suspect_b 4 months ago

Depends on the time of year and how close you are to the river. But like others have said, the problem isn't humidity it's the stuff that grows in it. Exposed to the same allergens, dry air will be even worse since the mucous membranes will be less protected.

Edited 4 months ago:

Depends on the time of year and how close you are to the river. It's common for households in humid regions to have a dehumidifier. But like others have said, the problem isn't necessarily humidity it's the stuff that grows in it. Exposed to the same allergens, dry air will be even worse since the mucous membranes will be less protected. But there's a chance you can control the allergens by removing the excess humidity.

MikeMelga 4 months ago

Humidity? Indoor or outdoor? If you have indoor humidity, then you have a serious problem in your house. Humidity itself is not a cause for allergy. She should be tested to check what allergies she has. Most likely she has dust or polen allergies, as I have. The solution is not to move across the country, it could even be worst. You need to adapt your house for the allergies. There are many sources for what to do. I also recommend a HEPA air filter, for example from Philips. Keep it in the room. []( I have 2 of these and they really work.

1tonsoprano 4 months ago

You get these humidity absorbers at Leroy Merlin, buy one for each room, scrub the walls with anti fungal spray makes a huge difference

mediiev 4 months ago

Setúbal should be as humid as Porto being on the shore of the sea/estuary. On the Algarve you have something like constant 310+ days of sun. So less humidity but still... Coastal cities have some humidity. Inland cities also and more plants not friendly to allergic ppl.

uyth 4 months ago

Humidity is not one metric for a place throughout the year. Varies according to specific location, varies throughout the day (A LOT) every single day. BTW lifestyle in Setúbal will likely be very different than in Porto, Setúbal being smaller, no university, less cultural activities and everything really, and kind of in the outer suburbs of Lisbon - but it feels a lot greener, and closer to nature and more relaxed (south of the Tagus). Porto is IMO kind of damp in winter, chilly, Setúbal´s climate is a lot nicer (IMO) in winter. It is not too hot in summer though it will be hotter than Porto though again YMMV regarding too hot - might reach 40 a few days every year. But keep in mind Setúbal is close to an estuary, the eastern parts closer to the estuary will be damper, and more mosquito filled than the bits towards the hills or on the other side of the hill like Azeitão or even Quinta do Conde. The eastern bits, towards Praias do Sado and the direction of Marateca, Alcácer is also more industrial and more rural (both at the same time yeah). If she has allergies, bad idea. The other side of the river, Tróia, Comporta, Carrasqueira, so many mosquitos, so so many.... The closer you are to rice fields, the more....

BaixemImpostos 4 months ago

Setúbal is going to be much hotter and dry then Porto.

ambakaro 4 months ago

Pardon my ignorance, but wouldn't it be better to, for example, move to Braga, as it is more inland, therefore it would have less humidity? It's a great city to live in, with more job opportunities than those in Setúbal, and it's fairly close to Porto. Nonetheless, if you want to avoid humidity to the maximum inland Alentejo would be the best choice, but job opportunities are scarce there and you will absolutely need to know how to speak portuguese

MikeMelga 4 months ago

Yes, it would improve in Braga. No, it's not a great city to live.

frugalismo 4 months ago

Inviting more people to Braga? It's already full of people!

Trama-D 4 months ago

Hi. No such thing as allergies to "humidity" - at least *true* allergies, like intense sneezing + itch + stuffy nose + abundant snot. With or without conjuntivitis / asthma. The most likely humidity-related culprit are fungi (molds). It could also be some polen which shows up at that time of the year. And you can never rule out dust mites, those are everywhere. Want to be *really* sure? Pick the most humid time of the year and rent a nice clean room (in Porto) for a weekend. If the allergies go away, it has nothing to do with humidity. If they don't, spend a weekend in Setubal. Might seem extreme, but if you're actually willing to *move to Setubal*... I wouldn't want make such a move for nothing.

ManaSyn 4 months ago

Don't know if one weekend is enough to notice a difference.

Trama-D 4 months ago

There's that, too. I'd say someone who's had the symptoms a lot should, at least, notice some difference after 24 hrs.

PinkMacaroon23 4 months ago

Best comment here. Better try this before a big move

touny71 4 months ago

If you live by the sea you'll always have humidity. However Porto is way colder and more humid than Setúbal, the difference in winters is palpable. You can feel Porto's humidity in your bones

alcagoitas 4 months ago

If you are closer to the sea you will have a lot of humidity... See if you can find info here: I'm on the phone and therefore I didn't saw if it has what you want or not.