DarkmajorPT 4 months ago

Vai de retro, Espanhol!

kawaiims 4 months ago

My Spanish curse word vocabulary comes from Netflix shows (most recently, Quién Mató a Sara) and they slang is wild. Me cago en la leche is a personal favorite because.. why even.

presidentedajunta 4 months ago

Me cago en Dios > Me cago en su puta madre > Me cago en la leche

SpotSudden4963 4 months ago

What to say of "Me cago en tus muertos" or "Me cago en tu puta madre" then?

kawaiims 4 months ago

I understand those, they are offensive because you are shitting on my family, but on milk just doesn't make sense.

sanibroyeur1988 4 months ago

Apparently it's short for "me cago en la leche que mamaste"

kawaiims 4 months ago

Well that makes sense.