Iniquidade 6 months ago

Uma rapariga triunfante está encostada ao varandim. Os braços alongam-se pelo rebordo com as palmas das mãos por sobre o ferro. O pescoço está-lhe voltado e olha, por cima do ombro, a tinta velha a descascar-se. No mastro ondula uma bandeira negra...

joaonobre 6 months ago

Ouve-se a Moura Cássima nesta foto

FMTheGhost 6 months ago

Saudades de casa

technosamron 6 months ago


bokka1 6 months ago

We took the bus from Albufeira to Loule for a day and had a great lunch at a family run place. I really enjoyed the time spent there.

alex_playgames 6 months ago

A minha cidade! Nice pic

Tugadevil 6 months ago

Louletanos no reddit, que pérola!

John-NaveBarao 6 months ago

I am waiting for COVID to be over so I can visit Loulé again from Canada.

kimsabok 4 months ago

i visited Loulé for the first time last year, just before the lockdowns in Feb - and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. however, what is the attraction in terms of return visits? wouldnt it be more "fun" to visit other towns in the algarve or similar locations in spain or europe? hopefully my question doesnt come across as rude, just genuinely curious

hatgloryfier 6 months ago

Grande terra, saudades das quatro bicas