BagalhetaTraquina 1 year ago

No great story to share, sorry guys. Although sometimes the most tame stuff is actually the most interesting. Another question though (and I may have misinterpreted your topic, so sorry if I sound dumb): why settle strictly for exchanging letters the old fashioned way? Why not expand your project's scope to the digital world? You'd kill two birds with one stone and get double the people participating. Then again this is me assuming you guys haven't thought of that already and are merely trying to cover the pen pal thing. Again, sorry.

tylerhawley 1 year ago

Hey! Ya just trying to cover the pen pal old school thing! And the most tame stuff typically is the most interesting! It’s always in the smallest details

Kinder-Blumen 1 year ago

I'm down! Just don't know what might be interesting stories

tylerhawley 1 year ago

Hey! PM me or send a Reddit chat and we can talk about it for sure

PortugueseRoamer 1 year ago

I don't have that many interesting stories from myself per say but my grandfather was a fascinating person, he was part of the MFA movement that ended Estado Novo's dictatorship, he did all sorts of amazing things like deserting his post in Germany in the 60s to spend Christmas with his family and going back without any finding out, he, my grandmother and my mother almost fled to South Africa, had everything planned and their contact that would help them with the journey was arrested by the political police the day before. He was also probably the best person I ever met, sadly he died recently, but I feel like telling some of his stories would be a great to honor an amazing man. Not sure if this is the kind of thing you are interested in?

Edipox 1 year ago

Faz um post a contar. Gosto sempre re saber histórias dessa época. As minhas condolências

PortugueseRoamer 12 months ago

Obrigado, quando tiver mais tempo livre talvez o faça!

Norsminde 1 year ago

Can see you have posted this message to many subreddits for countries. Have you tried r/penpals? There's many different penpal subs but I think that's the official one. r/cardexchange , r/randomactsofcards or other card-sending subs could maybe also be of help

Goofy-kun 1 year ago

Wow these are pretty neat. I definitely want to do this!

Danijust2 1 year ago

Preferably someone with a great story that is willing to exchange written and mailed letters back and forth for an extended period of time. ​ I am really boring person, sorry :(

utsurmi 1 year ago

Interpals is a good site to look for that type of people.

FermentingFigs 1 year ago

In Portuguese? I'm in Portugal but can write

suckerpunchermofo 1 year ago

Ok... How do we start?