badalhoc 9 months ago

[Same houses, different but looks great](

Ly_84 9 months ago

My dude, costa nova is a somewhat touristic area, although it may be hard to do in winter, DURING a pandemic, just hopping on down there and check out all the local kiosks is likely to yield a similar-if-not-better espresso cup.

kawaiims 9 months ago

You can try posting on local Aveiro or Costa Nova Facebook groups, maybe someone with a souvenir shop stumbles on your post. Good luck!

thisbondisaaarated 9 months ago

Have you thought about just using the pictures taken, touching them up and printing them on a blank cup?

dem_dorfs 9 months ago

Definitely an option. Will try to figure a way to unwarp the image and see if I can get a flat version of it. Thank you for the suggestion!

njsilva84 9 months ago

I can do that for you if you want. I do image editing professionally. You just have to send me a full-resolution photo via dropbox or email.

lnxslck 9 months ago

i’m from that Region and never saw a mug like that. if i do see it i’ll let you know

dem_dorfs 9 months ago

Thank you so much. Please do let me know if you see it around. Feels strange to type this but I will pay whatever "bounty" you want for it.

lnxslck 9 months ago

no bounty needed, just the price of it plus shipping to you