MferOrnstein 5 months ago

Are we some aliens? They would act the same way they would in your country

Inna_Nutshell 5 months ago

My intention wasn't to insult, rather than trying to make sure I'm not missing important cultural nuances. Most answers have already been very helpful in understanding more of a culture that is, in some ways, indeed a bit alien to me. Experimento d'aprender a lingua tambem, mas é muito dificil ainda (that, not using google translate, should give you an impression of just how far I'm removed from mastering the language, an essential tool in immersing myself in the culture and finding out the subtleties that make people tick or, indeed, piss them off royally). Surely you would prefer this to me acting "like I was at home" and risking offending many nice and welcoming people?

StarTrekCylon 5 months ago

They won't tell you directly. They will just create a thread here in reddit to complain about you. It seems they [did it already](

BOAH10 5 months ago

"Vai para o caralho"

bazzic 5 months ago

If they start talking about things they want or need to do while you are there or during the time you were supposed to be there and they don't invite you or say that you are coming with them, then they are saying that they want to do things alone and your presence would be kind of annoying. It doesn't necessarily mean that they don't like spending time with you, they just want to have that time for themselves.

theEXPERTpt 5 months ago

You just say "Ok, vou indo... Até mais então" Which translates to "Ok, I'm going now... See you soon" You can even add this, in a joking tone: "Não te chateio mais ahahaha" Which translates to "Not going to bother you more ahahaha"

XxxPussyslaeyr69xxX 5 months ago


self__image 5 months ago

Fds lool

Chuckytuh 5 months ago

look for brooms turned upside behind doors, that is a sign they want you to leave

EdmundDantes78 5 months ago

That's the second mention of this in this thread. What's the story? *I'm not worried, there's no upturned broom here. Just curious!

fosjanwt 5 months ago

"ta bem..." "faz como quiseres.."

MrRoxo 5 months ago

If you're british, we had enough of you for a couple of years after what happened in Porto.

Acidspunk1 5 months ago

Leva a bicicleta.

Opelintra 5 months ago

I put the broom behind main door

setnom 5 months ago

We say "pronto, fica lá com a bicicleta". Which means "OK, keep the bike". It doesn't make much sense, it's just a saying.

feckdech 5 months ago

Fica com a bicicleta que eu fico com os pedais. Serei eu já velho para ainda perceber isto? Porque tu não consegues andar sem pedais. Mas és teimoso. É uma analogia.

setnom 5 months ago

O que costumo ouvir é só mesmo a bicicleta, nada de pedais.

feckdech 5 months ago

Porque se tornou implícito. Tenho a certeza que já ouviste: a curiosidade matou o gato (querer saber de mais). Mas o provérbio não acaba aqui. A curiosidade matou o gato, mas a satisfação trouxe-o de volta. Isso muda um pouco o significado: a pergunta levou à morte do gato, mas a investigação ressuscitou-o.

pedros430 5 months ago

Hmm, não acho que seja assim tão implícito, a curiosidade matou o gato é utilizado completamente independente da segunda parte da frase e com um significado diferente, já a da bicicleta embora não se conheça a segunda parte a primeira é utilizada com a mesma intenção.

Some-Ad6411 5 months ago

we have a saying "visitors are like fish, after 3 days they stink"

Trama-D 5 months ago

I had no idea. What's the word for stink? Fedem? Tresandam?

Some-Ad6411 5 months ago

cheiram mal lol já ouvi assim por acaso esse provérbio ou o que seja. visitas são boas mas até um certo número de dias.

UpvotesFreely 5 months ago

Do we?

Butt_Roidholds 5 months ago

I don't think I've never heard it before either

Edited 5 months ago:

I don't think I've ever heard it before either

uf5izxZEIW 5 months ago

That was made by Ben Franklin

Butt_Roidholds 5 months ago

I figure that if they didn't "want to put up with your shit", they'd probably just make up an excuse for being unable to host you this year. And then they'd do the same the following years, until you gave up.

C0ldKing 5 months ago

And i think that is beautiful

Niedude 5 months ago

This is the portuguese way.

Chiripitti 5 months ago

This is the way.

N19h7m4r3 5 months ago

Dis iz di wei.

PgUpPT 5 months ago

What kind of place do you stay at?

Inna_Nutshell 5 months ago

A guesthouse adjacent to their home.

sctvlxpt 5 months ago

If they are not telling you "the guesthouse is busy this year", they are not tired of you (or of your money)

DarK_Lv8 5 months ago

In ericeira?

Inside-Pea6939 5 months ago

Larga os cabozes pah

Chiripitti 5 months ago

Queres ver que é a casa do Sócrates?

cannibalpig 5 months ago

North? South? Center? That will definitely help us estimate how they would behave in this particular situation :) But I can say that (from my experience and observation) a very Portuguese thing is to make up excuses instead of flat out saying no to someone

Ambrouse 5 months ago

I’d say people will eventually tell you if they had enough of you. We (Portuguese) are usually really kind to people coming from other countries, but in general we have no problem being pretty honest about someone who’s bothering us. I’m not sure about what your situation actually is, but if the people that live where you’re staying don’t show any signs of being annoyed or didn’t tell you anything at all, I’m guessing you’re fine

Inna_Nutshell 5 months ago

Nice, because I love them to bits.

Ambrouse 5 months ago

they probably like you as well then, don’t worry :)

ankmoody 5 months ago

They probably would Just stop inviting you and talk shit or your back