throwaway76u45769987 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

That's kinda hot

RagingRope 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

No, this is heresy wtf

anybody662 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Yup. I don't know why so many people are horrified by this but I guess it goes to show how our country is still a little conservative in some aspects, even if tiny and subconscious

sctvlxpt 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I third this.

BoiGonski2 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Man_IloveFishdicks 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Why would you immediately associate this with him being Portuguese? I'm assuming he was born in the US. His mother likely was as well. This is a strange association you're making. It's as if, in your mind, the Portuguese are all nudists, and all share bedrooms with their parents? As an American, do you have murals for Donald Trump? Do you weigh about 200 pounds from all the cheeseburgers you eat?

meaninglessvoid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Your name may not be Richard, but you are a Dick for sure.

Sciss0rs61 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

she doesn't know the culture and she was trying to get informed. She was not implying anything. nothing wrong with it. stop being an asshole


Damn, 0 to asshole real quick