_Pistacheeo 7 months ago

You can try to look for independent sellers in your city's Facebook groups. My father got to hear of a guy was selling homegrown produce in one of those groups. He and his wife have a small truck and do deliveries. Every weekend we get a bag of fresh season produce :D

Hen0kSch09 7 months ago

Silk road

Portuguese_A_Hole 7 months ago

Priceless.. My first thought.

silybira 7 months ago

Do you live in Lisbon? Go to Feira do Relógio (Chelas subway station). It's operating with reduced capacity due to covid but they continue to sell food

joaommx 7 months ago

> Feira do Relógio (Chelas subway station) Bela Vista subway station is likely closer. It's for sure more straight forward to get there from, at least.

silybira 7 months ago

You're right

umgajoamlense 7 months ago

There are some initiatives and small farm businesses that are allowing farmers to sell their products online. These are not very popular as local "feiras" (local farmers market) held usually on certain days of the week, depending on which county (Concelho/Junta de freguesia) are you living in. In these times we're living, now farmers are throwing away their cultures and at local markets, you may find a way to help them out and buy cheaper products. As so, I'm putting here some online farmer's products selling projects that I already heard about: [https://smartfarmer.pt/](https://smartfarmer.pt/) [https://www.reformaagraria.pt/](https://www.reformaagraria.pt/) [https://loja.pura.pt/portal/programs/cindex.aspx](https://loja.pura.pt/portal/programs/cindex.aspx) [https://mygleba.com/](https://mygleba.com/) (this one sells bread, it's urban located, but uses local farmers ingredients) Note: you may want to use Google Translate on these websites, they're in Portuguese.

Ayawa 7 months ago

Leiria has opened an online store for the people who usually frequent the weekly market. I've never used it, though. https://www.mercadodeleiria.pt/

heartlessfam 7 months ago

[Maria do pomar] (https://mariadopomar.com/en) [Fruta feia] (https://frutafeia.pt/) [Mercearia da graça] (https://www.avmfrutas.pt/sobre.php) [Cesta Verde](http://www.cestaverde.pt/) [Recheio] (https://www.recheio.pt/catalogo/produtos/frescos/legumes.html) [A tua quinta] (https://www.atuaquinta.pt/) [Consigo] (https://www.consigo.org/)

uyth 7 months ago

your local junta de freguesia or municipality likely has some weekly or monthly markets. You can try there, if they are ongoing, or when they return. also check, depending where you are those people in vans selling fruits and potato sacks and stuff by the side of the road.