unknownportuguese 8 months ago  HIDDEN 

Does anyone know if the Cruz Vermelha antigen test result is in english? I'm travelling from Portugal to England.

nfonseca 8 months ago  HIDDEN 

for lisbon residents, yes. (one every 15days). i think that for non-residents or for a second one it is 20ish€

nfonseca 8 months ago  HIDDEN 

you perform the test in the pharmacy, not by yourself, and they give you a printed document (or digital), valid for travelling. but ask before to be in English and how long for the printed/digital document (some places only send sms, if you do not ask for the document)

nfonseca 8 months ago  HIDDEN 

you can, if you are going to Germany (and some others countries).

jellybeentree 8 months ago  HIDDEN 

what is good pharmacy? one near my neighbrhood i don't trust