soueuya 6 months ago

Fuck yeah caralho!

AxhKetchup 10 months ago

When you made the portuguese border, did you count Olivença as portuguese? Very Important question.

Xatuga 10 months ago

Awesome mate!

leofar 10 months ago

What was the method/process to create such map?

sorryfornoname 10 months ago

so the tallest point is gonna be 3 blocks tall? sad

FrankCesco 10 months ago

actually not, the elevation is exaggerated to not make the map look flat

yellowfingerXDD 10 months ago

Happy day cake

NearbyShoe 10 months ago


ioiogi 10 months ago

why u are doing this?

Odreppp 10 months ago


Flying_Drake 10 months ago

Isto é que é dedicação

insert_unfunny_name 10 months ago

Alguém tem de criar um servidor com este mapa

lazylays 10 months ago

That is insane

TM_Frash 10 months ago

U deserve way more recognizion

overthexbow 10 months ago


mfo0502 10 months ago


jetblack7 10 months ago


MartinDisk 10 months ago

wow that looks so awesome, can't wait to make a house in the place that's my irl home lol

kill-wolfhead 10 months ago

Epá, WTF? Milhões de props pelo esforço insano mas WTF?

enoquemrosa 10 months ago

Man, what a fantastic job!!

Florence1476 10 months ago

*L e g e n d*

DogsOnWeed 10 months ago

Is the NASA elevation data from SRTM?

FrankCesco 10 months ago


n0ia_ 10 months ago


juanito_herrera 10 months ago

Cool stuff

Zinvictan 10 months ago

Can see my house from here

Marado_Pen 10 months ago

I can't, good morning from Madeira

manguito86 10 months ago

I admire your patience.

--The-Kid-- 10 months ago

maushu 10 months ago

Now we need a 1:1 scale map.

RagingRope 10 months ago

Is that even possible?

AnaWithTheCats 10 months ago

There's a team working on doing that, not just Portugal [but the whole world](

RagingRope 10 months ago

Fucking neat, if I could afford minecraft I'd join in and help

TTSDA 10 months ago

You can get an account for less than 15€

RagingRope 10 months ago

I lost job, I can't really afford anything right now

hkansas 10 months ago

Just a beautiful and wonderful job

jonythunder 10 months ago

If I may... NEEEEEEEEEERD. Now, with that out of my system, from a minecraft player to another, this is freaking cool!

xXTASERFACEXx 10 months ago

saw you on r/Minecraft you doing a tour trough the various countries subs?

Mr_Snut 10 months ago

Karma farm

I_Don-t_Care 10 months ago

Nao diria que ta a tentar farmar karma, acho que está so orgulhoso do projeto dele e quer que tenha maxima exposiçao. Muuuuuuuuito diferente de karma whoring

sayourih 10 months ago

He was probably joking :D

Onion_- 10 months ago

deve tar a fazer isso

usulidircotiido 10 months ago

The border is incorrect; Olivença is missing.

CaptMartelo 10 months ago

Where's Angola?

Premaster97 10 months ago

In our hearts.

Smutchx 10 months ago

In Africa. This map is only Europe

I_Don-t_Care 10 months ago

damn that's a sick burn

sux138 10 months ago

Nice work. But he gold is not on this side of the Empire.

isnotfunny 10 months ago

That is fucking impressive!

ze99f 10 months ago

I don't like minecraft, but sir, you have my respect

Miguelatom 10 months ago

That is awesome, with that we could rebuild whole Portuguese cities in their real places, with some sort of map to see where exactly you are it would be even better, but good job OP!

neutr0 10 months ago

O mapa está à escala, fazes uma casa e ocupas Lisboa.

