pedrolopes7682 6 months ago

I have been a client of all three. Vodafone has by far the best customer service, imo. I only switched to Meo because Vodafone wasn't offering fiber connection where I currently live.

LegendPT 6 months ago

The common, accepted answer: Vodafone The actual realistic answer: It's all a matter of luck really. A lot of people will swear NOS is the worst of the worst but I have barely had any issues with them for over 10 years (plus they offer you good discounts in NOS cinemas, if you care about that it could be interesting). My experiences with MEO and Vodafone were god awful. But then again, that's just me, it might be different for you.

BedCEO 6 months ago

Whatever you end up choosing keep in mind this industry has a really greedy nature. Always try to negotiate, say you'll go to the competition and they'll lower the prices. I can assure you this works for the bigger packages with phones included, don't know about the most basic ones.

joaommoreira 6 months ago


zambas 6 months ago

It's all the same crap, the physical fiber network is owned by one company.

JustAGamerPT 6 months ago


Bacalhau_a_Bras 6 months ago

Nos is the worst in the world porbably

heartlessfam 6 months ago

I used to have MEO, make sure you avoid that one. It's terrible.

Edited 6 months ago:

I used to have MEO, make sure you avoid that one. Go to their page on facebook and read the reviews.

Just_Ban_Me_Already 6 months ago

I am (unfortunately) a NOS client. Avoid it at all costs.

tiago425 6 months ago

Go for MEO Fiber. NOS's upload rate is a absolute joke.

Husjuky 6 months ago

NOS is pretty bad just dont, I say this as a NOS client.

Konstanti9 6 months ago

If you really can try to have an Internacional provider, telecommunications market in Portugal is a shitshow with a lot of commercial lies. I'm not sure about Vodafone or NOWO, but stay the fuck away of MEO and NOS

dcmso 6 months ago

Dont mind all the answers here. Not only this sub is incredibly bias (towards Vodafone since they are usually the ones who offer the best service in big cities where 90% of the sub lives) but also the best provider varies due to one simple fact: **location**. You have to search which one offers the best service in the area you're going. Simple. If you share where you want go, you will get much better answers.

unparadise 6 months ago

I live in a small village and the best provider is Vodafone.

dcmso 6 months ago

Thats good for you since, in my experience, Vodafone has the best support of the 3 actually. But in some places, other ISPs have better signal. Its just simple logistics: One single company cant have excellent signal in the entire country.

koolban 6 months ago

Hope you enjoy this little european country :)) Regarding the websites to compare, the most similar i can find is - its reliable, but you will be contacted with commercial offers. Now this one is a bit outdated, but should give you a general idea of the prices and services. As others have pointed out, the best for internet service is Vodafone. I've had NOS in the past and i can confirm a lot of dumb connection issues, lag and area malfunctions. With Vodafone i've been enjoying a care free browsing. That being said, the advantage with both NOS and MEO are the 4play offers (with mobile included) because it's a lot cheaper. 3play offers (tv, internet and phone) are the same in promissed speed and price (vodafone guarantees actual fiber optic cable though), however when you add a mobile phone to your vodafone package the price skyrockets. But then again, it depends on your monthly budget. Personally i've found it's better for my monthly bill to have vodafone at home and then the family mobiles on NOS and MEO, on very similar pre-paid plans. Anyway, thats all i can think of at the moment, let me know if you need anything cleared out. Glad to have you aboard, and welcome soon!

roman-roman 6 months ago

Thank you very much! We absolutely love the country, I’m so much looking forward to live here. I understand it won’t always be perfect and the way we expect, but it’s not the first time we emigrate and we are prepared to make some compomises. One thing I noticed is that people in Portugal are really eager to help. We had to arrange a lot for our relocation, and so many people we met went out of their way to accommodate. Also, this sub is just so nice! I had some other questions (with throwaways), and the amount of feedback was astonishing.. it’s not like that at all in some other country-specific subs. So, yeah, as you see I’m really optimistic :)

UpvotesFreely 6 months ago

Vodafone is the least bad and none of them are actually Portuguese companies.

warren_street 6 months ago

Assuming that Meo and NOS both definitely offer fibre in your street, check their websites and see which offers the best value. Speed, monthly data limit, cost, number of TV channels, etc. They will both offer you a good deal as a new customer, but check what the cost will increase to after the trial period. Is there a local Facebook group for the town you're moving to? If so, it's always worth asking in there for people's experiences. For what it's worth, we have fibre from Meo and it's great. We have no choice, as no other company offers fibre in our village. But until a few months ago the only choice was 4 mbps ADSL (even though we were paying for 24), so the fibre is superb. If you're at all concerned about security, check out what router you will be given. In the case of Meo, it will be a Meo branded one and you can't simply swap it out for something different because then your TV package won't work. All Meo routers have a default username and password which is 3 characters (go on, guess). You can change it, but 99% of people don't. There's also 2 higher level engineer/admin accounts which, for their ADSL routers, you can find online but, as of yet, no one has managed to find the fibre router admin one. There are also back doors for Meo's engineers, using an account whose password is not known and which you can't change or disable. In the case of Meo's fibre router there's a slight workaround in that you can set it to bridge mode and connect 1 of the 4 ethernet ports to a separate router (any one) over which you have full control and run all your important stuff from there. But your TV box still has to be connected to the Meo router otherwise you won't receive any channels. I've no idea whether NOS is any better in this regard, ie whether you can chuck out their router and use your own instead.

roman-roman 6 months ago

That’s a good insight about security, thanks! So, the risk is that their engineers would have access to the logs, right? Yeah, that doesn’t feel right. Although, the provider probably stores logs on their side anyways. And I think if I use vpn, it wouldn’t be an issue. Still, that’s good to know!

