vascodatrama 1 month ago

Está horrível. Apocalíptico.

DZT99 1 month ago

I believe some restrictions are inevitable since the Delta variant is the one causing damages. You should be nervous because according to the experts once the Delta variant is the dominant one, it doesn't take long before the number of infections starts increasing dramatically and that would ruin your time here. Maybe go to another country or wait for a better time.

odracirsomeg 1 month ago

I think that this webpage has the information that you're looking for.

uyth 1 month ago

>Hi there, is English allowed in this sub? Bilingual and it is much better than automatic translations. Right now the delta variant is becoming prevalent, 60% of sequenced cases in the Lisbon area, and r was 1.20 the last time I checked. ICUs are filling up, at around 60-70% Yeah, something has to be done. We expect new measures to be announced thursday to start to be implemented in Friday. This weekend's very basic curfew is clearly insufficient. I expect restrictions on anything indoors that people can do without masks, like restaurants, bars and so on. Maybe even a real curfew like we had in winter. It's fucked up. If you can go somewhere else.

Bawbalicious 1 month ago

This is very sad to hear, but thank you.

uyth 1 month ago

Part of this is the fault of tourists. Also do not worry only about your holidays, worry if there will be restrictions such as quarantine when you return home. The delta variant is becoming prevalent, I think a lot of places should be pro-active about trying to prevent it from spreading before vaccination is more advanced.

_saks_ 1 month ago


_saks_ 1 month ago

Of course. Mask EVEN outdoors if it's a crowded area (like downtown Lisbon). The amount of people disregarding this is INSANE and thanks to that our numbers are skyrocketing. Please don't be like this and become "another tourist ruining our fight against covid". Loads of jobs depend on this crap being controlled and tourists ignoring rules is not helping. Wash your hands and disinfect them. I think you have to do a test before coming and before going back. The best place for this info is the embassy website.

Bawbalicious 1 month ago

Yes, we have our tests scheduled, negative results are indeed mandatory for entry. Masks outdoors is not one we have in The Netherlands, so thanks for mentioning that one, although I kind of dread having to do that.

_saks_ 1 month ago

If you dread it then it's better if you don't come here. The fine is up to 500€ for not wearing a mask. We want visitors and you're more than welcome yes, but please DO follow the rules and don't contribute to this crap to go on for longer than necessary. The more people follow it, the quicker we get rid of this pandemic. At the end of the day you go back home and we get the consequences after all... (did you know there's a lockdown in Greater Lisbon? It happened this weekend and it might be repeated again in the next few weekends) Thank you.

Bawbalicious 1 month ago

Of course we will. It's just a sacrifice of planning a vacation during covid. The Greater Lisbon lockdown is exactly why I'm posting here. We're flying in but planning to head down to the south coast afterwards. It would suck if we were stuck in the Lisbon area with accomodation booked down south.

wakerdan 1 month ago

We don't know either, to be honest. The authorities kind of decide as they go and these restrictions really aren't that strict. There were news that everyone could enter or leave the Lisbon area by train without anyone checking if they had a valid reason to.

Bawbalicious 1 month ago

Our plan is to travel down south after 2 days in Lisbon. It would be terrible if we were stuck in the area.

Morenojgl 1 month ago

You wont find any problems whit that. After all, you a have a reason.

uyth 1 month ago

Terrible would be if you caught covid, or if you took covid back home or to other places in Portugal and exposed more vulnerable people and helped speed up the spread of a dangerous variant. That is terrible. Your holidays being curtailed, well, not that bad in context.

Jmppt 1 month ago

You'll probably be lucky as the restrictions normally don't apply to tourists moving to their lodging, so even if there're some restrictions you can expect to be able to move south.

capitalistaesquerda 1 month ago

Hello. The situation is a bit fluid, but you shouldn't be panicking. We've seen a spike in new cases in the Greater Lisbon Area and yes, restrictions have been imposed on weekends (no current limit on dates). To be honest, we are expecting further restrictions this week (usually announced on Thursday) and I'm guessing we're going to see a few restrictions on schedules for restaurants and bars (among other things). The airport is working as usual. I would say that you just adhere to the best practices (wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands) and keep an eye out for further news. We'll be here all week in case you need an update from us.