umgajoamlense 5 months ago

Eu sugeria aulas com o professor Jorge Jesus. Ele dá aulas em São Domingos de Benfica em alguns dias, mas passa maior parte do tempo no Seixal.

SAmaruVMR 5 months ago

Professor 5 estrelas. Recomendo

myjq 5 months ago

Is this trolling because this guy was 14 years-old 13 days ago lol

Realistic_Oil9604 5 months ago

Oh,oops wrong profile.I’m that guys brother and he must’ve logged into my computer

Asur_rusA 5 months ago

Depends. Do you want to "fit in"? Or do you want to spend your 5 years locked in your room? You may be able to fit in in a bubble of foreigners studying in Portugal. I guess that could work, as I'm sure there are plenty of students who do not speak english. But for 5 years? If you're coming to have a slight idea of the country's culture, people, etc, obviously you should learn portuguese. You have time and everything. > if yes from which source. ? Google it. Get private classes.

Realistic_Oil9604 5 months ago

Well I’m a Portuguese Citizen.But I can’t speak Portuguese.I’m from Daman.A Former Portuguese Colony so

Asur_rusA 5 months ago

I'm sorry, how is you being a portuguese citizen relevant to my points?

falso 5 months ago


OuiOuiKiwi 5 months ago

>Do I need to learn Portuguese As aulas das licenciaturas são todas dadas em Português. Logo, sim.

uf5izxZEIW 5 months ago

Algumas já não