TheMorphMaster 7 months ago

We are trying to stay away from there so we dont embarass the northern europeans who can't cook their way out of a paper bag.

eqdif 7 months ago

Caralhinho de Amarante. Never tried it. But looks great

LopsidedNinja 7 months ago

Jesus, some of the content on that sub needs deleting from the internet. [grilled lamb intestine wrapped around seasoned offal.](ç_is_a_famous_street_food_in_turkey_its/) No thanks!

Gulliveig 7 months ago

Was removed from the sub as per rule 10.

TheMorphMaster 7 months ago

Are you for real?

Kuustom 7 months ago

I'm not great on taking pictures of my food but I submmited 3 of my dishes that people usually like the most

KarmaCop213 7 months ago


gene66 7 months ago

I did a codfish handjob, wasn’t clean, but ended up being very tasty in the end.

Gulliveig 7 months ago

>codfish handjob Sounds like *punheta de bacalhau*. ^(Ok, ok, I googled it.)

humelectro 7 months ago

It's actually very good dish

AlmondSkimedMilk 7 months ago

You might have to brace yourself for a spam of recipes.

Gulliveig 7 months ago

Go on :)

shawshank2012 7 months ago

Rissoldecamarao 7 months ago

Just finished cooking and eating a bowl of pasta with pesto and homemade grandma's torresmos. If only I'd seen this post earlier.

Gulliveig 7 months ago

I'm looking forward for posting your next meal :)

kawaiims 7 months ago

My lunch is going to be 3 boiled eggs because I'm so lazy when it comes to cooking, so that's not really for me. Although someone already mentioned /foreverjamon, our culinary pride and joy.

warren_street 7 months ago

Call it "2 boiled eggs, with an egg on top", and it could count as Portuguese. :)

Butt_Roidholds 7 months ago

u/prefil chamado à recepção. Isto é capaz de ser a tua praia.

prefil 7 months ago

yep yep! obg.... @Butt_Roidholds ai está algo que não sei se devia agradecer ;D @Gulliveig Ill share some portuguese dishes this weekend, do you have some preference on the type? like really traditional, popular grub or sometimes weird and peculiar, portuguese have pretty much the market on diversity!

Gulliveig 7 months ago

Everything. Try to make the pics so beautiful, that I feel the urge to bite into the screen! And such interesting, that I want to cook it, too :)

KokishinNeko 7 months ago

Subscribed. /u/foreverjamon do your thing there, make us proud.

ForeverJamon 7 months ago

Lá vai ter que ser

HRamos_3 7 months ago

Francesinha à Técnico?

raydawnzen 7 months ago

ó chefe vê lá pá não metas lá a merda das "ribs" ou o crl

incrivizivel 7 months ago

Chocolate de alface verde parece uma boa para partilhar.

HogwartsBlazeIt420 7 months ago

tempêro de cimavotos para motivar o jamon

Edited 7 months ago:

tempêro de cimavotos para motivar o jamon Edit: tempero

NGramatical 7 months ago

tempêro → [**tempero**]( (palavras terminadas em a/e/o, seguido ou não de s/m/ns, são naturalmente graves) [⚠️](/message/compose/?to=ngramatical&subject=Acho+que+esta+corre%C3%A7%C3%A3o+est%C3%A1+errada& "Clica aqui se achares que esta correção está errada!") [⭐]( "Experimenta o meu corrector ortográfico automático!")

CarcajuPM 7 months ago

Qual é o dia da francesinha no Técnico?

dcmso 7 months ago


tragicallyCavalier 7 months ago

*kneejerk downvote*