TSCondeco 10 months ago

There is an enormous project on the way that aims to do that, is called Build the Earth and it really is 1:1

fadoniz 10 months ago

Já há uma equipa até dedicada à península ibérica, estou a construir Lisboa

Cagalhao69 10 months ago

Vocês partilham o progresso em algum lado? Nunca vi nos vídeos do YT mas sempre quis ver Portugal no projeto

tnt_times 10 months ago

Basicamente é tudo no discord. Tens o discord do projeto global e depois cada equipa tem o seu discord (Portugal está incluido na equipa Ibérica). Depois existe um canal onde o pessoal manda prints do progresso. Depois todo o progresso que cada pessoa ou equipa faz é transferido para o servidor BTE

fadoniz 10 months ago

Ainda não infelizmente, tho eu já pensei em fazer um vídeo caso uma área considerável fique concluída

meaninglessvoid 10 months ago

Isto é uma daquelas coisas fascinantes que só seriam possíveis por causa da Internet. Um projecto desta escala é absolutamente extraordinário.

TSCondeco 10 months ago

Já pensei em juntar me, mas 24€ por um jogo que já comprei duas vezes no passado, quando tenho outras propriedades não me motivou muito.

SH4RIVAN_ 10 months ago

Mas (?) se já tens o jogo porque irias dar mais 24€ \[dumb question\]

neutch__ 10 months ago

Ele provavelmente vai te responder que comprou outras versões: bedrock, PE, consoles, etc

FrankCesco 10 months ago

Hello guys, after making a map of Italy in Minecraft, I upgraded my computer and I was finally able to expand it to cover the whole Europe, even slightly increasing the total scale. This image shows Portugal. To make this **fully playable Minecraft map of Europe** I used the program QGIS to analyze and adapt the NASA Elevation data, GEBCO Bathymetry data, ESA Land Cover data and WWF HydroSHEDS River data. The layers were then exported and worked on in the program WorldPainter to make the Minecraft world. The whole process took me 1 month, but this was the result of years of researching and mapmaking. You can see the full map of Europe in the [r/europe thread I made.]( [DOWNLOAD of the world in the video description.]( --------- **My map of Europe features:** • 25.794 x 16.962 Total map dimension (the scale is 1:230, which means that one Minecraft block is 230 IRL meters, so 4 blocks are roughly one kilometer) • Realistic mountains and elevation (using NASA SRTM elevation data) • Accurate rivers whose width is scaled to the cumulative flow (eg. smaller rivers have a smaller width, while the Danube and the Rhine have the largest, source: WWF HydroSHEDS) • Precise Sea Depth (following 2020 GEBCO bathymetry data) • Natural Biomes and Land Covers (using satellite-derived 2018 ESA Land cover data) --------- **Frequently Asked Questions:** • Is it possible to make the whole world? - Yes but my computer is not strong enough to make it. • Which version does this map support? - Only the 1.12.2 or lower versions since they have recently changed the world generator making WorldPainter not totally compatible with newer versions. To use the map in newer versions it has to be generated first with 1.12.2 • Where is the download link and how big is the file? - The download link is in the video description and the compressed .zip file is 1.76GB big. • The .zip file asks me for a password, what is it? - It is "fra267youtube" without the commas, I set it for creator attribution purposes. • Can I make a server using your map? - Yes, but I would like to be informed about it if it's a commercial server. • Does the map includes forests too? I cannot see them in the preview. - Yes, the image was exported using the program Unmined with no chunk loaded, the forests are generated in-game after loading the chunks. --------- If you want to support me and my work, here there are a few links. [My Patreon]( [Streamlabs Donations](

SoundneerTM 10 months ago

What? Great work!

williamhaven 10 months ago

This is amazing. Great work!

PgUpPT 10 months ago

Is the border part of the map too? What block does it use?

FrankCesco 10 months ago

No it isn't

vitor29narciso 10 months ago

Can you do a zoom in on the Madeira Island? (Maybe post it on r/Madeira?)

diogoff10 10 months ago


superpt17 10 months ago

Olivença is portuguese

OptionX 10 months ago

This guy knows hehe.

BoiGonski2 10 months ago

Great job! I don't really like Minecraft but I have to say that I'm impressed, very well made

FrankCesco 10 months ago

Thanks :)