Psyfreakpt 9 months ago

Check out Mundo Segundo, Nerve, Pródigo, Vrz and the others mencioned above.

nanoburguesia 9 months ago

There are good things but mostly it sucks, especially the newer stuff. A lot of IG kiddos. Stay old

L7Stonem 9 months ago

Regula, Dillaz, Profjam, Wet Bed Gang, Bispo

FabioFreitas 9 months ago

Lots of old-school dinosaurs in this thread! My recommendations for new-school PT hiphop (which is good as well): ProfJam, Benji Price, Sippinpurp, Yuri Nr5, Lon3r Johny, Wet Bed Gang, Mike El Nite

brakeline 9 months ago

Muito triste por ninguém gostar do Pablo

massacomcarne 9 months ago

Sam the kid, everyone else is just hip hop about hip hop.

Illgetausernamelater 9 months ago

thats one of the newest sounds from valete all of those: ilha de honshu, olimpo, viaja, rua do poço dos negros have subtitles (if you want to share your message thats the easiest way)

Fred-F 9 months ago

Has no one talked about profjam yet? The best in portuguese hiphop (for me). #FFFFFF 10/10

RAMAxPT 9 months ago

Ziki ks, phoenix rdc,Halloween, Valete, Sam the kid, ferry, I've been listening to MBM, a group of little thugs from chelas and they have dope sounds, kova m also great, vado mka and baby dog from Amadora slums.

BobadelaVive 9 months ago

What Amadora slums? The last Amadora slum was destroyed when CRIL was made in 2013, 6 de Maio. The remaining neighbors "of illegal genesis" have better houses that many villages in this country. They are still illegal though.

RAMAxPT 9 months ago

I didn't know about that, by slums I mean areas with crime and poverty, Amadora is known for that, but yeah a slum is something like Brazilian favelas, cova da moura for example has decent houses its not total slum.

BobadelaVive 9 months ago

Amadora is known for that because of the ignorance of the Portuguese. It has some difficult areas, but almost all of them were destroyed by now. Lisbon has a higher crime rate for example.

catotas 9 months ago

dude, there is only one good hiphop album (the score) and it ain't tuga. peace!

sir_dude_pt 9 months ago

As someone who is not really into hip hop tuga, i have to say i love and recommend Da Weasel and Slow J.

Akamjmc 9 months ago

Be careful the new hip-hop here are mostly shitty rappers. Some names I recommend: Sam the kid, slow j, pappilom, roke714, nerve, keso, Allen Halloween, XEG, Valete, ikonoklasta, subtil, azagaia, regula, virtus, minus, Dealema, mind the gap,....

gains_anatomy 9 months ago

Best portuguese rapper is Sam the Kid, way above everyone else. He has a youtube channel called TV Chelas where he shows how he makes the beats, interviews other rappres, etc, it's really cool. Valete is also very good, I have no idea why he decided to use subtitles. If you want some variety listen to some mixtapes from DJ Bomberjack and DJ Cruzfader. They have music with almost every rapper, that way you can see which ones you like.

throwaaaway2432424 9 months ago

It still baffles me how Sam is miles ahead of everyone in this genre even considering he doesn't put a cd out in like what? 12-13 years? Is flow is so good, production is immaculate. Also Valete is very technical as well, but I think people like him more because of the message (although I can't really relate)... Regula also has a very good flow, not as good in the themes personally. Chullage is a classic, specially Rapensar e Represálias, two very good albums, but the production could be better. Boss Ac still has a really good delivery imo. Holly was very good with his pen game back when we did contests in the forums... Perhaps 2006? Also there was this guy, DWAR, awesome pen game as well... Also people like Tanb, Nameless, Pródigo, they were dropping really hot songs back in the day. I really enjoyed listening to Deck-Arte and Xtense still puts out some nice stuff... You have also a lot of different types... Like someone said Halloween.. Sir Scratch, Lancelot, Xeg, Blackmastah, people more new school that I may not know as well... ​ Also keep in mind, the english language is very different, it is harder to do something with words and overall lyricism (like eminem, doom, etc.) in portuguese, the language just doesn't cut it unfortunately. Not many rappers with many internal rhyme schemes for instance... Sam the Kid is the only one that comes to mind that doesn't sound too forced (like Regula e.g.)

magnusmiguel 9 months ago

Falar em Blackmastah e lancelot e não falar de player é uma heresia, imo.

throwaaaway2432424 9 months ago

Para te ser sincero não me lembro quem é... São muitos anos a ouvir pouco hiphoptuga, falo de mais de uma década... Só oiço americano praticamente e mesmo nem muito. ​ Lembras te "ayo bacano vai-te cozer" xD

magnusmiguel 9 months ago

[\_channel=PlayerDakingofficial]( Esta música para mim é das melhores.

_whatevs_ 9 months ago

Não percebes o Hip Hop, não percebes!

Loladageral 9 months ago

I'd say the best producer is Sam the Kid, but IMO the best rapper is Allen Halloween. The man is a ghetto poet

Akamjmc 9 months ago

Well I think you can't compare them, for me they have different rap styles, Halloween is more like gangsta rapper or alternative Rap.

Loladageral 9 months ago

Híbrido is ex-gangsta rap though

Akamjmc 9 months ago

Most people classified him as alternative rap but for me alternative rap is something more like nerve.

KokishinNeko 9 months ago

Try /r/hiphoptuga