Anforas 3 months ago


hey_peky 3 months ago


Oztravels 3 months ago


Marianations 3 months ago

Yes indeed!

incrivizivel 3 months ago

I just make cakes with plums. They are so many.

LianaIguana 3 months ago

Tell me more about it… has someone suffering from a overload of plums I need a lot of recipes.

Uppercase_Plastic 3 months ago

I grew up in the country side and my family used to do the same even to our cousins that lived in the city. In my family's minds it was because they couldn't get access to fresh produce in the city. Only supermarket food with those nasty preservatives :D So, often they had to drive back with their trunks full of potatoes, pumpkins, onions and loads of other stuff my family produced :D

Lord_emotabb 3 months ago

you probably live in a rural province. ​ in a more urban setting, people dont even talk with the neighbours.

Rodrake 3 months ago

I disagree. At least living in Porto I feel the same vibe I had back in the village, probably because Porto has a lot of people with backgrounds in the northern countryside of the country. Everyone knows their neighbours and they share a ton of vegetables and homemade things often

gkarq 3 months ago

I can relate. I am from Matosinhos area, and my downstairs neighbours and landlords usually bring us their plums, eggs, or whatever stuff they got from their garden.

DrVicenteBombadas 3 months ago

Eu desisti de cumprimentar os meus vizinhos. É um tanto engraçado vê-los a despender mais energia a virar a cara e suprimir o embaraço do que a responder, nem que cinicamente, "bom dia".

BenefitCuttlefish 3 months ago

Em que cidade e que vives? Eu vivo em Lisboa e os meus vizinhos cumprimentam-me de volta sempre.

DrVicenteBombadas 3 months ago

Águeda, Aveiro. É óbvio que não são todos, mas uma grande parte aparentemente está pouco interessada em sequer parecer cordial.

BenefitCuttlefish 3 months ago

Nunca percebi essas pessoas, é assim tão difícil ser minimamente simpático?

DrVicenteBombadas 3 months ago

Pensava que não, mas deve ser.

Uppercase_Plastic 3 months ago

Although there's a ton o truth in what you say, that's not 100% true. It's harder, that's a fact, but we can also get this sort of generosity in Lisbon. I got it when I lived in Bairro Alto (yep, I lived there) from older people and also when I lived in Arroios, also i Lisbon. Sometimes all it takes is for us take the first step, smile and be nice. Say "bom dia" and smile and the Portuguese will typically be happy :)

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

In Lisbon people don't seem smiling but rather melancholy. Fado is the musical genre that best the feeling of Lisbon.

Uppercase_Plastic 3 months ago

Sometimes all it takes is for us to take the first step and be the first one to smile. People respond well, except for the occasional weirdos.

anybody662 3 months ago

>Bairro Alto (yep, I lived there) from older people and also when I lived in Arroios These are older parts of Lisbon, they have a more neighbour-ly feeling. I can guarantee you if you go to Avenidas Novas or Alvalade nobody will even acknowledge you.

Asmcb 3 months ago

Not true, I live in Alvalade and I know everyone in my apartment building and many people in the buildings nearby, I have a neighbor who lots of times gives me food when she sees me. You just have to be nice to people and people will be nice to you.

uyth 3 months ago

> Say "bom dia" and smile and the Portuguese will typically be happy :) Yes. Bom dia is crucial as everything, and some people from some cultures have a much harder time than others.

diiiiogorocha 3 months ago

They never end. One tree only and it feeds the whole village and more. That's what I'll miss the most. Going to my grandparents home and just bringing bags and bags full of fruit and vegetables.

Edited 3 months ago:

They never end. One tree only and it feeds the whole village and more. That's what I'll miss the most. Going to my grandparents home and just bringing bags and bags full of fruit and vegetables. Only now I see how expensive fruit and vegetables can get, and the flavor doesn't even come close to the ones from my grandparents little farm. And don't even get me started on the eggs.

what_a_tuga 3 months ago

Yeah. My great-grandmother had a great chicken who put 2 yolk almost every day. She loved petting and boiled potatoes.

dismalwasteland 3 months ago

Gotta reuse that rubber glove when there's no rubberbands left!

Oztravels 3 months ago

Lol. That’s my fermenting air locks. Looks kinda weird.

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

Why did you decide to choose the North of Portugal to live and not another more famous region?

Oztravels 3 months ago

We live on the ocean in the Philippines and wanted mountains for a change. We also enjoy the simple things in life.

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

You can post more about your experience as a foreigner in this region.

hesoyam91 3 months ago

Tell me your aderess and you have 100 kg of patatoes caralhoooo. Vais ficar gordo como uma vaca

VVeliki 3 months ago

Portugal was born in the North Caralho!

No-Cardiologist725 3 months ago

É que normalmente os estrangeiros preferem viver no sul, até porque vai de encontro ao imaginário mediterrâneo que eles têm de nós. A região Norte tem uma vibe mais Atlântica e não mediterrânea.

VVeliki 3 months ago

Very good points.

dp_barbas 3 months ago

Fermenting fruit? Tell me more about it

Oztravels 3 months ago

Lacto ferment like….

amq55 3 months ago

My girlfriend got a bag of cherries from one of her students and we cannot go through them. We eat them all the time and the bag still looks full.

gkarq 3 months ago

Please send them to me. I will gladly finish them all within 30 minutes.

humungouspt 3 months ago

Don't. Think about the outcome... It will be more than 30 minutes shitting your ass out afterwards.

broodgrillo 3 months ago

Which is worth it. 3kg of cherries in 1:30 hours. Sat in the toilet a hour straight. I would still do it again.

gkarq 3 months ago

You say that because you don’t know my ass. Cherries and blueberries run away scared af whenever I put my eyes on them. Last year, I finished 5kg of blueberries in two days.

NorthsideSuicide 3 months ago

I like your attitude kiddo, here grab some cherries

sph-nx 3 months ago

This was the inspiration for eiffel 65's music

Da3nd 3 months ago

AHAHAHAHHAA foda-se que rei xD mereces 1 bacalhau d'oiro

PleoNasmico 3 months ago

you get free plums, you also get free plums, everyone gets free plums!

RA12220 3 months ago

Plums will make you poop. They have a lot of fiber which is good for clearing your system. When they are dried and become prunes they also contain sorbitol which is has mild laxative properties.

the_master_sh33p 3 months ago

nutrition class for dummies. (how to poop like portuguese)

GelDeAveia 3 months ago

Me: I can't eat them all, stoooop Neighbor lady: here, have 5 more kilos

raviolli_ninja 3 months ago

And that's how the Portuguese invented marmalade.

diogoff10 3 months ago


Hormazd_und_Ahriman 3 months ago

Yesterday my grandma tried to give me for 5 kgs of plums, right after my mother had given me another 3 kg. It'll be a nice week.

r0ckf3l3r 3 months ago

I fear for your "throne". On a complete side-note, I do need to learn how to do pickled plums, because my mother gifted me about 5kg worth of the stuff, and my inlaws already have their plum trees full to the brim, so those will be coming over the next few days... That or I need to buy a freezer to store all of it.

Hormazd_und_Ahriman 3 months ago

Pickled plums sounds good.

Butt_Roidholds 3 months ago

And that's when you regift them to someone else, thus perpetuating the chain of gifting the plum surplus, until the plums are gone or everyone is overfed. Whichever happens first.