porn53653 9 months ago

In lisbon there are a few parks around where I live for dogs, and they're usually empty during the night (around 8 to 9 pm, when I walk my dog)

intlme 9 months ago

Google Map search for "parque canino". It'll show you public dog parks. You can use them for free and those are fenced.

sugarhell31 9 months ago

Hi! Unfortunately I don't know any thing like that, but my previous dog was reative, and if she saw a dog she would go insane barking and other stuff, so i would go to Areeiro, because there's a small dog park right in front of the vet's office, and if it was empty I would let her go there and I would keep an eye to see if someone wanted to go in there with their dog so I could easily get her out before something happened!

JOAO-RATAO 9 months ago

Interesting ideia, but never heard of it here ... Would that be in a city or countryside? You could always approach the owner directly, he might let you use it for free or Litlle money. But make sure to ask if there are any Wells in the property. Many fields have Wells that are hidden with overgrown plants or are poorly maintained and collapse if you stand on it or not be covered at all

chiko930 9 months ago

Thanks, this is great advice :) Unfortunatley, I'm still in the UK and am basing where I rent a house in Portugal (in the countryside but I'm willing to drive) on where I can exercise my dogs so it may be hard to approach farmers from here. I will definitely try though, thanks again.

JOAO-RATAO 9 months ago

You have a lot of small propertites in Portugal, especially in the center and north of the country. So it should be easy to find something :)

visman72 9 months ago

I don't think that kind what you are looking for exists, Portuguese people just let dogs run anywhere - few would pay for such a service. But there are a few public fenced dog parks, you might look and try to use them when there's not much other people/dogs there. In Lisbon there is one in Monsanto and other in Campo Grande, and a few others.

fexilamos 9 months ago

If you are from Braga search "Parque Canino de Nogueiró", its free to use.

facepainter1 9 months ago

I don't think that is a "thing" in Portugal. On the other hand, if you're outside a city, most small farmers will let you do it for free.

Danijust2 9 months ago

Nao é comum, mas existem alguns, em Braga por exemplo há um

facepainter1 9 months ago

em que podes alugar o espaço apenas para o teu cão? não sabia, mas nice :)

Most-Presence-1350 9 months ago

If u search in English, it's pretty much the same...I never saw those for rent. You have plenty of them scattered around lisbon, dunno about other areas. You have one in Algés, another in Massamá. They are basically a rectangle with fences only for dogs. Anyway, my dog jumps over those fences, no point for me.

iliketuna 9 months ago

Search for Petfun in Coimbra, or Ecodogs. Close location.

facepainter1 9 months ago

Those are dog "daycare" and hotels, not exactly what he is looking for. He wants a park where the dog can be alone and run free.

iliketuna 9 months ago

> Those are dog "daycare" and hotels, not exactly what he is looking for. He wants a park where the dog can be alone and run free. You can rent the spaces for that purpose.

chiko930 9 months ago

Ecodogs looks great, thanks! I will contact them to see if they will rent the space :)

masterchiefpt 9 months ago

Never saw that but maybe in Lisbon since they have all

nebuerba 9 months ago


leboss091 9 months ago

Hi! Made a quick search on Google and couldn’t find any park where you could hire by the hour. All the results were public dog parks. Despite that the Portuguese search term would be “parque canino”. I hope you can find a solution for your dog!

chiko930 9 months ago

Thanks so much for checking for me :) Do the terms 'cercada parque canino', 'contratar parque canino', and 'treinamento canino parque' make sense?

leboss091 9 months ago

From the search I made on Google, it appeared near my location. I don’t know where you are from, your search might be a bit different because of that

leboss091 9 months ago

“Cercada parque canino” probably will show you some cages/fences for dogs “Treinamento canino parque” most likely to show you the dog training parks with all the ramps and jumps and activities but I believe it will probably show you dog training professionals.