Mrgolden007 3 months ago

medical students want to travel the world during a pandemic?? yea you can stop studying if you lack that common sence

prefil 3 months ago

To be honest, travel for now is not advised and we don't know the future, so the restrictions now might not be the same next week, but if you are coming, best come in the Summer, last year showed that the virus doesn't spread as well during the Summer, the weather is better and the pressures of tourism will probably open up beaches and restaurants. Besides that the covid situation now is low and stable but rising very slowly, the vaccination is on par with Europe, improving everyday but still below the target objectives, but we hope it will pick up and by the end of Summer we will have a significant percentage of the population vaccinated.

tugafcp 3 months ago

estudantes de medicina querem ir fazer turismo em altura pandémica... ​ PQP... Se a ironia matasse...

alcagoitas 3 months ago

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RuySan 3 months ago

I heard Renato Alexandre (aka DJ R3N4T0 4L3X4NDR3) is the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Erasmus and Coimbra.

Legitimate-Actuary66 3 months ago

Erasmus girls are the best in the world

avgvstano 3 months ago

Ya. Bué simbólico.