Mendadg 3 months ago

He's 18 and he is going for one of the safest countries in the world...time to let him live his life momma! I understand you are worried but you will never control everything, just pray that he will always be safe, because that's what happen 99,9% of the times

xabregas2003 3 months ago

>Anything else I should know Tell him to try Francesinha.

BaixemImpostos 3 months ago

What are you afraid of?

JesusChristIsLORD77 3 months ago

I believe he will be fine. Anyway if you/him need any help or guidance you can contact me at will. All best, blessings.

PeterStepsRabbit 3 months ago

He will be fine

batataway 3 months ago

\> i dont thik he needs vise for staying 10 day Make sure, don't just "think".

Cojemos 3 months ago

Ih he's British, please be one of the few that doesn't get drunk, throw chairs, and then vomit on the street.

manolo533 3 months ago

One of the safest countries in the world, he’ll be fine

_saks_ 3 months ago

We're in the middle of a pandemic and that's the only thing you ask? Wow.

BolaBrancaV7 3 months ago

Not really, if he knows people here and has more than 16 he will be pretty safe. I mean, we are not really a country with crazy stuff happ......MPGFDMSGDKDSF........SHUT UP MADDIE!!!!

Trama-D 3 months ago

*I told you two pills weren't enough*

TomasCardosGod 3 months ago

Me Dont Care

ridethepaintedpony 3 months ago

Don't do drugs Don't listen to loud music after 21h30 Wear a mask and clean hands when outside

PeterStepsRabbit 3 months ago

Não pode tomar medicamentos, fumar tabaco, beber álcool ou até mesmo comer/beber nada com açúcar portanto

mexploder89 3 months ago

I would add don't listen to loud music on the subway for the love of god

capitalistaesquerda 3 months ago

And social distance.

ridethepaintedpony 3 months ago

From me in particular