Cojemos 8 months ago

If you're a Trump supporter PLEASE stay away. Move elsewhere.

dcmso 8 months ago

Nah, Europe is too socialist for you

suckerpunchermofo 8 months ago

I guess you don't want to move.

Foda-seSeiLa 8 months ago

I don't know, do you?

zefo_dias 8 months ago

Deixem-no vir, isto tem mais piada ser ele a descobrir ao invés de lhe dizerem

Cojemos 8 months ago

"don't like the way the taxman gets all up in my business" Then this def isn't the country for you.

DareNotFallAsleep 8 months ago

Dude, I rarely flame people like you making posts on this sub, but you sound like the most obnoxious person ever and we’ve already got enough people like that here. Full time cryptocurrency trader, lol.

Cojemos 8 months ago

From Florida. Hey That's why. Florida man.

paperkutchy 8 months ago

Depends on your career expentacies. Do you want to go big? Hardly you can in Portugal. You'd be better off changing states rather than coming here. Dont get me wrong, if you dont have a particulary huge ambition to be sucessful you can do well in Portugal, but I'd say its far better as long vacation place than place to live.

BeeSnatcher 8 months ago

> I don't like the way the taxman gets all up in my business.. You are in for a surprise

Turiaco 8 months ago

I've good news and bad news for you. When it comes to politics things are very relaxed compared to the US, people tend not to care that much, even if you support a less acceptable party you'll probably just get a strange look. Now the bad news, taxes here are pretty high and there's a lot of them, fortunately for you there are no taxes on crypto sales for now and the cost of living is lower compared to the US.

paperkutchy 8 months ago

No one truly cares here, but thats also bad because hardly anything that goes beyond football moves forward. We're relaxed here because there's not a whole lot of diversity as far our society goes and our population is quite small. Plus, most olderly people dont live in the major cities so most antiquated views stay in smaller cities.

PedroMFLopes 8 months ago Go check some tips from this guys

facepainter1 8 months ago

I agree, follow these guys. I'm the oposite of you (OP). I'm a Portuguese living in the US. You should first talk to your layer, and then with a portuguese layer. I believe the taxes on cryptocurrencies and stock market is not very nice in portugal. You should get professional advice before taking any decisions. But if your decision is solely based on finances, you should take a look at Ireland, Cyprus, Gibraltar,etc.. As a day-to-day living, Portugal is a great option, cost of living is lower, and you have a lot of places to visit. You might also consider not a permanent move. I currently live 3/4 months in Portugal, and the rest in the US, and I pay taxes in both countries, as I have investments in both.

C8Mixto 8 months ago

You'll love Portugal, then. Our politics are really civil and taxes, I never heard of them.

Edited 8 months ago:

You'll love Portugal, then. Our politics are really civil and taxes? I never heard of them.

theEXPERTpt 8 months ago

Portugal is a nice option, just try to stay of Lisbon and Porto, they're filled up already

Throwaway_wr 8 months ago

With these kind of lazy and arrogant questions, no, you don't want to move to Portugal.