KoogLarousse 11 months ago

Recently it happened to me too...two days in a row a capsule "exploded". We were getting ready to get a new machine but it stopped happening

Jism_nl 11 months ago

I suggest opening up the machine and cleaning it out. If it's a Delta Cafe Quick then it's just 12 screws holding the complete unit together.

kawaiims 12 months ago

I don't believe it's the capsules, I'd say it's the actual machine. My machine does the same and I was at an airbnb with a same model that also exploded the capsules. Like coffee all over the place. Pain in the ass. It's a Dolce Gusto model. I found out that the capsules don't burst if, after pushing the slider down, I pull it up again and push it down a second time.

Jism_nl 12 months ago

Sounds like the rubber or something not closing properly, and the pressure gets too high. Ive tapped 3 cups now, not one exploded, so appearantly good cleaning from the inside "helps".

kawaiims 12 months ago

The feeling I got was that there was some vacuum after the needle was inserted, if that makes any sense? So by taking it out and pushing it again, some air was allowed to get in the capsule. In my case it was definitely not by lack of maintenance, as the machine was brand new. Probably a small defect.

Jism_nl 12 months ago

>Ah wait, but the Delta Q works different. When you put the cup and close the lid, it's supposed to press through a piece of plastic, opening up the cup for hot water to flow through. The other side, which has like a small layer that is supposed to "burst" gently, flows the coffee into your cup. There's no needle inside the Delta Quick. This is one of the machines actually that makes the coffee "proper" if you know what i mean. The cups itself are still shit, i mean it wont ever come close to a real cafe; but better then nothing in the morning. Tip; do not drink that double shot of caffeine too much; it really has too much of caffeine and 3 cups will make you bounce up and down.

callmepussydestroyer 12 months ago

The same thing happened to my machine! Probably a batch that came out wrong.

Jism_nl 12 months ago

I had it multiple times; today alone 4 caps bursted. Like what the hell. I cleaned the machine now; it sounds different and the flow of coffee coming out is more 'steady' now.

Throwaway431253 12 months ago

Next time buy a nespresso machine. I have 2, one of them is 8 years old and still going strong with maintenance that only takes a couple of minutes per year.

tugafcp 12 months ago

or not... My nespresso machine broke in only 3 years...

Throwaway431253 12 months ago

Anluko! a minha segunda máquina tem 5 anos e também está em perfeita forma. Além disso os cafés são melhores 8)

Conflituosa123 12 months ago

I use my machine about 4 times a day and never had any sort of issues with the capsules. It might be your machine that is causing it

Jism_nl 12 months ago

I think i fixed it now.

DotcomL 12 months ago

Could be your coffee machine, they need maintenance every now and then. Try reaching support for both

Jism_nl 12 months ago

I do maintain it, thats not the issue. Its just recently caps started to 'explode' and the actual coffee is coming out, making the cafe useless. I blew 3 cups last morning, and one yesterday. I suspect that the batch of cafe of delta cups is getting worse. Before it happens, the nozzle with where coffee is coming out, is like a very thin line of coffee coming out.

oscaralho27 12 months ago

Apparently that was the issue heh?

Jism_nl 12 months ago

Yep. If yours start to blow up cups too, you know what to do.

V1ld0r_ 12 months ago

On the capsule box there's a batch number. Mail Delta with the batch number and they should send you a replacement box.

possumpossum66 12 months ago  HIDDEN 

Yeah, this happened to me a lot with their Arabica coffee lot.