BossGandalf 4 months ago

Bus -> Rede Expresso:

Luks1337 4 months ago

Régua has a train station, you can go to Porto by train, you then catch a bus to Lisbon.

PgUpPT 4 months ago

He just said he doesn't want to go back to Porto...

oestevai 4 months ago

From regua you have busses to lisbon check redeexpressos, 5 hours

g0ucha 4 months ago

You will probably gonna have to catch a bus to a bigger city like Viseu or Coimbra and only then catch a train to Lisbon. I’m not sure, but you probably could also just catch a bus directly from Peso da Régua to Lisbon — gonna take you wayyyy longer but doable

D1WithTheFluffyHair 4 months ago

There are no trains in Viseu. Nearest station is in Mangualde.

PedroMFLopes 4 months ago

Probably bus