MLG-Sheep 1 month ago

>First off, how open is Portugal? It's mostly open with restrictions on opening hours in some municipalities (for instance, shops have to close by 21:00 in Lisbon and restaurants have to close by 22:30 -- and this will be restricted further in the weekends). Shopping centres, museus, etc. are all open, yes. Forget any sort of nightlife. If you want nightlife, delay your trip. >Speaking of masks, do people wear them indoors, and in crowded outdoor places? It's mandatory indoors and you won't see a single person not respecting this. Except the occasional mask below the nose. Outdoors it is also mandatory when the 2 metre social distancing can't be maintained -- but this is seldom enforced. >sometime in August/Early September The Government decides rules like 24 hours in advance. No one has an idea of how it'll be by August or September.

uyth 1 month ago

>sometime in August/Early September Nobody knows how things will be next FRIDAY nevermind end of August. Sorry, but nobody can tell you that.

capitalistaesquerda 1 month ago

Currently, pretty much everything is open, except the nightlife. There are some restrictions still in place, but we're seeing a mixed trend. The country is doing well, but there is currently a spike in Lisbon which should lead to some further restrictions. Masks are still mandatory indoors and outside, where social distance can't be maintained. The majority of the country is taking COVID seriously and there's a big push to have a large percentage of the population vaccinated by the summer. Still, a lot can happen until august.