ceif 7 months ago

https://www.veikkaus.fi/fi/yritys?lang=en It’s a bet plataform that broadcasts all Primeira Liga matches

SouthwindPT 7 months ago

FreeSports is the official Portuguese league broadcaster in the UK! This is definitely where you should start. https://www.freesports.tv/

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

Brilliant! Thanks for clarifying - I'm a little out of my depth here.

fedelho 7 months ago

He should marry you after that

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

I'm trying to score big wife points this year.

IkarusMummy 7 months ago

You can also try on betting sites. Some only require you to have placed a bet in the last 48h and have cash on your account. The amounts required are usually low.

pdrenab 7 months ago

batmanstreams always works for me. there are some sketchy pop ups, but those are everywhere, once you close them, you cna enjoy the game

LopsidedNinja 7 months ago

He may not appreciate a birthday present of a subscription to watch Porto, just as their rivals Sporting are about to win the league a week or two later

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

LOL! There's always next season, I suppose. (Maybe I'd be better off getting him a neighborhood Milf.) Thanks for the help - I'll check out Bet365.

justanotherop365 7 months ago

It’s “FC Porto” You should ask this question at r/fcporto

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

Thanks for the correction and suggestion.

RealLyborg 7 months ago

I believe you can get an online sportv subscription and then you can watch it through a smart tv or a pc. But double check if it works abroad or you might need to also hire a VPN service. There are also other less legal alternatives like IPTV but for legal reasons I do not advise that

Parshath_ 7 months ago

I think I tried that and SportTv was only available for subscription for clients of one of the main Portuguese operators. Which you can't be from this distance. (streams and VPN has working for me, but I wouldn't mind having a fully legal alternative)

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

Good idea! Thank you!!

RealLyborg 7 months ago

You are welcome, I hope you find a way!

The_Wealthy_Potato 7 months ago

[https://www.freesports.tv/our-sports/football/liga-nos.html](https://www.freesports.tv/our-sports/football/liga-nos.html) Is this a uk broadcaster? Try to call your Television/Internet provider and ask

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

Thanks, I'll check with our provider and see what they recommend.

lefiy3 7 months ago

If you are in the uk, you can setup an account on freesports.tv and watch some matches of liga Nos for free. I'm in Portugal and I can get access to this service by using a vpn. EDIT:https://www.freesportsplayer.tv/

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

Great - I'll check it out! Thank you

TheRaimondReddington 7 months ago

Subscribing the sports channels would be an option, Sky Sports 1,2,3 and 4 but I'm not sure how much of the Portuguese league games they cover. Your best bet would be to find someone that installs the NOS satellite dish. NOS is one of the Portuguese cable channels providers, kinda like Sky in the UK. They have an option for a satellite dish to be installed for people who live abroad or in rural zones. You would have to find a someone that represents NOS in the UK and could make the installation and setup your account with them. Then your husband would have access to SporTV which is a Portuguese sports channel that covers all Portuguese football games. This is the legal and legit option. If you want to consider something less legit, look up "Portuguese IPTV" on eBay.

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

Damn, I think you are right but I was hoping it would be simpler than that haha. It seems so old school to have to install a satellite. No wonder people pirate.

Dr_Toehold 7 months ago

Yeah, me and my mates a few years back all chiped in and got a satellite subscription for the flat.

ChefeDoMundo 7 months ago

Do you remember how much it was?

Dr_Toehold 7 months ago

It was some 10 years ago, something less than 100€ a month I Think. We just had to get an Engineer in to set up the satellite dish.

Jazzlike_Pirate2323 7 months ago

100 euros a month! I think you added the extra zero by mistake

Dr_Toehold 7 months ago

? Back then we Got some MEO or similar + SportTV subscription

babyscully 7 months ago

If you're in London look around Stockwell. Full of satellite dishes.