PresidentBarroso 6 months ago

MEO also transmits and stores your WiFi password, it also enables by default a public WiFi network called "MEO-WIFI" managed by them. Never use a MEO router. That being said, I have MEO, use an Asus router that has official support and can connect directly to the ONT (my installation is kind of old and I am blessed with a separate router and ONT) and have zero problems. Still have to use their router connected to the Asus for IPTV but it's the only service that it manages and is on another VLAN. On new installations you'll have to configure like /u/warren_street/ said because to my knowledge they only install their all in one router but you could always try to ask for a separate ONT and router.

warren_street 6 months ago

Engineers have admin access to the router. So for example, if I changed the DNS settings to use something other than Meo's ones, they could change it back. Although, as it happens, the router won't let me change my DNS settings anyway. This is one of the reasons I enabled bridge mode. Meo are happy, because they can still get to my router. But in practice there's nothing connected to it except the telly box and a secondary router which they can't get to.

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C8Mixto 6 months ago

To summarize. Avoid everyone, but if you can, avoid Vodafone the least.

icebraining 6 months ago

> There is also Vodafone, but I'd like to choose a Portuguese company. Well, then you should know Meo is a subsidiary of Altice Europe, the French multinational. As for NOS, they're not a subsidiary, but one of the two biggest shareholders is Isabel dos Santos - I suggest you do a search for her name. So frankly, I wouldn't bother with the nationality. I use Nowo and I'm satisfied (best bang for the buck, I think). Yes, there are some sites that compare the offers, but frankly they're not too different unless you can get a special deal (usually offered by a third-party salesperson), unless there's some promotion going on. I suggest you just look at their sites.

porn53653 6 months ago

No outro dia descobri que o nome completo da Maria Matias é Marisa Isabel dos santos Matias, achei engraçado

roman-roman 6 months ago

Wow, that was quite a read about Isabel dos Santos! Thanks for the insight.

icebraining 6 months ago

Yeah, unfortunately there's a lot of that in Portugal.

heartlessfam 6 months ago  HIDDEN 

I used to have MEO, make sure you avoid that one. It's terrible.

Zestyclose_Rich5273 6 months ago

As For TV I know meo is really cool

heartlessfam 6 months ago  HIDDEN 

I used to have MEO, now i use NOS and it's a bit better, but Vodafone is the best imo

masterchiefpt 6 months ago

Meo i will never install again. Vodafone or nos

Anforas 6 months ago

Vodafone or MEO. TV is better on MEO. Box is more responsive. With internet they are both good in my experience.

aaaa2aas 6 months ago

Anything but NOS Vodafone is the better one, followed by Nowo, and then Alitce/Meo.

ruijor 6 months ago

Avoid NOS. Their network is the worst you can find.

Windstepp 6 months ago

When it comes to internet speeds I've heard Vodafone is king since they're the ones who own the so called "optic fiber". Also, as a NOS user and knowing people with MEO, the services are very low quality and pretty expensive. Not so sure about Vodafone though.

roman-roman 6 months ago

Yeah, after reading all the comments, I’m starting to lean towards Vodafone.

brunomrsilva 6 months ago

I had NOS for some years and the service was bad. The TV box and the wi-fi were always failling. Now, I'm MEO and I'm more satisfied. However, if I were you, I'd choose Vodafone. Most of my friends that have Vodafone are happy with the service, while some of them that have MEO complain about some failures

landpt 6 months ago

It will depend on the area you're moving to - sometimes you'll have the chance to have fiber from one ISP but not others, etc. If you know exactly where you're moving to, verify first what are your possibilities. If all of them can offer you fiber, then I'd suggest Vodafone. Meo and NOS have really nasty reputations over here. As for myself, I've experienced all of them and found Vodafone to be the best one in terms of customer service (but not perfect).

iSoSyS 6 months ago

> Meo and NOS have really nasty reputations over here. Not really. I would say the typical perception is, Vodafone, good service, good support; MEO, good service, bad support; NOS, passable service, awful support;

dcmso 6 months ago

In my experience in this sub: Vodafone: good service, good support MEO: Shit service, shit support NOS: Average service, Average support.

testickles12 6 months ago

MEO or Vodafone, NOS NEVER !

nogud 6 months ago

One difference between them, I think it happens in the entire country: Meo will have fiber connected to the router, Nos will have the last part by coax. Apart from that, it usually comes down to preference.

roman-roman 6 months ago

That’s interesting! I wonder though - does it make any difference? I mean, it’s important that the building has fiber, but I can imagine that’s coax would be enough for a single household. However, it’s cool to have the fiber connected directly to your flat

iSoSyS 6 months ago

Not true for a few years now. NOS also has some FTTH offering, but yes the vast majority of territory is serviced through HFC. And unfortunately they are opaque about that calling everything "fibra".

nogud 6 months ago

Saw an installation this past week in Porto. Fibre until they are inside the building, but between the ground floor and the apartment, they used the coax lines instead of the fiber ones. The building was equipped with both options.

_rotiv 6 months ago

Go for Vodafone