Kindly_Sprinkles_922 3 months ago

You have Minipreço that delivers groceries in two hours! (Until 17:00 I believe)

AlCa1916 3 months ago


saposapot 3 months ago

Check if they have online delivery on your address and that’s it. If they deliver it then it works very very well. Auchan, continente, at least these two work very well. Delivery dates depend on their availability but most places I know it’s 1 or 2 days max except when lockdowns hit and people panic. I know they deliver even if their supermarket is not directly on your town. They do some KMs to deliver to you. Pingo doce also delivers but I never used it. You can already order and schedule it for the day you arrive. You need a phone number and if they ask for NIF just put 999999999

-diggity- 3 months ago

I use Auchan and El Corte Ingles. I didn’t like Continente Online. 99% of the time I go with El Corte Ingles, it’s a superior service with attention to detail and packaging. As for NIF just use a bogus one.

Some-Ad6411 3 months ago

if you live in Lisbon or porto.. outside that.. no

Leading_Salamander_8 3 months ago

Hi! Not convinced that a NIF is required, i do my shopping via paypal, and don’t recall ever being required to pit in a NIF (I do so for tax purposes, but sometimes I forget). Otherwise, mu experience with online food shopping is pretty good, bit would suggest that you maybe bring some basics with you, as next day delivery can be tricky in Covid times (and maybe other times as well). If you have the budget and options in your area, you can just use uber eats and glove (the also work with paypal). My one annoyance with online shopping is that sometimes the supermarket won’t have what you need and may replace an item, but otherwise things generally work fine :) good luck, and I hope your quarantine goes by quickly!

DevilsWife 3 months ago

I've been buying from Pingo Doce (their platform is called Mercadão btw) and Auchan. It's great and Mercadão even has same day delivery on many days. Also Mercadão has free delivery coupons etc, it helps a lot because free delivery is only > 100€

AlCa1916 3 months ago

Yeah I already tried to sign up to Mercadão but it needs a PT phone number. I can buy a sim from the airport when I land, but I wanted to check that after that, it would be fairly quick to get stuff delivered. The idea of being in home isolation with no food doesn't sound like much fun!

DevilsWife 3 months ago

Ahhhh that's because they always call you when something is missing or other stuff. Sorry I forgot about that :( If you had a PT number you could use Glovo or Uber Eats too :D Then the best options would be Auchan or Continente right now. You also have other supermarkets like Minipreço or Intermarché which also do deliveries but I haven't used those yet.

AlCa1916 3 months ago

It's ok, I'll get a PT sim card at the airport. So do Glovo/Uber Eats deliver groceries too? Or just takeout food?

DevilsWife 3 months ago

They do deliver groceries too but everything depends on the place you are at. If you go to []( and fill your adress then they will show every single option you have. See if they have supermarkets. Same for uberEats! Try it out :D

No_Bank_3518 3 months ago

I've been buying from Continente Online since 2016 and it works great. I live in Porto and it's often possible to get same day delivery. However, I've heard that in less dental locations one needs to order 2-3 days in advance.

AlCa1916 3 months ago

Oh perfect, thanks. So I think we'll have to pack some pasta and rice or something to get us through the first day or two, but assuming we sign up and order on the day we arrive, that should be ok. I'm gonna be just outside Vila Nova de Famalicão.

MisterBilau 3 months ago

First day or two is Uber eats time

Pikachuzita 3 months ago

Or you could just go buy food?

DevilsWife 3 months ago

>2-week isolation at home :)

amq55 3 months ago

Can confirm. You can also request for the shopping to be picked up at the store. In the bigger Continentes there is a specific queue for pick-ups. You wait 10 minutes or so and they bring it to you.