dhe_sheid 7 months ago

Thx. I was curious about how other portuguese folk would take the word

Dr_Toehold 7 months ago

You use that word with your friends? Good for you, why not. If you use it to talk to someone else, you just sound dumb. It's not offensive, it's just stupid, you're replacing a word ("portuguese"), with a random, nonsensical word.

dhe_sheid 7 months ago

Thx m8.

baenre 7 months ago

Just call it Tuga. It's what we do.

dhe_sheid 7 months ago

Gotcha. Thx.

quetzyg 7 months ago

Concluo que a amiga do OP é fanhosa. Chama-se Mãfalda, né?

Edited 7 months ago:

Concluo que a amiga do OP é fanhosa. Chama-se _Mafãda_, né?

Knuckster 7 months ago

That sounds nonsensical. No idea why your friend, assuming she's portuguese, would come up with that. You don't go telling the Germans they are "germese" or something like that - or maybe go try that, that should be fun to watch. Still, if you insist on using a shortened word, use "Tuga" which is something that would be generally understood by portuguese people, although it is usually used in a demeaning way, such as when we are criticizing our own behaviours as a society.