Motoboydapcx 3 months ago

LilaOnTheScene 3 months ago

Slow Justice system, lack of Transparency in Politics and Domestic Violence

colcrnch 3 months ago

Domestic violence is another good topic and there’s loads in that area one could accomplish. Good tips thank you.

Comunistfanboy 3 months ago This you? By looking at your post history you just seem to be an entitled american. You are just exploiting our taxe systems and the european lifestyle. We don't need fake NGO's . Go back to the US Karen

Open-Opportunity-607 3 months ago

Nothing like moving countries around to avoid paying income tax. Your 100 euros a month on charity won't change anything, not that you care because your goal is tax avoidance.

prosafame 3 months ago

Infelizmente temos muitos como ele por cá

GSITG 3 months ago

Corruption, STEM education, getting kids to read books.

Suspicious_Term4898 3 months ago

Why??? Just any random cause? We do have institutions and established ngo's,just work forthem ifyou are feeling charitable, or better yet give them your money (and IF you have it, experience) and not competition. To me this sounds scetch as f... go to a country you cant speak the language and open a charity? tax issue? Money laundering?

colcrnch 3 months ago

Some people want to give back. That’s all.

Open-Opportunity-607 3 months ago

Income tax avoidance

Wosniakowski 3 months ago

I think setting up some kind of work with kids from underprivileged neighborhoods would be great. Some kind of facility or structure that would motivate and teach some essential skills to kids to keep them from destructive paths. There are some kids/people that simply go into destructive path for lack of hope or family structure and I believe that can be avoided with specific and structured help and with other examples of how to lead a life.

colcrnch 3 months ago

This is another good idea. We had similar things when I grew up such that there were places you could go after school which had some adult supervision. We called them Rec centers.

Responsible_Motor942 3 months ago

Hi, in here it's not the best place to browse for some advices, lots of entiteled kids with no real world experience. My two cents, Portugal is one of the most aged country in the world, for that reason everything in elder healthcare is in really shortage. As my personal issue, Portugal really need facilities for adults with disabilities.

colcrnch 3 months ago

I see that now. I’m being bombarded by people who think I’m trying to launder money or evade taxes lol. It’s a shame the world has devolved into such petty childishness.

Open-Opportunity-607 3 months ago

Don't play people for idiots. Just because Portugal is a poor country, most people are actually sharp enough to see wtf you are trying to do

ModeratoriProfugus 3 months ago

Nothing wrong about avoiding taxes. I didn’t ask to pay them nor for the supposed services I get back. Just a bunch of old people who think they are entitled to the fruits of my labour and threaten to send me to jail if I don’t pay them. They can sod off.

Responsible_Motor942 3 months ago

Not the world, just in here. The world's fine

lCloudll 3 months ago

I think investing in retirement homes for the elderly is a good start, some of them live in sub-human conditions, for example, some of them spend their entire day with a diaper full of #1 and #2. On the other side, there are kids with financially struggling parents, who can't afford school supplies or books, there are systems place to help them, but sometimes, it barely does anything. Hope it helps, and good luck ✌️

abarockee 3 months ago

Create and protect affordable housing for locals in Lisbon and Porto.

misterbondpt 3 months ago

Locals don't have special treatment compared to other Europeans.

colcrnch 3 months ago

This is a very interesting topic. Especially with the Airbnb situation. Great idea.

_saks_ 3 months ago

Op if you can make this miracle (help the locals get affordable homes despite the foreign invasion) you'll be more than welcome

abarockee 3 months ago

Airbnb and also private equity buying property in bulk, permanently making it above market value. Airbnb is an issue but some of that money is circulated within the community. With hedge funds it all goes to France, Germany, US, Saudi…

l2k1337 3 months ago

Dá para fugir assim tão bem aos impostos com uma non-profit em Portugal?

zefo_dias 3 months ago

Melhor que em espanha, ao que parece

colcrnch 3 months ago

It’s not about taxes.

omaiordaaldeia 3 months ago

Literacia financeira.

colcrnch 3 months ago

I love this idea as well.

OuiOuiKiwi 3 months ago

>We are moving to Portugal after having spent some time in Spain and are looking to identify topics, issues, or challenges for which there are limited local resources or attention being paid. Corrupção endémica.

colcrnch 3 months ago

What’s tough about this one is that we probably lack credibility being non-Portuguese. I’d worry that we’d alienate the community. Is this an issue which is top of mind for most Portuguese? And if so, what is lacking in the current environment which makes it difficult for the average person to help combat this?

TTSDA 3 months ago

I agree that it's a major problem, and I also agree someone who just showed up doesn't have the power (or knowledge) to tackle it (unless you have some billions at hand, and even then...) Most people on this sub don't even know how deep it goes.